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  1. Indeed there are, there are a number of DAPs (as they are called these days, Digital Audio Players) including some quite fancy ones from Astell & Kern. They are mainly bought by those who prefer higher quality music on the go via wired IEMs and portable headphones, and are HD compatible. I assume they will still be backwards compatible with old file types like MP3. Do a search for then, there are also some decent Chinese ones by Fiio and the like. I actually sold 2 vintage MP3 players myself a few weeks ago or I'd have offered you one of them.
  2. I've upgraded my system from a Mission Aero Bluetooth speaker (still a nice little thing) to a mini separates system. I was lucky to find a pair of free speakers on Gumtree (NHT Super Zero Xu) and as I have owned several NHT speakers in the past and have never failed to be impressed, I enquired if she would consider posting them, which she very kindly did for the cost of postage by PayPal [emoji16] I then found a little class D(T?) Bluetooth amp, a Sabaj A3, and the buyer again agreed to post. So the source is now my phone with Tidal and Qobuz until the end of the month when my Tidal subscrip
  3. Great, saves me having to I think about whether I need it to match my Audio Gd DAC/pre with the proprietary balanced connections [emoji16]
  4. Great, saves me having to I think about whether I need it to match my Audio Gd DAC/pre with the proprietary balanced connections [emoji16]
  5. I can see a scenario where they took these on the road to demo pre release and then let their head of sales or marketing take them home once finished. Personally if they're still boxed with serial numbers I'd consider it. But then maybe someone picked the boxes up separately to make them look kosher. So maybe I wouldn't!
  6. Even you say sticker, I assume that Utopia range wouldn't just have sticky paper with the serial number on, so is it a metal plaque type rectangle missing? Is there sticky residue where it should be? Or is it the place where it would normally be has no stamp? If the former, more likely stolen, is the latter maybe a prototype. In the latter case, you can still get parts directly if needed (if they have any), so not necessarily a show stopper. Otherwise you might get help from Falcon Acoustics about close matches (although at this level you're not normally talking about a similar drop in re
  7. Just sent a £100 offer on eBay for the weekend so putting it on here. Silly price if you ask me ..
  8. Just saw this thread about upgrading, if you read the conclusions at the end it seems really worth it. The crossover mod seems a bit overkill though, I'm sure something less ambitious would yield very close results. Just wish I had time. https://theaudiostandard.net/thread/275/modifications-genexxa-pro-lx5-loudspeakers
  9. Good point I hadn't thought about the size issue when I posted that. I'm just not a fan of the speakers having owned a couple of pairs in the past. Might be that plastic tweeter you see in a few budget models at the time.I thought the JPW Gold Monitor was ok though, I had one of them for a while too.
  10. Nice speakers these, I've had them for years but they needed refoaming which I've never had time for until now. I used the kit from a well respected Dutch company and think I've done a decent job as you can see. I've also added a little bit of wadding while I was in there as recommended on various forums. I think they could do with a bit of running in now to sound their best but they are sounding good already I have to say [emoji4] They make an excellent budget desktop/nearfield speaker with a T amp or similar. Perfect for working from home! I took my other pair to the last Kegworth show and
  11. Just a thought I'm currently listening to a pair of Genexxa Pro LX5 on my desk and they are pretty good. They've got Linaeum ribbon tweeters! They're listed in the forum but could do a bit of a deal for you so they'd be well under budget.
  12. Just looked them up, it was the AP1/2/3 models I was thinking of.
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