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  1. Yes I have a friend who is in a well known band (in NZ at least) he has come around to listen to his mixes in my system - and I have a very modest system by comparison with many of you. Have to say he seems to get fantastic spatiality and dynamics in his recordings. He tells me he uses magic boxes to achieve this! now where have I heard that before? He appreciates the accuracy and dynamics of a good domestic system to hear their final production. This is one of their earlier albums. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killervision He has just given me their latest album on vinyl but its still in shrink wrap as I haven't a turntable anymore.
  2. Obviously we are all of a certain age! It's only this year that the incredible creativity of the year of 1971 has been brought home to me as the 50th anniversary rolls around. I have, according to my assett Nas a collection of over 900 Cds. they are also cluttering up two large suitcases in my garage. They sound significantly better when converted on the fly as WAV files . Since I upgraded to Katalyst the 192/24bit files sound even more magnificent. Qobuz has increased my appreciation of many of my old Cds as they have been released in Hi res. Streaming has encouraged me to be much more eclectic in my tastes. Classical, Jazz , Rock, Blues, There is so much great music out there. We really do live in an amazing era. Time to do my daily gratitude genuflection Cheers
  3. I often use Edith and the kingpin from river herbie Hancock very dense layers of sax drums bass and of course Tina turner central stage
  4. That’s great to hear! Now I need to save for an exakt katalyst box thingy
  5. Well at the start of the pandemic our PM announcing the lockdown finished with "wash your hands and be kind". Now that you Northern Hemisphere lot are entering into Spring / Summer I think we should continue to take her advice even though it is a little pollyannish. I know the damn bug is still rampant and although I can only imagine what It's like to live in some parts of the globe, I feel our PMs advice holds true. In recent times I haven't seen examples of the tone present in this thread in the Linn club. Life's too short, we have so much in common, so let's be kind.
  6. I’m looking at a possibility of adding an Lp12 to my sources having recently upgraded my Adsm with katalyst I am a complete newbie when it comes to turntables of any sort apart from using them 40 years ago! can anyone advise me about what age this lp12 is and it’s approximate value? Linn Sondek LP12 Transcription Turntable. With Pro-Ject Carbon Tonearm & Adikt cartridge many thanks
  7. Good thought but mine are all bonafide factory ones. Just listening to riding with the king on qobuz in 192. Superb. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have one 5125D it has a treble card and a bass card. The bass card is driving all 4 bass speakers . Much better than having an LK140 with another bass card. I used to have 3 LK140s so tri aktive. 5125 more than capable of excellent bass to all 4 speakers. See my other post for my OW1 comparisons. Its very wet here in Nelson and so have indulged in some HiFi comparisons and put gardening on hold.
  9. see linkhttps://www.hiquphon.dk/page4.html I found him great to deal with. Make sure you specify they are for ninkas as he provides the surround to fit exactly. He also gives soldering instructions. It's all good as they say:-)
  10. I have 1 x 5125 Yes silvers are still on the amp interconnects I have only changed the initial pair running from Adsm to the 5125
  11. Thanks yes Tweeters are the later version I think. Have attached photos Yes exakt filters are available from mail@speakerfilters.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. At the end of Dec 2020 I bought a pair of black Ninkas as our local dealer told me that drivers were no longer available as spares. See attached. I also have a pair of cherry Ninkas to which I have fitted OW1 tweeters. The fear of grandchildren pushing in the tweeters led me to install the spare blackpair with original barred tweeters which seem to be relatively kid proof. They have sat in service for two months until Mrs. Zephyr complained that she want the cherry ones back. Today I have swapped them back. So treble differences. It was immediately obvious that the OW1 has opened up the music. More expansive soundstage, much better clarity and control of note decay. Yes I acknowledge that the original specified black Ninkas don't have the upgraded bases and still have the bass speaker covers on however I was comparing the upper frequencies and this was where the enormous differences lay. So if you have Ninkas and want to upgrade them relatively cheaply I recommend the OW1.
  13. I've cured the brightness! I have had silver interconnects throughout. I have replaced the initial set from the ADSM with Linn blacks and left the rest. Instant fix but not only that (I sound like one of those TV adds - but wait there's more ), The bass is tighter / more refined punchy and the treble is clearer . I don't think it's confirmation bias, have swapped them back and forward still happens. Thank God for wet days finally got around to playing. Thanks for all your comments, I don't even need to spend money for the upgrade!
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