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  1. Very large indeed. Bigger than a betamax Sony C7 remote even! If you look at the pic it's to the left of the tuner display. It slots onto the center when not in use.
  2. Sometimes is just nice to pop on a record whilst reading the paper and not get all anal about the sound. This is my latest purchase for just those moments. It's a Hitachi SDT 900. 50 watts into 8ohms, direct drive tt, logic control cassette, digital tuner, timer and an infrared remote control! It's big and mad but much fun and actually sounds quite good. Of course it wasn't quite behaving itself at first, particularly the tuner, but a friend of mine was able to trace the fault to a failed transistor, within one of the IC's! He soldered a replacement externally across the respective pins and all is now good. Just need the matching LS 370 loudspeakers now!
  3. Crikey. I have the matching JP S7 pre-amp which is equally barmy.
  4. And this is what Ken Ishiwata said on the subject: "Given that CD was right at the ragged edge of technology back in the early eighties, Philips had to make a decision about whether to do a 16-bit, two times oversampling machine, or a 14-bit, four times design. Ishiwata says, “I knew four-times oversampling was the only way to go, but not one Japanese company did! They only started to talk about the number of bits – 16 is better than 14 – that was simply the way they communicated. But of course, if you don’t do oversampling, you have to cut the signal very sharply at the top end with a brick wall filter, and this is actually audible right throughout the audio band. If you have such a high order filter, it ruins the sound. I knew this because of some modifications I had done to a (Sony) PCM-F1 digital recorder. I had done some recordings on it, then I started to think about filtering, and so I changed the filter and got very different results.” “We were very happy with the results.
  5. Hi All. Thanks for those kind words. Yes the system sounded as good as it should thanks to those panels but no more than that. Room treatment won't rescue rubbish! But to answer your question on the CD 104 absolutely no mods at all. The silver one is even running all the original caps. They're high quality Philips one and like the Japanese ones of the 70's and 80's, do not need replacing. The only achilles heel with the 104s was the links between the double sided boards. They will nearly always want re-soldering. Might also need a draw belt. As for the sound Philips just got it spot on from the word go. The CD104 is very little changed from the original CD100 and has a very sophisticated error correction chip. Enjoy.
  6. Thanks for those kind words!. And for those of you at the show who might have been put off by the range and number of acoustic panels in my room, here's something to think about. I took home a pair of bass absorbers/higher freq diffraction panels and have popped them in my prewar semi back room. And oh boy, what a difference to the bass. So much punchier now. It's like I've got new loudspeakers! Can't recommend room treatment enough, and you don't have to spend the earth. And no, I'm not on commission!
  7. Vintage Philips 545 Studio monitors, Philips CD104 and GIK Acoustics panels.
  8. So with another band of Arctic weather on its way, will that be putting off any punters do we think??
  9. As a first timer I have a couple of questions 1) When do people normally arrive to set up on the Sat? Also if we are staying over, where do we sleep after all the beds have been hidden away! 2) If I bring a partner or friend, is there extra cost on top of the £85? Thanks
  10. Hi Re 'Hondola' in room 109. Not bringing Philips reel to reel. Source will therefore be a pair of CD104's
  11. markkelsall

    Oiling a Garrard 401.

    Hi Great post and photos! Just wondered if you had tried any of the engine oils you mention such as Mobil 1 as I notice in your thread that you actually used light machine oil? I have a 401 which is transmitting to much rumble from the motor. I have re-oiled the motor once with sewing machine oil but no difference (I may not have put enough in mind you) The deck is solidly mounted to a oak topped birch ply plinth. Funnily enough I was toying with using sorbothane hemispheres so I guess great minds and all that! Does the 'shore hardness' make a big difference as I have some large hemishpheres but do not know there hardness Thanks Mark