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  1. toms wait

    TV cover

    Doesn't matter if it's not great it will be good to try. Work on a couple of them and fine tune them over a few months as work in progress.
  2. toms wait

    TV cover

    Another plan is get the frame and then get your favourite holiday, family, pet, life photos and make a personal collage of memories and things dear to you. Then stick them all on. Then get a piece of perspex cut to size to protect them. We did this for holidays for many years but not as a telly screen but as pictures for the stair wall. It will be something you don't tire of and will enjoy making. It will be a telly of your life.
  3. toms wait

    TV cover

    what sort of picture would please you? maybe commission something on canvas. I do a bit of oil painting, landscapes mostly, sort of loosely impressionist style, but also some abstract nature. Or get one of those acrylic pouring sets and have a go. Or choose a favourite photo and get it put on a big canvas.
  4. toms wait

    Done at last

    Trust me you weren't, Le Corbusier maybe (google him) but not a planner. Had you been a planner it wouldn't be finished. You would have wanted design assessments for everything, wanted to know where the unobtainium came from, wanted to change the specific colours of the wires and wanted the transformer a different shape. Then you would have made yourself put in it a shape of box that you didn't like and had restrictions on when you could use it and for how long, and produce electricity bills to assess the environmental damage of it on standby.
  5. was bisodol 90, HMHB Meds Placebo Tubular bells whilst painting now CSN finished painting
  6. Whats Goin On, now Moondance and then Rickie Lee Jones 1st. Proper sunny Sunday morning music!
  7. But insurance is an issue he needs to think about, worth a mention Jazz or Jag.
  8. water ingress has the potential to damage whatever you have stored in your garage. I'd tell him politely what you have and ask about his insurance cover to repair your Etype Jag
  9. He could be in breach of planning, it is a change of use from domestic to a business. It depends on the intensification of the use and whether it is a sort of use that can be carried out in a residential area. I suspect from what you have said that planning will have bigger fish to fry and whilst may react to your complaint with a visit and a warning about taking enforcement. It is unlikely they will do anything because they are busy. There will not be a permitted development for this either as most are from business to dwelling or business to business, without getting too complicated on the actual use classes. If these are council garages he is also likely to be in breach of a covenant restricting business uses. Storage for a business is practically so close to domestic storage they may not do anything, again depends on the actual processes/noise/nuisance etc. The council EH people will know nothing of the planning rules so you cannot rely on them for anything. It is also a breach of building regs if someone is working there then fire and insulation/energy regs kick in.
  10. morrissey, california son half man half biscuit, trouble over bridgewater echo and the bunnymen, ocean rain
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