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  1. Not that I know of but it's my only option if I can't get a lift!
  2. Sounds like a loose joint in the cable or a solder joint
  3. I seem to have lined up a pair of nice mini monitors which might let me do another suitcase system. Will know more tomorrow..
  4. I thought now storage space was no longer as restricted, nearly everyone had moved onto wav/flac uncompressed or lossless music files, but I am happy to stand corrected.
  5. Perhaps it says more about the interests of those that use the website, it might be popular with vintage American car enthusiasts as mentioned above. Or someone has posted a link to a particular "tube" in another forum and lots of people have clicked on it
  6. Sorry to hear that, a sad day for all staff and children I'm sure.
  7. The usual advice with Croft is to buy the same ones that came with it as Glenn designed the circuits around them. Others may have found different.
  8. Is that a state school I thought they were short of places?
  9. Nearly, click on the link and all will become clear.
  10. Are you one of those people that gets paid thousands of pounds to dream up bland meaningless names for companies like Centrica, Consignia, Aviva etc?
  11. Not much use to you I'm afraid at your price level, but I've noticed that my Storm Audio class AB amp (I assume, it's not D anyway) runs cool even when I leave the little fabric placemat type thing on top that I placed there to stop dust getting in the vents. I used to take it off but it ran cold so I didn't bother. It might get warm if I run it continuously at high volume but I rarely do. I reckon it's related to the over specified power supply to allow you to change the output impedance from voltage drive to current drive. It's the best amp I've ever owned (if slightly surpassed in some areas by a good valve amp).
  12. Nice I often wondered who won those competitions. They were great giving the demo gear away after, I'd have been tempted to build up a nice collection of high end gear if I ran the company! PS what was your slogan??
  13. Retail - Amazon IT - Google Financial services - maybe not the regulated ones but if you look at opaque companies like hedge funds and private equity I'm sure you'll find a different story. Also look at the Panama papers. I'm sure tax avoidance is pretty standard. Not amongst the small players maybe but the big ones get big by squeezing out the small ones with a lower cost base, mainly tax but also in some cases worker rights.
  14. On the issue of backing musicians getting a share of the royalties I'm not an expert on record contracts but I go off stories like this: "Ravenscroft told the BBC's The One Show in 2010 that he was only paid £27.50 for the "Baker Street" session, which was the Musicians' Union rate at the time.[7] It has been (falsely)[8] reported that the cheque bounced and that it was kept on the wall of Ravenscroft's solicitors; in contrast, the song is said to have earned Rafferty £80,000 a year in royalties.[9]" I thought Eddie Van Halen would have negotiated something for Beat It but I found this online: "During an interview with CNN, Eddie opened up about playing the lead guitar solo on the famous Michael Jackson song. He revealed that he didn't get credited on the record, and remembered being paid with "two six packs of beer"." So it sounds like the deal for backing musicians wasn't great before streaming...
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