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  1. It is, but with good reason IMHO. As good as it is (I think it’s very good) the M10 is a bit lightweight in build quality terms, compared with the tank like build of (dare I say genuine?) Masters Series components. Powerful as well. Back to the M10. It’s a fantastic, very good sounding, one box solution. There’s just no need to accumulate multiple boxes to achieve the same functionality at anywhere near the price point, unless going for a wireless active speaker system with streaming built-in. .
  2. Are Sonos really backtracking on this, or is it a damage limitation exercise following the almost universal angry response to their decision?
  3. Just a side note to say the M10’s bigger brother, the NAD M32, has just been updated to become the M33, incorporating the Dirac facility and a few other enhancements. The M33 should be a big step up from M10 and is of proper Masters series build quality. .
  4. 30% trade in on perfectly good, serviceable and working products? No thanks, especially as there’s now a good probability than any new items bought are only going to be good for a few years, before the same obsolescence fate is applied to them. I’ll keep my 2 Play 5’s and Connect going as long as they work well enough to be of any use, but no more new Sonos products for me. Judging by the customer feedback right across the web, I’m not alone. Sonos might have bricked their own company.
  5. On the VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT theme. Many of their respective models are built in the same factories. Some SEAT’s are built alongside their equivalent VW models in Germany plants and some VW models are made in SEAT plants in Spain. Some Skodas are made in Russia and some VW’s and Audi’s are made in Slovakia.
  6. Project electronics have come on in leaps and bounds, both in build quality and sound quality. Same with their more expensive turntables. I find it funny that people gush about Rega turntables, when many of the modern ones mostly consist of a slab of polystyrene foam, wrapped in coloured vinyl.
  7. I asked my 24 year old daughter this question (Where do you buy music?). She looked a bit puzzled. Buy music???? 5 5
  8. The Falcon LS3/5a is the best iteration of this classic design. Amazing sounding speakers and they can rock too.
  9. As you don't know, I'm not able to explain it to you.
  10. Rather than the Twenty5 24, which is another 2 way design, why not look at the previous i series 3 ways with both mid and bass drivers. The OB1i or PB1i will both outperform the Twenty 24. 5 5
  11. High 5

    Radio Paradise

    Try KEXP 90.3 from Seattle. Also I highly recommend having a look at KEXP’s YouTube channel, where they host live performances from various bands. There’s tons of it, including quite well known and successful bands, as well as a wide spread of up coming artists.
  12. High 5

    Radio Paradise

    I started listening to Radio Paradise round about 2013 after hearing it being played in a branch of Sevenoaks Sound and Vision. Prior to this, I’d been listening to the now defunct (in its original guise) Radio IO, which carried a similar, but wider variety of music. Radio IO ran more than dozen channels (possible nearly 20 channels towards the end) each covering a different genre, or sub-genre of music. e.g. Classic Rock, 70’s Classic Rock, 80’s & 90’s Rock, Prog Rock, Blues, R&B, Classic Soul, Alternative and Indy Rock etc, etc, I’m sure you get my drift. A corporate buyout and a launch on a stock market, resulted in the corporate types taking over, completely f###ing up the format and the whole thing went t#ts up very quickly, after having had a decade or more of excellent programming before the take over. Hopefully the same fate won’t affect RP. Incidentally, I also listen to RP in my car, courtesy of the car’s own built-in internet connection (via the mobile phone network) and the car’s own dedicated data only SIM card. No need to access it via my mobile phone over Apple CarPlay, which is also possible. In my experience, dropouts are rare, even on long cross country journeys, unlike with DAB. I also have a choice of 3 streams based on bit rate. I use the 44.1/16 stream and it sounds really good through the car’s B&W system.
  13. B & W are releasing an updated app that will give direct access to more streaming services
  14. He does mention active speakers and then goes on to talk about the growth in the availability of all-in-one solutions, both of which are likely to become dominant in domestic HiFi sales in the coming years.