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  1. Christmas is coming and the Velvet Vortex is still available. Ask Santa (or me) nicely and you could have one for Christmas. Recently a wammer told me it was the biggest upgrade in sound quality that he had heard in his system by cleaning his records properly.
  2. Yes we saw it and had a really great chat with Mike Knowles (and his son) who is a very interesting fella. He has made a lot of improvements to his HRS100s design and is still working on the final aesthetics. It looked really well thought out and manufactured. No idea on what price it will be sold at yet. He talked about there being home demo arms that could be loaned out and a whole range of options for the cable used with different terminations depending on what the customer wants. They also had some interesting spring loaded cartridge tags that make connecting to different sizes pins easier. They have improved the damping materials used in the arm tube and made some interesting additions to the headshell which is a composite of titanium and a polymer sandwich. I'm looking forward to hearing what it can do soon.
  3. What are specs? such as output etc what valves does it have fitted ?
  4. Put Rick and Melanie down for a spot too
  5. Yes please. me and kate would like to come along.
  6. Then Friday morning his second group match is at 7.20am same link for Channel 4
  7. I’ve heard these a good few times and they are great speakers and at a brilliant price.
  8. Spider

    AE2 speaker help

    Turned out to be one driver out of phase thanks to Colin at Chevron for finding the problem and fixing it.
  9. Kate’s oldest daughter has a GL75 I refurbed for them. And until recently a 90s Rotel amp. The amp has just given up and so they need a new un. Must have a MM phono stage built in and has to work. Their budget is limited maybe £50 or there abouts. Great to find an Arcam alpha 5 or Nad or another Rotel. Anything like that. They also are looking for some small speakers that can be wall mounted. No larger than 25cm tall. Again limited budget of around £50, I was thinking Minmus 7 or something like that. They love music just don’t have much money. If anyone can help let me know. Cheers
  10. Bump Feel free to make an offer Can supply with standard mounting collar if VTA gadget not required.
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