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  1. That's very interesting to hear as my best turntable setup to date has been a Thorens TD124 MkII with the 3009III and a Shure V15 series III, but I assumed I liked it purely as I'd never had anything better. It's nice to know it's not so bad as the press seemed to think. I certainly prefer it to the series II which just sounds a bit heavy and plodding in comparison. At some point I'll get this setup working again and compare it to the Gyrodec.
  2. I had a 55, 75 and V15 a few years back, I liked all of them and they improved in that order as you'd expect
  3. I wouldn't say it sounds amazing, it's a pretty thin sound but the reason I'm using it is that I can listen to it all day without getting tired with it, it is very easy on the ears. In my kitchen I'm mostly just listening to new music to decide whether to buy it and play it on the proper system in the lounge. I tried using a Creek for a while but it's more tiring. It also runs extremely cold so I'm assuming it's pretty efficient to leave on all day in a cupboard. It has useful things like 2 pairs of speaker connections and bass and treble controls too, bonus As for replacing things I don't think I'd bother, I got mine 25 years ago and part of the appeal is that I think it's all original, I certainly have never replaced anything, it just works.
  4. Rogers Stereo Cadet III Valve amp 1968 - still sounds better than all my other amps but stays in a box most of the time as it needs a service. Leak Stereo 70 from about the same time, powers my kitchen system.
  5. I bought that on CD as soon as I got back as I thought it sounded great on those horns. It doesn't have the same magic on my system at home though. Maybe it's the room size or maybe it's just the way the horns deliver the music. Only 358 days to go until I can hear it sounding special again
  6. I'm looking forward to how different (if at all) it sounds with solid state amplification.
  7. Next year I'll wear a shirt with buttons and pretend to be a grown up
  8. I think it was your excellent choice in music that might have biased my opinion somewhat, I have no idea what most of it was though, there was some Aretha at some point, the only voice I recognised. I'd love to know what some of it was, my vinyl collection is a bit lacking in that genre.
  9. How could anyone not enjoy that? Pretty much the only improvement I could think of, the paper of the badges could've been printed larger and folded over but that would have used more ink and paper so writing on the back might have been easier. A minor niggle anyway in an otherwise superbly organised show, the fact that there were badges at all was great, I imagine a lot of time and effort went into making those so thanks to whoever did that. I think I got carried away with all the music at the show and bought myself a pair of speakers on the journey home the next day - whoops!
  10. I've been to the Bristol Hifi show a few times and I went to the Bath Audiofest the day before but they were nothing like Scalford. First of all the Park and Ride was excellent, allowing people to get chatting on the way, the badges were also great although I wish I'd thought to write my name on the reverse side as well as that's what was displayed 50% of the time. One thing that really struck me was that it was very well organised, more so than the other shows which I wasn't expecting. Having printouts of the equipment on the doors was good, the hotel staff were helpful, the pavilion was a great place to stop and have lunch and I think I found every room even without a map. Right, onto the hifi: My favourite set up was in the Lenco room, the big dark brown wooden horn speakers all the way from Germany. All that bass somehow without any boom was very different, I went back several times. Not sure I'd want that type of sound in my own home but it was great to hear. Next favourites were Harv's Focal's (I liked the slam and the fat sound provided by the valve monoblocks). Third were Meyebaza's strangely positioned Opera Callas speakers (for those not there they were positioned firing at the side walls, I'm guessing that instead of hearing direct sound plus first reflection a moment later you just hear first reflection, and also you get more bass and less treble). The turntable seemed nicely setup and I enjoyed his taste in vinyl, not sure what any of it was though, I wish I'd made a note. I think I must have had a need for bass as my top 3 were all quite deep sounding. Others I liked were the big white horns, flawed sound but somehow magical at the same time, definitely something special, the room with the Triangle speakers and the Graham Audio speakers. Plenty of other rooms sounded good so I'm probably forgetting to mention some others. One thing I noticed was the lack of digital sources, definitely a strong bias towards vinyl on this forum and most of the systems I liked were playing vinyl. Good to see it's not dead yet and nice to hear some vinyl that's not been bought in a charity shop Also a surprising lack of foo and most systems seemed to just be plonked down on a table or the floor. After waiting almost a year and then missing last year's show I had to wait another year for this year's one. It was a long wait but definitely worth it so thanks to everyone for all the hard work.  
  11. If you can borrow an AV amp with room correction you can test what sort of effect it will have. It made a big difference using my speakers with the Audyssey room correction applied on my Onkyo surround sound amp. I plotted the difference using REW, it reduced a bass peak to stop the booming due to standing waves, lowered the slightly forward midrange and it extended the treble higher. I was quite impressed with how well it worked at improving the sound in my difficult room, it is quite easy to switch between corrected and non-corrected using the remote control. It measures the room with a mic and sets it all up automatically but it can be tweaked afterwards.
  12. Thanks for the writeup, that was a room where I was dying to ask questions but didn't want to talk over the music so it's great to read about it. I spent a while looking for the amplifier, following the cables etc like everybody else. I was impressed by the sound coming out of the Cambridge Audio speakers, I would certainly put this in the top 40% of rooms based on the sound quality, maybe higher.