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  1. Sorry not canvas its likely an mdf or birch ply
  2. Anyway who would think to do flat horns, so wild it just might work. Nice big flat canvas for some interesting artwork or fancy veneers.
  3. Yes and, it was a simple explanation that didn't take into account the different heights and widths of electrostatic speakers as ably illustrated by your photos. Apologies for the vague descriptors in future I'll try to be more specific.
  4. Simple really wide like an electrostatic but not very deep. So about 350mm wide and about 100mm deep.
  5. That reads like exactly the sound I have in my head and want in my room. Big, fun, untidy, couth but shambling.
  6. Just messing about on www and found a facebook page by Mr Brian Taylor he of Impulse fame and he is working on a new speaker. A horn but dimensioned like electrostatics. Be interesting to see if this gets to market.
  7. Thanks for the input fellas. It seems to me the early ones are bestist, for music. Response 2's and floorstanding 140's or 150's according to taste appear to be favourites amongst owners.
  8. response 2.5 anyone?
  9. Pronounced upper mid is what I have heard at shows from Proac but then lots of things sound like that at shows.
  10. Reference to naming and frequency of models goes back through many years of passing interest in them. I heard the Heco Direkt a few years back on Audionote amp. TBH I found it coarse and insistent with upper mid drowning most of what else it was playing. Way too wide for my lounge.
  11. Bit of a weird one but genuine enquiries. Maybe this has been done before, apologies if so. Over the years I have had people recommend Proac speakers to me. I heard Response 1s's at home years ago. I quite liked them, they did a lot right and were very animated, unforced and lively but not edgy. Fun I guess is the word. Is it me though or do Proac change their range very regularly and with similar sounding names and looks? Also you guys in Proac land what is their most musical, none analytical play all day speaker range? From the 90's onwards, sing their praises. Price wise they always seem to be a premium product, and have many fans. I know this looks like a how long is a piece of string post but I'd like to understand their different ranges and basic family traits.
  12. Reading a few of the recent posts on this it appears that many were into the hifi and music equally or maybe skewed a bit to kit. I can honestly say I was into the music totally in my teens to being in my late twenties. It never occurred to me to listen to the equipment, all I could hear was the music. My family had a Sharp music centre and I thought it was the business. It played the Friday rock show with Tommy Vance and all my records (it wasn't called vinyl then). The music centre played all my taped tapes of "TV on the radios" concert broadcasts. Many years later I recall after moving into my own house having my Fidelity music centre with me. That too was bliss it was something to play my beloved music on, still didn't give actual Hifi a thought not even for one moment. But then one day my Fidelity music centre packed in. A black day because then the hifi barged down the front door and everything changed. The reason for this was I had a bit of spare cash that I didn't have through my student and flat days. I reasoned good equipment would make my music sound better. I have to say the sound improved but the magic went. Don't get me wrong I sort of like the kit but its hard to listen through it or beyond it. I remember being able to play whole albums, doubles and even triple albums and revel in the music without once thinking about soundstage, sibilance, etc etc. Hell I even used to revise for my degree listening to a TDK tape of Tales from Topographic Oceans on a radio cassette player and loved it, a Sharp with a graphic equaliser, oh yes. I think the post heading says it all really, how to listen to hifi properly. Everyone has a film or a book or an album they wish they could unsee/unread/unhear so that experienced can be felt anew. I'd like to unhear the equipment. But once the bug bites it bites hard and the itch lasts a long time.
  13. Interested in how you like your Vandersteens if they are replacing the Quads they must be pretty good. And a bump!