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  1. Hello Could I take the following any Japan/David Sylvian left, Thompson twins, Peter gabriel, Soft Cell, Tears for fears, Gary Numan, OMD Nouvelle Vague, 10cc, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Annie Lennox, Mick Karn, Style Council/weller If you can tell me a price and is paypal friends and family ok for payment. If you pm me a price and I'll give you the address. Thanks
  2. THE perfect Sunday morning album........ Tales from Topographic Oceans ALL of it.
  3. I have owned one Luxman, and had one on homeloan/purchase (long story!), and heard an Accuphase in a long afternoon dem. Prefered the Accuphase, can't help with model names or numbers of any of them. Owned Lux a class A/B, Lux borrowed class A and Accuphase no idea but middle of the range. To my ears Lux is well built but soulless and a little clinical, Accuphase fuller and musical.
  4. toms wait

    driver failure

    Changed DNM on bass/mid for VDH CS122, running in but bass mid a bit lean after 15 hrs on the DNM.
  5. Plumbers pipe insulation cut to length leaves a small hole that can be tuned/filled as needed.
  6. toms wait

    driver failure

    New drivers arrived. Scanspeak P17WJ and D2905. In and running sounding pretty good straight off not run in. Lighter bass than before but only 2 hours on them so far. Also rewired the internal wiring with DNM resolution.
  7. I forgot those I was thinking older stuff for some reason. I've dem'd those and they are very nice, top end a little forthright but tameable.
  8. Pink Floyd - Echoes, purely for the bass and Floyd getting funky Yes - Close to the edge, musicianship The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out, great tune with Morrissey at his best Talking Heads - Naive Melody, the live one just for the dancing lamp stand The Cure - On the edge of the deep green sea, sad and wistful genius
  9. That shouldn't have to happen but it does. I know many agents who believe that they have a hard time and everyone knows agents that don't. It's easy to see in the planning portal those applications with less hassle and those taking longer. I have had a former council planner tell me that "some agents get put through the wringer more than others" Many planners now are young inexperienced graduates who know nothing except policy, rules, policy, rules, case law, etc etc I have had a client visited by a case officer on an unrelated site visit and then telling my client that his development should not have been approved and he didn't like it!
  10. Everyone thinks it's for profit it is not that at all. What you must remember is planners are as bad or even worse than traffic wardens. They do not like development, they will do their utmost to stop central government improvements to the system being effective. Don't believe me look at figures for class Q approvals of barn conversions. And court cases against changes to affordable housing. It is a massive emotive set of problems unrelated to planning fees. Mostly I think led by individual case officers and a systemic envy. I have seen this first hand in meetings. I have had small schemes take 2 years to get approved and even then about 12 pre-start conditions that will mean another 18 months of pain and bullshit.
  11. I'm guessing when you said typical semi it is 30's, if not then would be worth checking if PD removed in the consent.
  12. There is one last thing if the houses were built in about the last 20-30 years then PD could have been removed so ALL extensions need consent. You can check that with the planning authority or looking at consents on line.
  13. It wouldn't give you any rights to prevent the build as the surveyors generally have to make an agreement. It may cause delays but not stop the build.