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  1. I didn't know Rotel made a CDP like this it looks great. I used to have variable dither on my Trichord Research DAC, very useful feature. GLWS.
  2. Looks rather like a taller Mullard EF86 that I have in a power amp, but sadly I have no use for these.
  3. Or if the missus is making you sell it, then make it as difficult as possible [emoji23]
  4. Not so much a case of snoozing as still saving up [emoji38]
  5. It's great that anyone with £30 can join the vinyl revolution and find out how much better than digital it can sound when done properly...
  6. Some love for it on the Wam a few years ago... https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/12270-harman-kardon-hk6550/
  7. I'm not going to set up a surround system again, and as far as I can see, most people buy these now for the reference units, so they'll get broken up one way or another anyway. I can do any parts you want, or keep it complete, for £50 plus postage.
  8. I don't suppose you've got any ECTs?
  9. Let me know if you're interested in my speaker as tomorrow is the last day for a while I can get hold of it..
  10. SEE EDIT BELOW!! Ok I will no doubt regret this but if anyone happens to want this and can pick it up from Durham today or tomorrow, I can let it go. It's a superb pre so I'll explain why... I've got a high end integrated I'm really happy with in my main system, so I just really wanted to scratch a 6SN7 pre itch in my second system with this. It is VERY good, but the power amp (gainclone) is not up to the same standard, so either I spend a lot of money on a power amp to match the level of this pre, in a system I rarely use, or I put it away (potentially for years) until I decide to go valve
  11. Yeah but can you imagine the palaver if it got nicked off your doorstep while you were out and missed the delivery? Or it was left in your bin on rubbish day. Or it got swapped for a brick in the return post. Etc etc... I think I'd rather avoid the stress [emoji23]
  12. I thought this too but then I decided that if you want to hold the physical files for long periods without worrying about them degrading, CDs are a good way of doing this. Worst case you can just box them all up and stick them in the loft. They're very inefficient space wise but then you get the booklet, which doesn't feel so small as when CD first came out and you compared it to vinyl sleeves, as it's still better than your phone screen!
  13. If you mean ECC81 I'll take them please!
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