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  1. Excellent price on a Classic here, if you're wanting new... S/H will give better value though. https://www.richersounds.com/project-classic-walnut.html
  2. I know which one I'm going to lose the tops of my fingers to...
  3. Marantz the new one Model 30...
  4. Yes I know, I didn't bring up the sensitivity "issue" merely pointed at a driver that would was a) cheaper and b) would work with the VM753 and push past 500Hz which is where measurements show it to fall off rather quickly... Wilmslow use either the Volt RV3863 15" or the Volt RV3143 12" (below)... So, it can be done. @Bokke Here's a thread for a 12-3-1 version for your perusal... https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/327594-source-monkey-box.html A lot of people seem very drawn to that specific driver... I guess like many things in life it's all 'bout compromise.
  5. 3-way... The appropriate Volt would be the RV3863, the Faital is also a 1/4 of the price... He would need a larger driver than the VM753 3-inch dome then. The Volt is also 94Db .
  6. Yes, but that midrange ain't going below 500Hz and loses 15Db by 300 Hz... If he wants a 15 inch driver it needs to comfortably hit 700-800Hz, IMO. The Faital drivers are very well received in the DIY community...
  7. Maybe the FaitalPRO 15PR400; https://faitalpro.com/en/products/LF_Loudspeakers/product_details/datasheet.php?id=101060100
  8. Something like this or similar? https://www.ebay.com/itm/233210147590?epid=1439803446&hash=item364c687306:g:4moAAOSws7xcw~KZ
  9. I know that "The Wand" tonearm does mounting kits for the Lenco, probably a bit too expensive for what you're looking for though...
  10. hifi.tiger

    Done at last

    Both are available through Rochester Electronics, I picked up both through the diyaudio forums... See, https://www.rocelec.com/search?q=ad1865 & https://www.rocelec.com/search?q=ad1862 It's the minimum order that gets ya...
  11. Paracord or PET expandable... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4mm-Paracord-550-Bushcraft-Survival-Mil-Spec-Type-III-7-Strands-Cord-Bracelet/281990726899?hash=item41a7f504f3:g:JJUAAOSwb5VfpHN
  12. Give this a shot; https://www.makemkv.com/
  13. I'm thinking Mark Audio Tosti Cesti... Wonder how they sound compared to the MS series...
  14. I just purchased some 4312mii's on a local auction site, always wanted a pair since I saw them in a Hi-Fi News EOY issue (a decade ago?)... Cute little buggers, paid a snip under 400 pounds, RRP about 1000 pounds here... Looking forward to a listen.
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