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  1. Pm sent I’ll take 2 x 5ltr’s. I’ll pick up when down in Nottingham thanks
  2. Anybody got any hanging around?
  3. Looking for a pair of 211 valves I know it’s a long shot but if you have any collecting dust in a draw let me know. Thanks
  4. For Sale my Puresound P10 MM Phono Stage. In excellent condition and sounding fantastic. It recently had two top high spec valves fitted, A siemens E88cc and Tesla ECC83 together at a cost of just under £100 which are included in the price. A fantastic valve phono stage which punches way above it’s weight. Original box and Packaging still with it. Bargain price of £400 inc postage anywhere in the UK
  5. Spider

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    I think the fluids used in industry and the solutions used are aggressive in nature. I’ve even cleaned shellac 78s without any damage. The frequency used by different companies varies massively from 35khz to over 200khz. l’ve found no evidence of damage over the thousands of records I’ve cleaned by using the right fluid and the right type of machine.
  6. Spider

    Technics SL armboard

    It is a brilliant set up and sounds lovely. It can’t go back to its owner due to lockdown so I’m enjoying listening to it at the moment.
  7. Latest feedback from the newest Velvet Vortex user: What voodoo is this machine Tim? I’m listening to my 72 press of rise and fall of Ziggy stardust and it is now noise free!! What a machine! Thanks for bringing it over, made my lockdown !!
  8. I bought my PMA-850 recently. I bought it for a change of scene as much as anything else but what I’ve found is an excellent amplifier. It sounds great and has so many inputs and outputs anything is possible. How many amplifiers allow for three turntables and two tape decks to be connected along with a Streamer and CD player too. I would agree with all the positives written here, the Denon has all the raw power and HiFi finesse needed to get the most from your sources. It is a very musical amplifier and has no problem getting your foot tapping and I have found it to be the equal of any modern integrated amplifier I’ve heard at shows or at bake offs. I’m very happy with mine.
  9. Am I allowed 3? If I was pushed to choose it would be Technics RS1500 closely followed by SP10.
  10. I still use exactly that mix in my fluids. Not done any better than that mix yet.
  11. Here is a photo my friend sent me.
  12. I would use Mark. He’s done me a plinth for my SP10 and its brilliant, sounds great and looks great. I’ve seen several 301’s he has done and they were all stunning. He recently did a 401 for a friend of mine who inherited a lovely 401 from his uncle. Mark took it out of its rather shabby old box and turned it into a thing of beauty that sounds fantastic. I doubt you’d do better for the money.