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  1. first Suzuki RG125 Best ZX9R since 1998 out on it yesterday round t'Dales
  2. the one I appreciate the most with age and wisdom is the one I have now, see ww info but my best, as conventional wisdom would have it was impulse H6 speakers with border patrol powered second audio AI amps and a voyd TT with cyalene arm and miltek olympia cartridge. I didn't appreciate it properly at the time
  3. this for the first time ever bought on cd today
  4. Was Bauhaus Walk Away White now Peggy Suicide Julian C
  5. ELP Brain Salad Surgery I guess Relayer, Tarkus or Made in Japan next, old classics
  6. REM Green then James Gold Mother now Marvin Gaye Whats Going On
  7. I am afraid I have never been tempted, or even listened to her music. I like the Bill Bailey tribute, what is it "you've left me but I am not going to go on about it"
  8. The Blue Aeroplanes, Swagger now REM Life's rich pageant jangling, nice!
  9. A walk across the rooftops Hats Peace at Last all vinyl
  10. thank you, been like that about 30 years, with same speakers, same house, lots of tittyfying as my family refer to it
  11. This Will Destroy You by This Will Destroy You
  12. You can reduce the file size, or delete your older pics.
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