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  1. More pictures added on Flickr
  2. Something for the weekend Sir?
  3. omsoc

    WTB chord Dave

    There are 2 on ebay at the moment
  4. Karan KA S 180 MK2 power amp. £1950 REDUCED TO £1750 More pictures added here:
  5. Hi Steve, not yet. They are currently boxed up as there is no room for them in the living room due to the new speakers being MASSIVE.
  6. Give me a call in a couple of weeks when you are ready for your next speaker experiment.
  7. Emporium have a white pair on ebay at £1350 I think.
  8. It’s been pointed out to me that there is a bit of ‘abrasion’ on one of the cones (see 3rd picture above) I have had a further look over them and notice the rear legs have some marks as well as a small scratch. See pics below. Price reduced to £1000 for quick sale as new speakers arrive this week.