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  1. I have Pi - Model B rev 2 with HiFiBerry DAC standard board. Had it for a few years and its now collecting dust. It has squeezelite loaded on a micro SD card with an adaptor. Comes complete in box and mains adapter. £30 - open to offers. Available for collection in Ipswich or posted at cost.
  2. found it is a Model B rev 2. ( Used pinout command)
  3. I have a spare old Pi - Model B rev 2 with HiFi Berry board . Had it for about 5 years and its now collecting dust. I has squeezelite loaded on a micro SD card with an adaptor. Not sure how much these currently go for as it is an old Pi. Any ideas?
  4. Anyone producing or could produce a good but not very expensive power supply for Bluesound Node 2?
  5. I had a Synology NAS running Logitech Media Server with the squeezebox remote, then replaced it with a Pi and remote on a tablet. Both were much slower in accessing the music and not so good sound wise compared to Node 2.
  6. Sounds like a real pain in the arse. My Node 2 stripped CDs no problem and stored them all fine - around 500 CDs. All my previously ripped CDs stored on PC transferred via my network onto the node without issue. I gave up on dbpoweramp a while back due to issues with it locking up and used musicbee to rip CDs before getting my Node.
  7. Hi Philip the Node 2 is very easy to set up and run. much easier than my synology NAS.
  8. Hi. i agree with Jack. I have a pair of H6s and the tweeters cones had started to detach. Had them replaced along with a new crossover.
  9. 4000D available at Wex for £184 I have used this company for years with no issues. regards Mark
  10. Mark D


    I am clearing out a lot of my singles ( 1960 and 70s) but not sure if any are worth a few quid. There seems loads of web sites out there with but would like some recommendations. They are mostly rock but some odd balls to - van der graaf generator, pentangle, john martyn for example.
  11. My new protective outfit when outdoors