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  1. Put Rick and Melanie down for a spot too
  2. Yes please. me and kate would like to come along.
  3. Then Friday morning his second group match is at 7.20am same link for Channel 4
  4. I’ve heard these a good few times and they are great speakers and at a brilliant price.
  5. Spider

    AE2 speaker help

    Turned out to be one driver out of phase thanks to Colin at Chevron for finding the problem and fixing it.
  6. Kate’s oldest daughter has a GL75 I refurbed for them. And until recently a 90s Rotel amp. The amp has just given up and so they need a new un. Must have a MM phono stage built in and has to work. Their budget is limited maybe £50 or there abouts. Great to find an Arcam alpha 5 or Nad or another Rotel. Anything like that. They also are looking for some small speakers that can be wall mounted. No larger than 25cm tall. Again limited budget of around £50, I was thinking Minmus 7 or something like that. They love music just don’t have much money. If anyone can help let me know. Cheers
  7. Bump Feel free to make an offer Can supply with standard mounting collar if VTA gadget not required.
  8. Remember these at Cranage they were excellent. A system that’s stuck in my mind as being really great.
  9. https://ibb.co/MhRcbpR https://ibb.co/BVygXTM https://ibb.co/hdJSj2m https://ibb.co/1Ry3wx2 https://ibb.co/Js48QrR https://ibb.co/JyB46y3 https://ibb.co/C9cXR7C https://ibb.co/7VXR2kx https://ibb.co/19wwCJ8 https://ibb.co/5jCRjR7 https://ibb.co/rk09YZG https://ibb.co/cFD0Sdm https://ibb.co/Gcc8hr7 https://ibb.co/3CXQXkn https://ibb.co/njJcX8R https://ibb.co/d5gr1Dz https://ibb.co/C8HvPvC https://ibb.co/Gddg18X
  10. Superb condition Alphason HRS100S mcs Including a superb custom built VTA adjuster that would cost hundreds as a commission to have made. A unique design that works beautifully and look superb. The Alphason is in superb condition with just a little shiny area where the arm fits the arm clip. These arms are not easy to find now and rarely come up for sale and never with something as clever and expensive as this VTA adjuster. The pictures tell the story and condition of this unique tonearm. collection preferred but postage can be arranged at buyers cost and risk. £875
  11. Spider

    AE2 speaker help

    Crikey I hope not
  12. It was a great day Thanks Dianne and Julian
  13. H2s back for sale Buyer is struggling to collect so I’ve agreed with him to put them back for sale as he can’t collect anytime soon. So you lucky guys get a second chance to buy a fantastic condition pair of H2s
  14. Looking for a cartridge cover for a Fidelity Research FR1 mkiii or mkii Anyone got one lurking in a draw somewhere?
  15. Spider

    AE2 speaker help

    Checked phase everything seems fine Any other ideas? Anyone good with crossovers that could help. It’s out side my skill set.
  16. Spider

    AE2 speaker help

    On my quest to try new speakers I’ve now got a pair of AE2s. had first listen today. One sounds great the other seems to have no bass and sounds kind of reedy. The bass drivers are moving in and out but there’s no fullness and it sound very different to the other speaker. I’ve tried it in both channels on the amp sounds the same whatever it’s plugged into. Any ideas what it could be and what to do to fix it?…
  17. Hi Julian I’ve not had a pm yet with bake off details cheers Tim
  18. If you can push your budget @bandit pilot has a elicit R in mint condition for sale, would a big upgrade.
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