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  1. On a positive note... I am sitting here listening to my Selekt/Axis/Quartet MC playing Larry Carlton and its making some lovely noises
  2. Yep, I have a Node 2i in another room and it has worked faultlessly since I bought it 6 months ago. Not a single issue. And thats how it should be!
  3. But WHY should it need a different router or switch? Mine had a switch, made no difference...
  4. Well, I wasnt going to bother with you anymore, but as you are now ranting off again I will say this. I am not slagging Linn off - I like their products and have spent a lot of money with them. However, my issue is why does the Linn Selekt need to have a certain type of router to work reliably when all my other devices work perfectly well with my Sky router? I have had Auralec, Naim, and a Node 2i all in the same position as the Linn and they have all worked flawlessly directly wired with Cat6 to the Sky router, as was the Linn. Its not even the Linn Apps at fault because when it goes off the network even Roon cant find it. My Linn dealer says that he nearly always has to replace the router when he does home installs for the Linn to work reliably! So no, my network is NOT the problem. Clearly the issue can be fixed by changing to a far more complex (and expensive) router, but this shouldn't be the case. And another point... As a Linn customer that has just spent over £5k on a shiny new Selekt, do you not think that that I have a right to be disappointed when the day after it was installed I couldn't use it? And how could I improve my network when its already Cat6 connected. Apart from changing the router of course, but why should I have to. One final point, please do not get personal or it will be reported. There is no reason to be nasty.
  5. I thank you for your most helpful input, but Im not prepared to get kicked out of this forum, so lets leave it there shall we.
  6. I did have a blue 8 port switch behind the audio system. Made no difference for me.
  7. No, Linn just says its a network issue, this is very frustrating. My dealer recommended this Asus, and I have to say so far so good. But it was over £200!
  8. No, everything else worked perfectly fine with my old router so as far as I am concerned its the Linn that has the problem. If it didn't sound so good it would be long gone!
  9. Yes. I bloody love how it sounds! Its a Katalist and I run it with a pair of ATC scm40 actives (plus other kit). I use Qobuz for main listening but I must say, Spotify comes very close for sound quality and it trounces Qobuz for music choice. And, 6 days in and its still working!
  10. I completely agree with you. Yes, I am happy it appears to now be working, but it has cost me over £200 and at least a whole day to fit and set up with all my other network items. I am still frustrated that the Linn wouldn't work reliably where all other electronics worked fine! And now I just dont trust it anymore. I still keep thinking 'is it going to work' every time I go to use it...
  11. And another day in and its still working! Even if its not completely fixed, it is so so much better. Im a happy chappie
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply. For me, 2 days in and all is well! Even Kazoo on my Macbook works - and that hasn't worked for so long I gave up on it and just used Roon or the Linn App when it was released. I will keep you posted.