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  1. there's one in New Zealand, do you know anyone there, long wam taxi though!
  2. This will upset you but the middle light in the middle row in that photo is out of its line,
  3. Some of mine is symmetrical but not all, the amp is left biased as the inputs are on the right so I have room for interconnect leads. One shelf has the phono and PSU for the TT these are similar size to each other but cannot be symmetrical. Presently the new guest dac sits on the floor on a ply shelf that is too wide but it will do until I get round to trimming it to fit. My gear is a logical mix of black and silver. Analogue is silver, digital is black. I think all looks smart, although the silver is largely things I have polished to make them silver! There's also some gold in there as well.
  4. Made in Japan, Nirvana unplugged, Seconds Out, many of the Lenny C late lives, press the eject and give me the tape
  5. Like the OP I have tried. I have had various Coltrane and Davies CD's but gave up. I like jazz that isn't jazz like early EBTG and Joe Jackson and Tom Waits things that real jazz fans would consider they are to Jazz what knitting is to sky diving, not related! What I can never get is as the OP said 5 or more or less people playing what they want with a trumpet/double bass/drum solo thrown in somewhere often every track. I was once, note once, taken to a Liverpool jazz club when I was a student and I have never been so bored ever in a concert, except perhaps when I was at a brass band competition and they all play the exact same song.. Endless double bass solos and the audience really digging it in the fast show stylee. I have taken to referring to jazz as "goose strangling" as in the sound it makes
  6. There's loads, his micky take of the Oasis bros/chumps is great, as are the Freddie Mercury and Paul McCartney
  7. I'll start you off with something I find spooky and my daughters cannot listen to.
  8. on a sampler I heard earlier, someone to hunt out
  9. toms wait

    Great Covers

    any of the Ukulele Orchestra, or this, especially this
  10. toms wait

    Great Covers

    many more of other impressions he does
  11. Anyone watched any of this guys videos. Good antidote to serious times, this is just one of many
  12. toms wait

    Great Covers

    I've seen this and Robert looks choked.
  13. toms wait

    Great Covers

    and this of course
  14. toms wait

    Great Covers

    try this it might help
  15. change of tempo............Placebo Sleeping with Ghosts
  16. Are they the clear dark red acrylic cool looking ones. Like a bit of see through acrylic now and then.
  17. Another sampler freebie. Q magazine 1994 classical with Barber, Tavener, Glass, Reich, Britten and Adams. Nice!
  18. another Uncut freebie this time from 2013, all goodly