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  1. Inquisition - Black Mass for a Mass Grave
  2. While this video is discussing a slightly different topic it does highlight (watch from 3:25) the potential paths between different circuits. As the earth is a common connection between all circuits it is possible to show how earth leakage current flows through earth from other circuits. Earth leakage current is perfectly normal, within reason, usually a few mA and is caused by most domestic appliances. To gain an accurate earth leakage current measurements you don’t actually take measurements from the earth, readings are taken using a clamp meter around the live and n
  3. This used to be a regulation, I had to look it up, seems to be from the 14th Edition. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. The massive demands car charging places on existing infrastructure is an issue. There was a fairly recent thread on PFM where a member noticed a large drop in voltage when their neighbour was charging their car.
  4. The simple mains lead, who knew it could be so complicated! International or regional standards are not just plucked out of the air, serious design thought go into producing a product that is safe, fit for purpose, easily manufactured and cheap to mass produce. What that doesn’t mean is that over engineering a design will make improvements. In fact, with mains cables, it often makes the product harder to use for its intended purpose. The use of shielding/screening, oversized conductors, type of conductor geometry, multiple layers of insulation material, audiophile plugs and connectors al
  5. I didn’t drink it all, would you like some?
  6. African or European should have been your next question.
  7. That’s probably the worst place o keep them. Shame on you!
  8. What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
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