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  1. Talk to David Coe AD Audio (Jauncho on here) He offers a range of Pre amps, The Satchmo. I have heard the AD Audio Satchmo in some very distinguished company (from EAR and Airtight) and they really have held their own. He has demo versions out there so not a gamble at all and will build to flexible option spec. It will easily see off most if not all commercially bought under £5k imho
  2. Offered free or a good bottle of a Red Wine !!!! Having a clear out 4 x Kef Racetrack Bass (B139..??) drivers, 2 x Goodmans Horn mids, 2 x Kef tweeters Kef T15s. and Goodmans crossovers they work nicely came out of some quality speaker cabs... Would make a very good pair of speakers indeed! collect from Barnet but these need to be gone from my house quickly please! so no dithering..
  3. yes , 1 unit replied mand and emailed as requested
  4. I have 2 x kimber kable Russ Andrews Signature PowerKords with wattgate 350i Ag Silver and super fuses £450 for the 2 delivered https://www.whathifi.com/russ-andrews/signature-powerkord-w350i/review
  5. Im fixing the one I have, Jancho (David Coe) offered to help me, even though he is snowed under.... The manufacturer SW1X (Dr Slawa) said he couldn't help with any repair to the unit and is not in a position to even look at it anytime in the distant future! I also picked a cheap one up from a mate, Montesqiue (Tom) to get me by, a Teradak, which seems to do the job well. Thanks Chaps.. Thanks again for the offers .
  6. Rothwell headspace moving coil headamp New still here grab a BARGAIN!!
  7. ROTHWELL MCL moving coil step-up transformer New Still available
  8. Wanted: SPDIF / USB converter what do you have?
  9. as title.. Wanted Tannoy HPD 12'' Drivers cabinets not needed really or cross overs but if they come with them then ok.. anything out there?
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