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  1. I have them in sync. You can use a browser interface, on a tablet or phone, to your DSM then adjust the sync setting sitting in front of your tv. Enter the IP address of the DSM into a browser and you can adjust most settings the same as Konfig. You can also adjust the sync from “your account” assuming you have registered and set up your DSM with Linn. Either of these makes it much easier to get the sync correct.
  2. Glad you now have this working and that @DavidHB was able to help out while I was AWOL
  3. I worked in an international role for a large corporation for many years. As a UK citizen I initially felt awkward that all other staff had to speak English at multi country meetings and phone calls. Then I realised that as soon as any 2 or 3 counties were on a call or at a meeting they would speak English even if there was no native English speaker present as is was the language they all had in common. i guess this will only change if Mandarin becomes the common language
  4. What do you see at the top level of MinimServer? You say you rescan’d MinimServer, did you also restart Kazoo? Do you see the Playlist folder? Any entries at all? PS the references to IFTTT in my original post are now obsolete as Linn have now ceased supporting IFTTT
  5. Indeed I do go scuba diving but not @57m . Many years ago, I was on a dive boat where the group went to about 35m but one diver went to 57m (his buddy didn’t follow him). The liveaboard had an internal email system and we had to create user ids, so I chose peter@57m as a joke and have used it as a forum name ever since. The person went to 57m as he wanted to go deep as it was his last diving before ear surgery which would mean he would never dive again. We did manage to persuade him to be sensible for the rest of the trip as it would be a bit of a downer for the rest of us if he killed himself through his stupidity.
  6. I got so depressed I almost posted on a cable thread...............................
  7. David, Just FYI, LUMIN builds its own fixed view into your music and also allows you to view your music server view as well. The Folder icon gives, in my case, access to my top level MinimServer view which I can then browse. I like the way LUMIN displays an album art matrix as a way of selection rather than lists Peter
  8. But as all his demo’s must be done blind to be of any meaning then I’d never know which speaker I was listening to or which Ethernet cable was wound round it (that’s what effects directivity isn’t it?)
  9. I afraid I don't understand. Can you please explain how speaker directivity is changed by ethernet cables?
  10. You could always post a photo of your system including a card saying “bring back the forum”
  11. Thomas, you should be standing next to Trump whenever he makes any of his announcements 😀
  12. he’s posting on the Linn Development forum and on Lejonklou forum as well
  13. I find all the bunnies just ruin the sound with the Energizer batteries. Although some of their antics can be quite amusing