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  1. Recently I started reading a book called Enemy of the State Vince Flynn, his written many books which turned into films, so I thought I would be in for a guaranteed page turner. The story starts by some forces fighting in the middle east, in the beginning it seemed ok but the battle went on and on and maybe its the writing style, but I got bored, I did not really identify the parties involved and did not really care one way or another who shot who and for it all began to play out like a bad video game for bored kids. No I could not go on reading it seemed like some sort of punishment...Book was returned to library.
  2. I have very old Dell Lap top and slightly more modern second hand Acer laptop. I use consistently the Acer laptop as it has Window10 (in a fashion) and use Dell laptop (can only have Windows7.) as back up. The Acer for ever has issues but because of my back up Dell Lap top I can look up the issues on youtube and obtain the answer how to resolve them, to my surprise it has worked each time... There will always be others who experienced the same problem before and through this method from being a computer dinosaur I have become a bit of Mr Fixit to my wife's approval...!
  3. Maybe not his best work but the 4th Movement Finale Andante of Ist Symphony for me is simply excellent!
  4. Sibelius Symphony No1 Sir John Barbirolli Halle Orchestra (Warner Classics Cds) (An underrated Symphony in the Classical media world)
  5. I understand where ATC are trying to be in business yet fair to the customer. I regard their products as the song 'Stairway to Heaven' they bridge the gap between average audio to special audio. Yet their prices are now beginning to tell and raise eyebrows in the face of competition. I suppose one must be devoted to the ATC sound to lay out the extra cost.
  6. Maybe an increase of price was due for ATC products (as there was no increase last year) but my dream speakers ATC SCM40 speakers have risen from £3250 to £3,999 (might as well regard them as £4000. speakers for simplicity) which makes me sort of stop in my tracks in my plans to obtaining a pair. As to active ATC speakers that is pricing on a different level not only that they have too increased in price, also actives will still need quality components down the chain in any system to show their qualities despite having power amps built in the speakers.
  7. I found this review of Moonriver 404 Integrated Amp with ATC SCM40 Ver2 which make very interesting reading. Despite the disparity of the amplifiers output power and the minimum power required by the ATC SCM40 speakers the conclusion of the review was and I quote 'The combination of ATC's high-end monitor and Swedish integrated amp doesn't seem like a good match at first glance, but the high resolution, transparency, and dynamic sound combine with the strength of the speaker and the objectivity of a purely musical amplifier without coloration. You can get a system of excellent hi-fi sound that delivers the information without adding or subtracting.' Here is the link to the review from South Korea https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=el&sl=ko&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.audioht.co.kr%2Fnews%2FarticleView.html%3Fidxno%3D11550&sandbox=1
  8. Totally agree with you but your analogy would probably form part of SAS or Marine training...!
  9. I have been reading a few books by Leslie Thomas. I discovered that he is one of these writers who can write very good books and some awful books. Now I am reading 'Orders For New York' which I can recommend as a very good book. Its a good 'mystery' story where the reader together with the investigation of the main individual shares his journey in unravelling an old event involving German spies landing in USA from a submarine in 1942.
  10. I noticed with the Israel and Palestine conflict a lot of neutrals side with the empathy for the Palestinian case because it seems its the fashionable thing to do; to go the other way for the Israel plight would be totally uncool. However when Hamas retaliate or even instigate bombings, then Israel retaliate Hamas makes a big thing of their injuries sustained to the whole world yet they will again instigate bombings knowing full well Israel will retaliate; so their care and thought for their own people seems non existent or they treat their own citizens as just collateral to their own aims. So any respect from me as to Hamas aims is non existent, Palestinian people need a proper representative body which actually cares for their welfare and future.
  11. Marc Bolan & Trex - Cosmic Dancer ( Live at Wembley 18th March 1972 )
  12. I wish Boris Johnson and his Brexit cabal was just an optical illusion or just a bad nightmare where I can wake up from...
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