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  1. Be fair a drunken owl is an unusual sight
  2. First apologies for tardy response somehow I seem to miss a lot of response notifications. Firstly no I don't think underfunding of public services is trivial minor irritation or a "First World Problem" depends on how you judge a society by it's overall wealth or what it does with it. No we don't live in the slums of a third world country nor do we live in a hole full of owls which is why I made neither comparison.
  3. Maybe they might also look around their communities and wonder why their local GP is no longer accepting new patients , why their local hospital has had to cancel operations because they can no longer cope , why their local council has boarded up every public convenience in town closed their local tip no longer clean streets and only collect your refuse once a month . Maybe they might notice many other shortcomings in such an apparently wealthy country . Maybe just maybe they might wonder where all that wealth is .
  4. Which institution has been the main driving force both politically and financially behind hydrogen fuel cell powered public transport in the last 10 years .
  5. First Toronto visiting friends I hadn't seen for 7 years Second one of those magical nights . 3,500 miles for the first shot 50 yards for the second.
  6. Seasons greetings and thanks for all the inspiration.
  7. Two sides of Niagara Falls Fuji X-T20 18-55
  8. cassidy


    Not sure of the total cost - surgeon £800 - anaesthetist - £400 + 24 hour recuperation in hospital a long list + initial consultation. Probably around £2000. 2 things that struck my brother-in-law, within an hour of agreeing to the op the anaesthetist had been contacted ERG and blood samples had been arranged for the next day and a hospital bed booked. When he visited my sister after the op the surgeon explained it had been more work than he had hoped as there had been 2 issues to repair and the tendon shrinkage had made things trickier. When asked what shrinkage would have been like after 12 months he looked a bit embarrassed and said " Fortunately that's can of worms we no longer have to think about" So not a life threatening condition but one that needed prompt intervention. Presumably if the op had been done on the NHS in 12 months time it would have been a more complicated and expensive procedure.
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    A few months ago my sister slipped and banged her shoulder not a heavy fall just a knock against the corner of a cupboard but 24 hours later she was in a lot of pain and was having difficulty raising her arm so a visit to her GP who recommended physiotherapy. After a couple of weeks treatment the physio wasn't happy with her progress so sent her back to her GP for ' maybe a cortisone shot' Her doctor wasn't happy with progress and recommended she had an appointment with a specialist the first available was in 5 months . The condition deteriorated over the next few days no sleep and constipation from painkillers adding to the misery. Another visit to her GP to try and get an earlier appointment with the specialist . My brother-in-law decided to pay for a private consultation my sister saw the surgeon 48 hours later Diagnosis was tendon damage the extent of which was difficult to tell until she was operated on . Waiting time for NHS funded op was 12 months . Faced with the prospect of another year of pain and uncertainty my sister decided to pay for the operation . Waiting time 3 days . The surgeon repaired the tendon in 2 places the op had apparently been more difficult because of the tendon shrinking since the accident (less than 2 months) In the end money talks .
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    Classic car owners can be a tetchy lot
  11. A few shots of Cenarth Falls and Bridge this morning. Fuji X-T20 18-55
  12. You may be at a crossroads.
  13. Dolwen Beach Aberporth Fuji X-T20 18-55
  14. Trump fetish heads ? Aberporth Nov 1 . Fuji X-T20 18-55
  15. Ultimate horror often paralyses memory in a merciful way. H P Lovecraft
  16. Penbryn beach Fuji X-T20 18-55mm
  17. Tresaith waterfall & Cnwc-y-fedwen valley. Fuji X-T20 18-55mm
  18. Tresaith to Ynys Lochtyn Clearing after a storm Fuji X-T20 18-55
  19. A case of the best camera is the one you have with you (even if you wish it had been your Fuji ) Kew Gardens . Nikon Coolpix L 27
  20. Harry's garage sunset Tresaith . Fuji X-T20 18-55
  21. Australia 25 Wales 29 . Huge match for Wales knuckle biting second half, there's so little between the top six sides the intensity of these matches is incredible. Those odds are looking good although you could be torn between the money and the glory . Not sure if its possible but a Japan Wales final would be a hell of an atmosphere. Hope your enjoying it so far
  22. A touch of autumn . Fuji X-T20 18-55
  23. Jed 5 months sometimes still a pup sometimes a young dog .
  24. The horse round-up , holy week and the batik worker on first viewing all shots I'd have loved to have taken but the B&W of the diver is a real grower. for the link.