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  1. ...with Dirac room correction on-board?
  2. I may have it wrong, but the way I see it, is that if your streamer has your preferred streaming service on-board (e.g. Tidal or Qobuz)...and you don't intend to go to other sources for your music, then there's little to be gained by having Roon, other than the extremely good UI. If the streamer's native app is well designed and user friendly (e.g. Lightning DS or BluOS etc,)...and allows you to stream from your preferred streaming service and access locally stored music (downloads and rips), then again there may be little advantage to be gained by having Roon. However, if you frequently stream music from several different services and mix that in with playing locally stored content, then Roon brings that all together under one interface. It might also be a solution and alternative to a poor native app, or serve as an upgrade to a half decent one. As I say, I might have this wrong. I haven't used Roon, but I'm teetering on the edge of activating a 2 month free trial to find out if the glowing reports...and the hype...is borne out by personal experience. It's an awful lot of shekels though if it turns out to be a nice to have, rather than a must have. Plus, I can see it being a slippery slope with the next step being the temptation to buy a Nucleus.
  3. (My Bold). Spot on George. As the thread has developed, something very important has been pushed into the background. Useability. The app is everything. If it's rubbish, the experience will be rubbish, no matter how good the sound quality is. Then there's Roon. Another whole subject, but you might be driven towards it due to poor usability of the native app. ...and if not Roon Ready, you could be stuck with something that's a pain to use. 5
  4. The hard work has been done....the speakers. Taking into account the law of diminishing returns, any differences in streamer/ DAC/ pre-amp (combinations or all-in-one) may be small, or just tonal. If you do notice differences, will they be real or imaginary? Real but too small to work out what sounds best? It’s all too easy to end up chasing your own tail, trying to decide. At the end of the day, does it really matter?
  5. Is this thread running out of steam?
  6. I'll add to the mischief. Primare PRE-35 Prisma. 5
  7. I don't think you can even begin to compare the Altair G1 with a streamer in a far higher price category. The Altair is Auralic's entry level product and as good as it is, there's a big step up to the DAC that's in the Vega G1, never mind the even bigger jump up to the Vega G2. I would also caution against the Linn streamers. I heard the Akurate a couple of years ago ( no doubt upgraded or improved by now?) and didn't think there was anything different or special about it compared with a much cheaper alternative. I've no doubt Linn owners wouldn't complain about, or doubt their purchases, but are you surprised? For some, the brand carries a certain cachet, but I don't see that at all. From my own experience and from picking up on other opinions, a lot of their products are pretty average, but priced to capitalise on the brand name. That may upset a few on here, but that's how I find it.
  8. New price for the Node 2i is currently £399.
  9. KEF LS50 Wireless II vs. Buchardt A500 John Darko gives his impressions on the comparative qualities of the KEF LS50-II and the Buchardt A500. Different beasts, with different attributes, at different price points. 5
  10. If it's within budget, replace them both with the Acoustic Energy AE 1 actives. 5
  11. B&W’s recent take over by Sound United has been well reported in the HiFi press/ magazines and even mentioned on this forum. B&W had previously been taken over in 2016, by a California based tech firm, who were unable to carry the debt and investment load and subsequently went into administration earlier this year. Hence SU picking the company up over this last summer. 5
  12. Are you not aware of the NAD Masters Series ? Definitely not "lower end". 5
  13. Class A/B (3 per speaker). 5
  14. Echoing what was mentioned earlier....you’ve already heard the SCM40A ‘s with the Auralic Altair G1 and liked what you heard. Like the Aries G1, this is a highly regarded unit, and you are already familiar with Lightning DS, which is one of the best apps available. It would be an easy upgrade from the Aries Mini and within your budget. It also has a CD ripping function ( input from an external CD, output to onboard or external storage). The only downsides are..... ...the lack of an analogue input, so adding a turntable would be an issue, unless the TT has a digital output ( onboard phono pre-amp and ADC), or the phono pre-amp has ADC capability, or feeds a separate ADC. ...doesn’t do the full MQA unfold/decode, if that matters to you. The Mytek Brooklyn Bridge has the advantage of an analogue input, which can be used either as a line level input (e.g. from a phono pre-amp), or switchable to feed an on-board phono-amp. I would have thought both of these must be front runners ahead of some of the other suggestions made here, alternatively keep the Aries Mini and go with the DAC pre-amp option.
  15. What pre-amp and source(s) were used with the SCM40A’s in the demo?