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  1. Well well, what is it about Linn ownership and an affinity for Talbot Alpines. I've owned two of these , a Brirtish racing green 4 speed and a later model 5 speed with a sunroof and power steering! Sheer luxury. The green one was bought by a hair dressing scissor salesman who put many kms on it driving around the South Island selling scissors to salons. He told me that he eventually sold it to a Russian seaman who put it on his trawler and took it back to Russia! They handled really well for a car of that vintage.
  2. They look really great. Heavy bases esential upgrade for Ninkas. I'm grateful mine came supplied with them.
  3. Wow that's quite a system mlee. I have OW1 tweeters in my Ninkas and non exakt they sound superb. certainly hugely superior to original Linn ones. Mlee your post gives me the confidence to just get an exakt box and not worry too much about the lack of precise measurements. I'm sure in time they could be improved with measurement. It would be neat if Hiquphon could provide on loan a couple of OW1 samples to sunbeamgls to work on. In the meantime I'm on the look out for an exaktbox 6. Thanks!
  4. Well its been a wet day here and Mrs. Zephyr has returned to working away from her home office. So time to check my speaker levels which were slightly askew. Then your post arrived with a tip about raising the front / tilting the Keidths upwards. I thought lets see what happens when I do this do Ninkas. wow! not sure if its confirmation bias, but all my key listening tracks, e.g. Herbie Hancock, Edith and the Kingpin etc. have snapped into a tighter focus, subtle but there, especially the vocal of Tina Turner and the double bass. I guess the tilt is enough to get the two drivers to beam upwards out of the clutter of deep carpet , coffee tables. Maybe the SO3 settings I have, now deal better with bass nodes? Who knows or even cares, it's better and it was free ! Many thanks sunbeamgls for your rays of advice.
  5. I too have nostalgia for Sony portable devices. I once had a water proof version of your tape deck, which for some reason I thought was cool to take wind surfing and skiing. In those days Talking Heads and Madness and the Chillls Soft bomb explodes were tapes to boogie to. Then came the discman. Skipped the ipod and went straight for an Iphone but too much hassle to get music into it- before streaming. Last Christmas I checked out wireless ear buds . Reviews said the Sony WF-1000XM3 were the best of a very crowded market. I have to say they are superb, I'm not sure how they manage to get noise cancelling and decent bass into such a package, but if anyone can, I guess Sony as pioneers of portability entertainment can. Very musical .
  6. Thanks so much for the enlightenment Paul. I certainly enjoy movies in surround and I know your system will sound stunning given all the joy you have supplied to setting up many others around the world. I guess its something for me to aspire to if I win Lotto and upgrade house and sound system! I see in the Guardian that XTC have just released music in 5.1 so its obviously a very alive format. Had my first barista coffee yesterday in 5 weeks and also the local chippie opened! Little slices of heaven. By the way Slice of Heaven is a NZ song released by Dave Dobbyn and Herbs as a sound track to a cartoon about "Dog" Cheers :-)
  7. Hi Paul, Sorry to hear about the plastic spoon. I was born with two ears on the side of my head and no silver spoon, but a very active imagination! I have only listened to two channels all my life apart from going to the movies where our threatres have fantastic newly installed surround sound. Do you listen to all your stereo music in surround sound? A very dumb question probably on this forum, but I have my system hooked up to the Tv and enjoy the two channel, and obviously listen to all my music in two channel. Please dont tell me it's better, I'll have to annoy Mrs Zephyr with more brown boxes in the room. By the way lovely looking Audiodoriks and cushions! Celebrating coming out of full lockdown in NZ!!
  8. Last year I was in Canada and two dealers commented on the inadequacy of the website. /s Certainly Apple is a bit of a gold standard.
  9. today NZ had 8 new cases, the first time into single digits despite ramped up testing. We are hoping to eliminate the bug.
  10. Dog walking is a great diversion here as well amongst the Autumn colours. Certainly getting fitter! Enjoying music via my Sony wireless. Great sound for such little units.
  11. Yes you would be very welcome in fact any of you!! Cheers Mike (youv'e got a great name there I'm a Mike as well. :-)
  12. Great, that is my thinking as well, although I'm thinking I want to just ditch my 5125 and buy a Majik Exaktbox-i as you have. I'm curious as to what you has before and how the character of your Ninkas has changed. The Akurate i is a possibility but not many of them 2nd hand yet. So maybe another 5125 and exakt 10 as a first step. I'll see what comes up after when we all surface for air :-)
  13. In NZ we are hoping our early lockdown will get us through ok. Feeling fortunate to be so isolated with a reasonably decisive government and a small country strung out in a country the size of the UK. My bubble consists of my wife and the dog who has developed a limp from so many walks. before all the shops closed down I bought 20litres of paint to paint the roof, the roof being a good place for further isolation should we get too sick of each other. I have a music group with friends . Normally we meet at each other's places once a month. Rules are: bring music in any format , bring a packet of chips, your favourite tipple - usually red wine or beer- . We listen , talk about anything and everything. Now we are just due to have our first isolated music group evening via Zoom, a wonderful piece of software. Rules are the same, chips and booze and music and bullshit. We have until April 21 locked down. Things could get interesting. Really enjoyed the Linn playlist on Facebook. Great topic Paul
  14. Thank you all so much for your help. This isolation business, helps get things done, plus the down pour that started outside meant the roof painting had to stop! So got rewiring done, with some trepidation switched on, and I'm back in musical heaven. Hard to say the sound is better with the removal of the LK140 but it's at least as good. Definately need to look for an Akurate Eaxktbox 6 or 10 and then I guess upgrade the ADSM to Katalyst. Not sure whether to go for a Katalyst source or at the Exaktbox part of the chain. What's the consensus ? New topic really sorry. Cheers :-)
  15. Kia ora koutou (hello to all) , I have had a bass card die in my Tri aktive Ninka setup. I now am left with a 5125 D driving a treble card and a bass card. So can I simply wire the other bass driver speaker cables into my one remaining bass card output in the 5125? Unfortunately NZ is in lockdown for the next month, as is the rest of the world and I dont fancy my chances of getting another card from anywhere else on the globe at present. Starting to suffer music withdrawal! Best wishes to all.