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  1. Thanks Iceman have used shunyata in the past not keen
  2. Any high end powercords for sale out there ?
  3. Looking for 2 chord Sarum powercords if anything similar , Nordost , synergistic research, Ansuz etc please pm me
  4. Got a Stereolab Draco RX boxed as new £250 list £700 a Nordost Frey same price list £900 if your interested also a new dynamique audio horizon mk2 £60
  5. I have been through some of the best cables in the world at different price points and all over a teen 12 year perilod with no system change. There are cables that punch way above their price point. Some at £150 some at £1500 and so on. The most expensive cable I have owned is the one currently in my system and is far the best sounding. as mentioned before I was already very happy with the sound of my system with a humble bundle of cabling but after years of buying selling and swapping have taken the system sound to a level I never thought I could afford. The Americans take cabling pretty serious compared to most U.K. Hobbiests and I have found the most damning comments coming from people with basically no experience of good mid to high pricing cables , they come with opinion only.
  6. Is the regular liveline the blue one ? what length is it and what plug socket end
  7. Have used these in the past , fabulous sounding interconnect.
  8. Hi Tony have been meaning to add photos but my smart phone is behaving stupidly please close all my for sale ads I will reload in a week or two Kind regards Anthony