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  1. Nope, it’s not unsafe. It is perfectly acceptable for a manufacturer to supply an appliance with a schuko plug and provide it with an adapter that meets BS standards.
  2. The sound quality is claim is debatable. It is due to power supply and filtering construction, I did come across a thread on another forum (can’t remember which at the moment) which measured an increase in earth leakage current when the item was connected with the polarity reversed.
  3. But something that is common place in a large number of countries using plugs and sockets that do not have a fixed polarity. Some hifi manufacturers even suggest trying the plug both ways to get the best sound quality.
  4. It does seem to, but I don’t think it’s for the reasons you have suggested.
  5. I’ve found Chord DAC’s to be pretty much source agnostic.
  6. That is possible. With the rise in computer audio & streaming I’m surprised no one has invented a HDD demagnetiser to improve sound quality.
  7. I am just finishing off installing a number of additional TVs in a bar. With all the additional equipment required I also had to remove the old rack and install a nice big cabinet to house all the AV and sound system. This afternoon was the big switch on and test to make sure it’s ready for the weekend. Massive disappointment as it was completely devoid of a bottom end. Lots of head scratching, checking the bass amp, checking and re-checking connections, crossover settings etc... Completely stumped. Then colleague noticed something poking out of the top port of the bass bin. Turns out people had been mistaking it for an actual “bin”! I pulled out enough napkins to fill a carrier bag, half a dozen paper plates, several plastic bottles, a part eaten sandwich and a banana skin. The rubbish had been packed in there so tightly the wadding had been pushed down on to the cone stopping it from moving properly. So, top tip, next time you are suffering from lack of bass, check to make sure no one has used your speaker as a bin.
  8. I have appear to have a well balanced system which gives me a reason to use the sentence “when listening to my hifi I’m surrounded by warm, bottom air”.
  9. I think the best place to start is with your two budgets; the maximum you feel comfortable spending and the one you tell your partner you have spent.
  10. It’s the much larger dynamic range in classical that could be a problem. In my system, an averaged SPL between metal and classical might be similar-ish, but the peak SPL would be very different. Is there any other way?