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  1. there is an awfully obvious joke here but I just cannae think what it might be..................
  2. uh hu, this is a converted dry loft with a floor and roof light and everything. Was an office in a pre-kids life, now is a junkyard! That I want as an art studio and music room.
  3. what can I say....a duet or sad that we know the words
  4. Another confession...... trying to replace my beloved speakers and wasting so much time and money just to get them out of the loft, again, and plug them in and wonder why I was trying to replace them, again, and vowing never too try, again. Even now looking at Kef 104/2 on ebay near enough to pick up, cheap enough to have a punt on, old enough to need lots replacing!!!
  5. funny how it seems........
  6. ok you didn't like that much, how about this. makes me smile and darned catchy as well
  7. what is on immersion to make it different enough to warrant another
  8. Mrs Robert Fripp, if she's good for him she'll do for me............Toyah...............
  9. A confession? Enjoying just a little bit, the faffing about breaking things that aren't broken, moving things that don't need moving, messing with bling and speaker finishes and then altering them later. Moving speakers, making bases that will massively improve everything only to find I've actually made them look silly and now they stand too high so the tweeter is now off axis and yes I can hear the treble arrive before the bass. Realising none of this matters but doesn't stop me planning another crossover build to get things exactly as they sound in my head, and wondering if I could go active or full range horns and flea power amps and 1GW solid state for good measure, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
  10. I have told my Mrs that a lot of the vinyl is worth something and it is to go to a sales house in a vinyl sale most likely 1818 part of the company I work for. She'll get late mates rates for a collection sale. She also has a rough idea how much things were.
  11. Eno and Byrne My life in the bush of ghosts vinyl
  12. maybe I'll try it again Supertramp, Even in the quietest moments