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  1. I think it’s a bloke thing, I prefer poking stuff in a hole. I work in a busy commercial environment so, in certain circumstances, the tough plug is ideal.
  2. Going by general forum posts, the “pure digital sound” is what people don’t want!
  3. If the cable won’t fit the cable grip, the the chances you are possibly using an unsuitable cable*. I love talking about plugs, the current Tough Plug makes me go weak at the knees, just a shame they are so expensive. *certain rubber/butyl cables, even if a suitable size, can be a pain in the arse to fit in them. Probably, like you, I prefer a screwed cable grip.
  4. That's the MK Safety Plug. Part No. MK 646
  5. I’d just buy some bog standard flex and jazz it up with some nice braiding and some heat shrink.
  6. As @rabski pointed out, SY Cable has a steel braid used for mechanical protection, CY cable has a tinned copper braid that is used for a screen. Personally, I don’t think either is suitable for making up mains leads due to the overall diameter, inflexibility and weight.
  7. My musical choices have never been influenced by my system and I’m sure what music is in my collection would surprise some members! Rather than choose music for my system I have tried to recreate what I have heard live, hearing Cult of Luna live at the DownLoad Festival (2007?) is what I aspire to at home. Unfortunately that will require a Euro Millions win, we can all dream! During my working day my iPod, through reasonably priced headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, gets as much if not more use than my home system. I consider myself lucky that I’ve managed to invest time and money into a system that enhances my enjoyment of music I love, be it raw low-fi Black Metal or extremely well produced classical. The donkey chases the carrot, not the other way round.
  8. I’m sure it does, but I had my beliefs changed when I ripped a CD in 256k AAC then played that back via Bluetooth to my DAC and compared that against the CD being played on a well reviewed CD Player that cost 5-6 times the price of the DAC. There was a difference but it was definitely not the night and day difference that I had been brainwashed into believing. Vinyl was dead in the water when the hifi bug bit me. As I couldn’t easily get hold of music I liked on vinyl, it made more sense to allocate my budget to just one source.
  9. I agree with this. I’ve compared CD players, transports, DAC’s, music servers, CD players used just as a transport & DVD players and found the differences to be tiny to nonexistent.
  10. Embarrassing for who? I’m sure everyone on this forum has spent either a large amount of time or money (possibly both) in curating their system, being given non partial advice is of no benefit to any of us.
  11. So I’m paying someone just to move my speakers around? Mine are on bearing wheels so it’s not that hard to do myself. Honestly, I think this thread should be sent to the trashcan in the sky.
  12. @dannybgoode I’ve been reading this thread and others associated with room treatment and DSP as I feel this is the next logical step for me getting worthwhile improvements with my system. When someone is coy about their professional and commercial interests then we encounter a problem. This thread reads like a shill thread, I understand that you might not have know about @ManorDrive Audio commercial interests and I take that in good faith, so I (as I am sure many others will) give you the benefit of the doubt. It’s good that you are happy with the alterations undertaken on your system, but personally I need/want impartial advice or at least know what brands they represent so I can judge the advice given.
  13. At least Keith @Purite Audio pays his fees to promote (his views & products) on this website, perhaps @ManorDrive Audio should do the same?