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  1. ...will you will be served on a bed of Pilau with a side of Saag?
  2. You haven't seen my playlist Tony .....
  3. Please put Mrs Brigz (Michèle) Offspring (Callum) and me down Colin. Order in the universe must be preserved
  4. Ah, I see. Looked like a stock image It certainly is a beautiful piece of kit.
  5. Know I'm no longer part of the Big Noise Massif, but just checking that you have my request for two double rooms for all three nights Paul?
  6. Wait, you haven't been around here long enough....
  7. Love the porn on here. Does anyone have experience with an RB870 in mono? I'm using one now and the difference going pre/power has made makes me wonder about running two 870's bridged. I have heard whispers about 'grain' and 'edge' to 870's run in mono.
  8. room nodes, null points, standing waves - these are all completely irrelevant ? Right, I'm off to claim back my tuition fees then...
  9. I have a pair of HLM Mk 1's ( Grand-daddy of the SHL5) I am a hardcore ESL accolyte - the only reason I don't own any is space. The Harbies are in my experience the closest a box can get to the ESL musicality, detail and transparency, and I have played with some high end boxes. Contrary to popular myrh, Harbeths are easy to drive and unfussy speakers. Having said that, the bigger ones do shine better with more amplification headroom. What Baggawire's Modwright did with mine at a recent bake-off convinced me to go seperate pre/power, and I'm now looking at dual-mono amps. Personally, I'd go as high up the range as you are comfrtable spending. For you I'd say the 7ES-3 would be the entry point for your set-up and music choices. The P3ESR's are beautiful, but may not quite deliver the low end extension I imagine you'd want at quieter volumes . Have you seen these? I love my Harbeths. And I'd avoid any dealer that wants you to spend so much money with no home audition. I used to home-demo speakers twice as big and half the price for prospective clients back in the day.
  10. ...or you could put me in the cellar, with all the beer...
  11. True Paul, but then neither is being unable to play one's TT because the floor is thumping, and losing the subtleties and nuances of one's system because the room is filled with booming from below/above. I'm talking way more than the usual 'sonic bleed' between rooms. IMHO, whilst being in a Meeting Room means reduced 'airtime', when it's his slot, Max can go as loud as necessary without affecting neighbouring exhibitors. Predictability also means punters can plan to experience Max's system at full cry, and he will be able to accomodate more people per session. Shorter performance, bigger audience.
  12. I'm not whinging Max, this is just a thought - you were under us last year, and if you recall I actually came and asked you to be aware that we couldn't play vinyl when your system was being let loose. Would you not be more comfortable in one of the big rooms?
  13. Offspring will be joining so I'll need a second bedroom please Paul.
  14. Brigadoon

    Icepower amps

    Hmmm. Now I'm even more sorry I didn't get to spend time in your room at Kegworth. (I'm percolating a DIY acttive idea). This year we're planning on getting to the hotel on Friday evening, so I will have more time.....(and Uisge )
  15. Brigadoon

    Icepower amps

    Nice job Tony - very slick. I may be missing something here, but how do you bi-amp a DC driver?
  16. Rotel RL-850 speakers, If I had space I'd buy these just to be able to listen to them.