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  1. I want to try a turntable shelf in the new listening room. Anyone got one tucked away you’re not using? Thanks
  2. Spider

    Refoaming speakers

    I haven’t sourced the new surrounds yet where is best place to find them? they are: SEAS CA 21 RE H 397-08 OHM WOOFER
  3. Spider

    Refoaming speakers

    Got two 8.5 inch drivers that need new foams. I don’t want to mess them up doing them myself. Has anyone done this or got advice on who to go to to get them repaired? Or give advice about DIY repairs. Thanks
  4. Great to see a few wammers and familiar faces at Chesterfield record fair this morning 👍👍
  5. Mark not going now. me and Rob meeting at 10am Rick not decided yet if he is attending or not.
  6. Yes me and Rob are going with maybe Rick and Mark
  7. Latest review of the Velvet Vortex https://audioaddictsforum.com/thread/1727/velvet-vortex-ultrasonic-record-cleaner
  8. Pretty sure there is no air on in any rooms unless they have done a massive refurb.
  9. I have to work this weekend so I can’t help run record cleaning room or exhibit. Absolutely gutted. Is the Wam show 2022 going to be March again?
  10. I pretty sure I have to work that weekend so I’m gutted to not be able to attend or exhibit. I hope the show isn’t moving to first weekend in October every year as I always have to work this weekend. If I understand things rightly there are refunds available from last year. If that is right how do I claim that refund? Absolutely gutted I’m going to miss the show, 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
  11. The hose connector is 1/2 inch BSP. Easy to find and cheap on eBay. The knosti record racks are very useful for drying and can be bought on eBay or from Juno records. Hope that helps
  12. I love my Reel to Reel but I realise I’ll never have a big collection of tapes. In the short time I’ve had mine the cost of pre-recorded tape has more than trebled. Plus now we are post brexit importing has become more expensive. Recordings made yourself from any format are good fun to make and sound great. If you enter into it knowing that there is limited choice and that it’s not cheap to acquire tape then you’ll have fun. As Robin and Rick have said there is something about playback on tape with is very engaging even when recorded from CD or hires streaming. I’d never say don’t do it jus
  13. Interesting thread I've heard lots of different turntables at lots of different price points in lots of different places from dealers, to shows to peoples houses. I've come to the conclusion there are elements of them all that I like, but none of them had everything I look for so I guess its about compromise. I guess it comes down to what are you looking to do and what do you want to improve? Do you want the same kind of sound qualities but more of it or do you want something completely different. If you want something completely different I'd think about a high mass belt drive like a Ver
  14. Still a good time to clean your record collection while in lockdown Velvet Vortex is still the best value ultrasonic Cleaner available today. Send me a PM for more information.
  15. Hi Jake the third shot is the lid of the box. There is a hole in the box the cables are fed through. there isn’t a ground post
  16. For Sale Xiang Sheng DAC-01bii Great DAC for not much money. I used in my main system for a while it sound good. Can used with Headphones although I've never tried it. £50 + £5 postage
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