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  1. MFAV


    Keith Primare will start shipping the NP5Mk2 soon , i am sure some of the people who bought the Mk1 will want the latest verion for the MQA playback that it offers .If that happens there may be a few Mk1 NP5 about . That would be a great add on and gets you into the Prisma family .
  2. Paulq Both the 105 and 106 are better than the m16 as they should be..the biggest difference is that they are capable of a really significant front end and am upgrade from what you would normally look at with the m16 . I think had the stands not been priced so stupidly they would have sold in bigger numbers
  3. MFAV


    Simon I think it is always hard to quantify how much better something is , it is very individual . All i can say is that i noticed enough straight away to make it a no brainer . If you email Tom at Karma AV the Uk distributor he will sort you out re price and ease of fitting the module . I really like Prisma App and as it is part of the Google family love the voice commands ( getting lazy as i get older)
  4. MFAV


    Simon That is a very similar system to what i originally had from Primare . Over the years I chopped and changed many bits going Pre/Power , extra Power amps , ditching CD altogether and only streaming ..back to records for a very short while ..Always sticking with Primare as I just like the sound . A few years ago I went for a Pre60/A60 combo and loved it ..thought that was that ..but . I tried the i35 and fell in love with the sound . It was not as powerful as the A60 but the way it worked and the depth of bass was for me the way to go(plus one box that does everything as i went for the Prisma model) I am also using a CD31 as a transport that i picked up faulty (3 of the 4 DAC chips in it are gone) and have to admit that the two boxes cover everything i want . The DAC in the i35 was a big surprise coming from the Pre60 (the Pre60 uses the same DAC as your DAC30) i expected it to be at the very best a sideways move but was way out . I run the media box from my TV through it and the improvement there is to me huge ,way stronger vocal depth ) Hope this is of some help Rob
  5. System Audio make three models of active speakers (one stand mount and two floor standers) , these like most active speakers have a balanced XLR input . What they do that makes them a little different is that they can be controlled by a WISA pre amp . They supply a small box that can be hidden away with multiple inputs that you can hook your inputs into and then away you go . There are other WISA manufacturers like Primare and LG already making product and more on the way . I have played with the stand mounter and found it to be a fantastic little speaker , hope to be able to get a listen to the floor standers at some point soon
  6. I need another watch like a hole in the head...if you would take a cheeky offer of £180 inc postage i will have it . Please feel free to say no ...as its the little devil on my shoulder making me type this
  7. MFAV


    No, £250 is a fantastic deal as long as its working OK . We have given more than that in part exchange before ..think of it as a early Christmas gift !
  8. MFAV


    The A60 is a very very good amp . Not had chance to have a good go with the new A35.2 as they are only just shipping ( our office is about 500mtr from the UK distributor ) but hope to try and borrow one over Christmas . The old A34.2 was good but not as good as the A60 , but two bridged mono , oh my...beasts . If the A35.2 are the same they will be a great deal
  9. MFAV


    The problem with the 60's was that they came fitted with the old Primare streamer (great in its day but dated and not up gradable) . Now they have the NP5 as a add on that problem sort of looks to have gone away . My NP5 is working really well but i know others have had issues .
  10. MFAV


    You will never go wrong with the Pre and power combo . We installed several of the older Pre32/A34.2 and Pre60/A60 combos and lovered them all . They have a great grip on music . What they do very very well is to do nothing bad , if that makes sense
  11. MFAV


    Still waiting to hear back, mine is working fine. At the weekend i hope to try it with another bit of Primare kit and a Google speaker .
  12. MFAV


    i have a Synology also and it is fine . I have asked the distributor to ask Primare for you . They are only just down the road and they people at Primare are very good
  13. MFAV


    Sumdumgi I have mine hooked up and working fine , i had to do a update on the NAS software though ..might be worth trying
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