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  1. For a while my sound was a little lacklustre. It was also a little lopsided, or the image collapsed when moving about 1ft. Because my wooden floor is a little uneven (don't ask it's a long story) the clearance at the horn port/base of the speakers was 40mm left and 30mm right. Had read or been told that Impulse speakers need 50mm clearance. So I set about with spanners and stuff and got exactly 50mm both sides. The result was rather surprisingly enormous. More bass, clarity, drive, life, etc etc. And the weird soundstage shift has improved.
  2. Actually you could well be right with C7's, that was the bigger of the two tried. The other was K size. I was really hopeful of a BBC Rogers sound but just got noise.
  3. I heard 2 different sets of Harbeths at a NW dealer when I was going to replace my H6's (again) and I really didn't like them. No bass, mostly top end and no finesse whatsoever. This will no doubt annoy owners but to be fair they were straight out of the boxes. Don't ask me what model they were, about the size of Snell/Audionote K's and J's. No idea what the amp was at the time, in the dealers demo room I seem to recall it was Rega or Arcam. I wanted to like them as I had Rogers LS4a's when I first got into separates, the rest was LP12 and Cyrus 1 in 1990. They were really nice despite the metal dome tweeter. Would like some big Rogers monitors for the BBC terry Wogan stuck in a timewarp Radio 2 sound I recall from my teens, recording stuff onto a reel to reel recorder.
  4. Cheers. I have heard a few tannoys years ago. I liked the DC2000 and DC3000 but they are not the classic style and will be pretty old now. I heard some at a guy's house on here who had large old style tannoys and home made valve monos in a massive room. Big and a bit forward but detailed.
  5. Of course they are when you drive 5" bass/mid that is only 83db. Doesn't help the OP though.
  6. I too am biased so would say AI500 and then some maintenance/upgrades. Monitor Gold Ten I have been recommended old Tannoys for my AI500 instead of my Impulse H6ish. Any recommendations.
  7. Isn't this what Kevin at definitive was doing by having banks of batteries at the Hifi shows. taking his kit off the hotel grid.
  8. Are you asking about Mad Bob or the Fat Blob pics
  9. Are you asking about Mad Bob or the Fat Blob pics
  10. Are you asking about Mad Bob or the Fat Blob pics
  11. A film with specific rather than incidental music, does that make it a musical, I have no idea. I recall Leslie Ash making music in it Most of Bollywood has songs. Either way its not a serious discussion nor are my inputs to be taken seriously, cue the music.........................and dance...............
  12. I suspect you are right but not liking the music wouldn't be a great start. Not sure I could sit it out, but never say never.
  13. I liked Quadrophenia, never thought of that as a musical. In which case I also like the Wall, and Pink Floyd Pompei does that count