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  1. You might want to post this in the general WAM forum rather than Linn as its not Linn specific. There is a Computer based HiFi section which may generate more replies/suggestions
  2. The previous values are indeed there and you can see them. Use the Share Copy option to share it with yourself, you can then see the room setting in this shared copy.
  3. entdgc, thank you for this. On my system - Windows 10 - it throws up an undefined variable error for FoundSpeaker. I just added "Dim FoundSpeaker as Boolean" and worked OK
  4. You should be able to Copy the SO V2 profile to yourself using the web interface. The copied profile then appears in the list of profiles and you can then use Details to see the profile including the room details. I do not understand why Linn do not let you see the details of profiles you have amended only the latest one
  5. Well in could be the optical circuit at the NGDSM or at the Melco switch. Need another owner to try this
  6. Just to expand on nrwatson's post above. We were using the pricy Chord streaming cable and thought we'd try the optical to compare. The optical sounded worse. Then wondered what any old ethernet cable would sound like. Used a no brand cat6 cable - it was in between the optical and Chord cables. So it would appear that the wired connection is generically better than the optical. (well at least in nrwatson's setup) Cable is between NGDSM and Melco switch
  7. I use a metal retractable measuring tape which I have touching each side wall and just touching the front plinth of each speaker - which it should assuming each speaker is the same distance away from the front wall. I then use an angle finder to measure the angle between the plinth and the rule (after checking that the angle at each side wall is 90 degrees) The angle finder I use is : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Goniometer-Jenabom-Professional-Protractors-Multi-Ruler/dp/B07NNFV4H1/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=clear+plastic+angle+finder&qid=1621961300&sr=8-5
  8. As its your birthday - Happy Birthday Paul
  9. This post was on the Linn Dev forum but can’t find it there now: Simon Chisholm Linn Staff Amazon Music is definitely on our list. Note that licensing restrictions mean that only some DS variants will be able to access the HD streams (CD quality and above). Selekt DSM and all models launched after this will be capable of HD support; earlier designs will still be able to support Amazon Music but only at MP3 quality. All DS variants, back to a 2007 Klimax DS/0 will be capable of playing Amazon Music at MP3 quality (so, the same as Spotify). Amazon Music HD (cd quality and above) requires hardware-level security features that are only present on designs from Selekt onwards. I'd speculate that the requirement for this hardware is commercial rather than technical but cannot say for sure. The details are covered by NDA so I'm afraid I can't be any more specific.
  10. All DS/DSMs are supported. I use Alexa voice control on all of mine. If I remember correctly, at some point Linn will support Amazon music but only on newer devices due to some hardware gizmo that Amazon have mandated. I have looked for a post on the Linn Dev forum but cannot find it. If I locate it I’ll updated this post
  11. Update from the Linn Dev forum Simon Chisholm Linn Staff Posts: 52 Threads: 3 Joined: Oct 2018 Reputation: 5 #19 8 hours ago (This post was last modified: 5 hours ago by Simon Chisholm.) Thanks for the report. Everything should be back to normal again but please let us know if you spot anything else. Some background on what went wrong: A security breach at a technology supplier required that we revoke some (software) security keys. We took a safety first approach and revoked a number of these keys. This had the unintended consequence of blocking deployment of part of our cloud infrastructure. We do not believe that Linn services or Linn customer data were compromised in the breach at our supplier.
  12. but an extra Exakt port or two would add too much to the retail price
  13. Successfully generated a new SO2 profile and loaded it. Also the Alexa interface is now working again which was down as well
  14. Having somebody on call if their client service goes down would be typical. Normally a routine is running somewhere to check the system every so often and if no response then an alert is raised. So a problem may be fixed out of normal working hours if it can be remotely corrected. This does not require a 24by7 helpline
  15. I reported it to the helpline who said they were aware of the problem and the IT team were looking into it. I assume they have been aware all day as I guess others called them and it was reported on the Linn Dev forum over the weekend. I spoke with them at 15:35 today. So I guess more than a reboot of the server is required. No uptime estimate given
  16. I did some every day this week OK, problem started yesterday evening for me
  17. Tried 3 last evening and again today - all still calculating. Either Linn or Amazon have a problem I think. Like @rudi64 I have reported it on the Linn Dev Forum
  18. When I visited the factory some months after buying a KDSM, I asked sime Linn engineers if the DSM sounded better with the HDMI board switch off. I thought it did. They said they couldn't comment. Pause. Then - but we do let you switch it off......
  19. I also use and would recommend BackBlaze. It took a. l o n g time to do the initial backup, music plus thousands of large digital image files, but once that was done it just works quietly in the background to update modified files or new ones. SnapperMike - If you are testing it, make sure to restore some files. Perhaps move the originals to a different folder and then restore from online to the original location.
  20. From what was said may also be the end of my Klimax DSM However - I'll keep it and pass on the new one
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