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  1. I have an Orelle SA100 that i am not using at the moment Dan, if that sounds of interest.
  2. Actually, one input is all i need. Up to £100 ish
  3. Looking for a passive pre either to buy or swap for my Creek pre/dac as i have a standalone dac already. 2 inputs is all i need.
  4. garcar

    Speaker rattle

    Have you checked the ports /vents ? I had a speaker rattle, thought it was distortion in my amp , turned out to be the plastic port at the rear had come slightly loose .
  5. Cheers John, i will pm him now.
  6. If anyone can help out , it would be most appreciated. Need a wam taxi from near Taunton to Brighton transporting a valve amp. which for obvious reasons am reluctant to risk with couriers. At my end (somerset) happy to drive somewhere to drop off to you if not passing Taunton.
  7. Many thanks Tristan, i do have them correct then ! Gotta love the wam
  8. could someone help me out , i moved my speakers and cables, now not sure if i have them wired L- R correctly. Could anyone who has PF Wish you were here let me know if the mono talking at the beginning should be coming from the left or right speaker as you are sat facing them ? Cheers in advance
  9. Many thanks Ronnie and Ade. On my app instead of Local Music it says Music Server. Anyway after about 2 hrs i finally got it to share the music on my desktop Great stuff, happy days
  10. An appeal to the more tech savvy among you - have the heos which after several fails i got to link into the wifi wirelessly. So far so good.....downloaded the app on an ipad and phone and can access all the streaming sites, Spoty, Tidal etc no problem. What cannot do is play any files on either my laptop or desktop of cd's i have burned . it seems it's not possible to get the app for windows (or mac). Desktop runs W7 lappie W10. How do i get the heos to see ? the files on a computer ? I have googled it but the answers seems to be you can play them but it was just too technical and not making sense for me. I put off doing the digital thing because basically i am a complete luddite where computers are concerned. Now i have dipped my toes in i am still sat poolside afraid of the deep.
  11. Sorry these sold a long time ago
  12. That was very nicely put, thank you. The words my wife uses to describe my collection are rather more to the point and a lot less polite! Think both your wife and mine would have a lot in common !
  13. Thanks for your input Steve, appreciated
  14. After 2 years being vinyl free i have succumbed again to the shiny black stuff and bought a used Yammie YP800. It has a ortofon MC200 fitted, good job i checked that the Exposure XV i also have coming has the mc module fitted ! Anyway, for those who know or have heard any of this kit , what are your thoughts ? Both were too far away to get a listen first .