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  1. Sorry, are these still available? Kind regards. Mauro
  2. anyone with a user's manual?
  3. Hello there, sorry, just a question: It is possible to connect a headphone to the CS300 socket without having the speakers linked? Many thanks. Mauro
  4. Hello there,I'm looking for a good CD player with headphones output socket.What about the Pioneer PD-S series?Many thanks.Mauro
  5. JJ; Sovtek; Electro-Harmonix; Mullard (reissue); Tung-Sol; TAD; Golden Dragon; Genealex. Which are the best and why. Many thanks. Mauro
  6. sorry, double thread, please erase, thank you.
  7. Can anyone suggest me an engineer able to service a tube amplifier, preferably in West London?Many thanksMauro
  8. Many thanks to Ian for the brilliant taxi service....
  9. And a nice bottle of single malt whiskey at the arrival in Ealing, West London.....
  10. Audio Note cables (interconnect and speaker). Is their quality matching with the expensive prices? Many thanks. Mauro
  11. The pictures are actually showing a grill: Do you think this could be better than AN OTO - AI 500 with the ANJ's?
  12. Hi Steve, what you are saying about the bias adjusting is scary....... In addition, I think that the Almarro runs extremely hot, thing I don't like it so much. I was just curious because there is one for sale in this moment on the classified.