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  1. Quick search for cliff stone stands. Seem ideal but as you say rare.
  2. Hi, Just purchased a pair of Yamaha NS1000M and looking for some stands. Any ideas? My preference for stands are the thin metal type like the harbeth stands. Rog
  3. Ms3i, Love it to bits. Linn LP12 and B&W PM1
  4. arb264


    Hi Alan Thanks for the advice you are correct curtains hide a garage door that has been diy sealed so not the best. Thinking of putting plaster board on walls then painting. Roof if flat plasterboard. will move the art ASAP rog
  5. arb264


    I've got more chance of my lottery numbers coming up that moving into the living room [emoji17] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. arb264


    Regarding the room and the speaker placement i am using a single garage as a music room so you can appreciate its not ideal. i have experimented with various speaker positions and this seems the best so far. Forgot to say i also use a rel sub. my concern is the amp, it seems to get muddled depending on the complexity of the music. I have used a marantz amp pm 6005 which seemed better at picking out individual pieces of music but seemed to have limited sound stage. Rog
  7. arb264


    Hi, would like better sound stage but main thing is to have a play with some other equipment and monobloc fit the bill. when iv gone to hifi wigwam show etc have always like the way they look. Hope that dosnt seem shallow
  8. arb264


    I have had my current setup for a couple of years now and feel like trying some monobloc amps. Current set up is: Linn LP12 Ittok Audio tech AT33PGT/ii MC Black cube phono stage Icon audio 40i valve amp falcon acoustics LS3/5a For some years i have been wanting to try some monoblocs if only to say, been there done that. Have not got a big budget so looking to by audiolab 8200mb, have seen a pair for around the 1k mark, question is what preamp would go best? budget of £500 used or new. Thanks Rog
  9. Siouxsie and the banshees, JuJu Very Dark