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  1. Been to visit with Julian tonight and seen his LP12 and it is a beauty really great set up and in superb condition. It’s a bargain at what he wants for it.
  2. Bought in error in Cornwall now I’m home I realised its a car or motorcycle type battery conditioner I need a leisure battery type. So just moving on as I’ll not use it. £40 inc postage Can be left on battery plugged in all winter and will keep battery in good condition ready for next summer
  3. For Sale Belkin PF50 surge protector and power distribution. I’m sure it does other things. Not using it as too big for my systems cupboard. One sold for £150 on here a couple of weeks ago. It’s a 6 out of 10 for condition but it all works well. lets say £50 plus £10 for posting costs
  4. What’s the stax like on the sp10 hope you are keeping well Robin
  5. Buy this, great Turntable for very fair money.
  6. If anyone is interested there is a new record fair in Chesterfield market place on the third Sunday of every month. I went today it was ok got a few records even though weather was rather wet. img hosting
  7. Still making the Velvet Vortex for those of you on the forum who might want to own the best value for money ultrasonic record cleaner available today.
  8. Pm sent I’ll take 2 x 5ltr’s. I’ll pick up when down in Nottingham thanks
  9. Anybody got any hanging around?
  10. Looking for a pair of 211 valves I know it’s a long shot but if you have any collecting dust in a draw let me know. Thanks
  11. For Sale my Puresound P10 MM Phono Stage. In excellent condition and sounding fantastic. It recently had two top high spec valves fitted, A siemens E88cc and Tesla ECC83 together at a cost of just under £100 which are included in the price. A fantastic valve phono stage which punches way above it’s weight. Original box and Packaging still with it. Bargain price of £400 inc postage anywhere in the UK