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  1. You misunderstand, it's nothing to do with wrestling, read from the beginning. - - - Updated - - - You're very welcome, information is one of the great things about forum.
  2. Exchange and Mart - - - Updated - - - Don't forget, not everyone is an enthusiast.
  3. General rule of thumb is after three years item worth 33% of initial value. I hesitate to think what it goes down to after eight?!
  4. £4:50 P&P, seems a bit steep!!!
  5. I should hope so £700 for speakers that are 8 years old!!!
  6. I agree with this regarding source and amp, but found their speakers disappointing.
  7. I don't mind if you don't. The Mission cable is superb in the lower registers.
  8. I had some in the past, a bit too lean for my taste. I love this
  9. This helps thanks gents, I will now assemble modest gear as the amp dictates that I should. I can get a pair of Hitachi M3's for £10, so all I need then is the sources.
  10. Single transport for me than fellas, thanks for the input.
  11. Advice please, what does anyone think to this? It looks too good to be true!
  12. I have a spare Yamaha RX359 following an upgrade in the main room and thought I would build a scaled down 5.1 in my study. I will want a fron/rear/ pair, a sub and a centre, has anyone any recommendations my study is 17 feet by 10 feet?
  13. The link cannot be right it leads to a really big system not a small one???