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  1. Is it an old Wharfedale or Goodmans cabinet? And is it sealed box?
  2. Max did say it would be his last show, what a shame we might not hear the system again. Just out of interest what's the benefit of counting notes with eyes kept closed?? Who's eyes, and who's checking they're staying closed? I can just picture it, both parties squinting through narrow eyelids to check the other party isn't peaking [emoji23]
  3. Interesting, I've got a pair of LX5s with crumbling surrounds on the mids. I bought the correct surrounds from the Netherlands last year but I can't seem to find them anywhere.. must look again. The treble is stunning on them as you've found too. My Jas Audio Orior Grands have Accuton ceramic mid/bass drivers. These are also excellent sounding. I used to love my Cambridge Audio R50 TLs with B139s. I think if you can get them all to gel they will sound fantastic. The volume will be limited by the treble and bass though I imagine those mids could be pushed far louder than the other drivers.
  4. Probably not a good idea to facilitate meet ups until the lockdown is over.
  5. Good news on the dac, and pleased to see you never give up, your persistence is an example to us all [emoji1]
  6. Interesting about the high voltages. I can remember when we had those power cuts a few months ago they struggled to keep the voltage above the legal minimum due to power station shutdowns, hence cutting off some areas to reduce usage. Maybe with industry closing down across the country, including major users like steel and carmakers, there is an excess supply and the voltage is going too high. They need to turn some of the suppliers off, perhaps the latter are insisting on keeping the stations switched on to maintain revenue until the voltage exceeds the upper permitted level.
  7. I struggle to picture The Man With No Name singing about talking to the trees. Maybe Prince Charles [emoji38]
  8. At least you didn't waste any money getting the Krell looked at and now you can listen to music and relax again, safe in the knowledge that nothing can go wrong again... Surely?? Did you buy the dac new? If so I'm sure their customer service is very good and you have nothing to worry about, except the time it will take to sort out in the current circumstances.
  9. Coincidentally I just saw this in the news, the Labour MP Stephen Kinnock took some essential supplies to his elderly parents and had the temerity to stay a few minutes longer than required (at a safe distance) MERELY BECAUSE IT WAS HIS DAD'S BIRTHDAY. The rules say nothing about being allowed to sing happy birthday to your parents at the moment while making a permitted journey, so he is clearly in breach of them, as later pointed out by the police.
  10. Well as it happens there is one on AoS I fancy with WBT locking plugs. I just checked and it's 2.5 miles according to Google maps. I'm not just making it up to be an arse I'm talking about an actual discussion I'm having by PM. In the meanwhile I'm trying to keep going with a sensible, practical and safe approach to the lockdown that doesn't put anyone else at risk.Bear in mind I turned down an amp in South London I really wanted in order to keep to the Govt's rules.
  11. I'm glad you agree it's fair enough.There are no restrictions I'm aware of on which route you take as long as you self isolate and if there's no increase in risk to anyone in using a particular route then there can be no moral argument against taking the route where (in the case I'm thinking of) someone has left an RCA cable outside their house, and picking it up while you're there. Unless the new guidance is that in no circumstances must you take a route that offers you any advantages other than basic exercise. So for example you must not take a route that has a view you would otherwise enjoy in normal circumstances. Or one that passes the house of a friend you can wave hello to. Or a host of other examples where you pick the route for something other than pure exercise. In fact we should only be allowed to walk in circles around our front room for an hour, anything else would risk the individual gaining some utility from their journey other than exercise.. I don't know why we're allowed out of our houses at all except to get food and medicine.
  12. I can't drive I was referring to walking round as part of my permitted daily exercise, hence the limit to a couple of miles. I assumed anyone else doing this would not hop in their car and break the law.
  13. The reason I said a couple of miles is that the buyer could walk as their permitted daily exercise so there would be no breach of regulations at all. Mind you most of the people round here wouldn't dream of walking more than 50 yards without jumping in the car judging from the school run. Perhaps the average Wammer is the same...