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  1. FOR SALE £240 AUDIO NOTE UK SILVER INTERCONNECTS AN/V RCA 1.0 M PAIR Selling a classic Audio Note silver interconnect. These have a superbly accurate and fast sound, with lots of details and texture. No harshness at all, they are super smooth. Forget what some say about silver. Done right, it is the way to go for the best sound. Less coloured than typical copper IC, they are truly high end interconnects at real world prices. This is the genuine items which I bought from Audio Note UK. Simple but very effective construction, the AN/V has 19 strands o
  2. I am a Brit living in Spain. I run an audio distribution here. I can ship the DAC TNT insured. Deliveries are unaffected Spain to other EU states or the UK. here is my business link: www.ariesceratespana.com I have thousands of posts on head-fi and sales point. Any questions, let me know.
  3. astrostar59


    £3300. 9/10 as new condition. Single owner, bought from new 3 years ago from a UK Plinius dealer. SA-103 Power Amplifer. Pure Class A and Class A/B (selectable). 125W into 8 ohms, 220W into 4 ohms. Fantastic sound from a class amplifier. Super delivery and superb bass and dynamics. An organic sounding amp, slightly warm signature and very smooth treble details. Suitable for use with both efficient and non efficient speakers with effortless delivery. Quite unique selectable as full class A setting which maximises it’s performance and rivals the very best amplifiers for sound. i.
  4. I would post on head-fi for this. Plenty on there.
  5. Hello ptekkis I just found your post, I didn't spot the email about a reply. Yes a great DAC it is indeed. Since my last posts my Kassandra has burnt in a bit, it sound absolutely marvellous. I went to Munch Hi-End in May, and met Stavros and some of the dealers, plus many of the clients. It was a frenzied weekend, lots of excitement. There is a huge energy round Stavros, he is a genius I'm my opinion, and a really nice 'bloke'. We had a great time. We all actually trailed round the bigger system room and then onto HiFi Deluxe at the Marriot which is the 'other show' at the same tim
  6. I thought I would post my impressions of a top DAC by Aries Cerat. The model has been around since 2014, and I bought mine new recently. I haven't seen any posts about this brand here. They are based in the Greece side of Cyprus and also make amplifiers, Phono Stage and Horn Speakers. So here goes.... Aries Cerat Kassandra Ref II 2018 model I have been in the hobby at a decent level for 20 years+ and have had incremental improvements along the way. Some things have surprised me a bit, mainly it’s been a slow upward direction over the years. Right from the first song I played on
  7. Good points. But the current efficiency obsession with other appliances and the practicality of excess heat and parts life is an issue with big pure class A IMO. You can get really close with well designed A / Suedo AB. The first few watts are the most important many say, so unless you play at roof lifting levels regularly pumping out class A at full rates 24/7 is never going to be a good idea. Musical Fidelity did the same thing, I used to own the very good MF 370 which did get hot. The current draw on big Class A amps running full bias is insane as well, like leaving all your lights on (and
  8. Have you actually asked him if you can compromise, i.e. he keep the unit? Surely he realises it is a better deal? Seems barmy. And you loose the shipping and the ebay fee etc.
  9. Ha Ha, like it. Going back to tube rolling an M6, I have had a lot of luck rolling the DAC 5 Special TBH. Telefunken ECL82 on the PS is more transparent, Mullard ECL82 warmer. Then the OB1 can be rolled a bit, but I like the NOS Mullard for that. 6X5 Tungsol NOS 1960s is good, the Bendix equivalent better but Peter says don't use that. The line board Telefunkens 6463 is v good and transparent again, but in the first slot a RTC 5814 (French NOS tube) works better in my system. So IMO a tube roll can work, but probably get the tubes at set by AN first, then roll to get closer to where
  10. Good luck finding a top level SS phono IMO....
  11. Ha Ha, yes very small group I imagine. Partly the cost of a new DAC 5 and partly the fact it has remained fairly unchanged, and as we know the digital scene is all about this weeks latest... I have tried to leave this small group many times, but the DAC 5 does something special, I can't seem to want to sell it. Actually pretty much everything is right about it as long as you are ok about SPDIF input only. On V2, if yook on the back of the DACs, it says V2 in the serial panel, and on many parts inside such as the output trans and PCBs (signed). AN updated the PS from the original DAC
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