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  1. Overall this small integrated is a real treat for the price... but it’s not the best integrated in the world as you can often hear
  2. I’m auditioning my LFD LE IV on Harbeth C7 ES3 with Audience OHNOIII cabling, the result is a rich, full analog sound with a nice 3D imaging and excellent placing of the components of the sourced music. On the downside, the bass is not tight, a bit blurry, and the reproduction of details could be better, although the background is nice dark, no noise.
  3. This group died real quick. In the us of a the people are going crazy on LFD Audio stuff, but in the UK, no such intrest exists. Strange!
  4. Good for you, but I believe that discussion and debate is necessary, and that the lack of it may be one of the causes of the outcome of that referendum. It’s perfectly normal that people - yes, even on a hifi forum - are debating on one of the biggest changes of our time.
  5. Don’t mention the war
  6. Never under-estimate the european sarcasm on top of the British irony
  7. Message from hell-hole Brussels, I want to pull a yellow card, there is not one argument, and the use of the words “trustworthy” and “statesman” smells like propaganda.
  8. AND those Holland bastards got EU funds for the development of this fraude so it has been paid by YOU, poor British tax payers. Brexit! Now! Why wait until 31/10?
  9. Yes, it’s 4x 3 european meters
  10. Yes, well I am auditioning the Danish Duelund Coherent Audio 16GA tinned copper multistrand wire in cotton and oil cable, it is an excellent sounding cable, lots of detail, bass, natural presentation, imaging, very involving. Recommended.
  11. Let’s go to the pub now it’s Friday evening
  12. Look, I really hope that the UK will find a good deal with the EU on import and export of goods, especially hifi and records, although I realise that this is not on top of the list of the negotiations. A deal is better then no deal, especially for record and hifi stores with European customers.
  13. I don’t think the drama is on this side of the north sea.
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