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  1. Can't believe it sold tbh. Where are the tone controls!!
  2. It has sockets so you can easily change the Opamps, it's quite fun but it seems from what people say that they are not all electrically 100% compatible, eg in some circuits the AD797 can go into oscillation, so you need to be careful.
  3. I've always thought prog rock was Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, maybe some Jethro Till eg Minstrel in the Gallery, spin offs like ELP, and the like. Some of it is just ridiculous while some is very sophisticated. For example the first proper album I heard was Lizard by KC which I liked very much, especially the hard jazzy breakdowns, but when I hear Yes or Genesis it often seems a bit comedic or just up it's own arse.
  4. Bloody hell these look like quite an upgrade from the Kef/Cambridge set up I heard at my first show [emoji16]
  5. True if it's 5 years like me then you've got quite a wait!
  6. Sure I'm not sure it's that long really are you third?
  7. I read a story about Jimi Hendrix going to one of their early gigs and saying it was the best band he'd ever seen or something.
  8. Listening to the RCAs now, they are very good indeed. I usually find that cottage industry cables are great value compared to their big name rivals. No surprise of course, that's one of the few areas in this industry where they can have an advantage.
  9. I meant c.£100 things with the 80% off (variable?) fees deal.
  10. Even if it's 1000 miles it's not a great deal of money in the wider context of the total cost.
  11. In transmission line design the stuffing lengthens the apparent length of the line so yes, at least sometimes.
  12. Not seen anything yet, cheapest quote I can find is £6 shop to door by UPS Today (no added insurance but they've not lost one yet).
  13. Withdrawn as it sounds so nice with the OPA134s I installed earlier, definitely a keeper [emoji16]
  14. Funnily enough I bought the budget version (SL5) last week off eBay, won't be able to try it until next month sadly
  15. Nice cable this, some good opinions online including Jerry it seems. It's currently terminated single wire with my BFA banana plugs but I need those so I'll be selling it unterminated. It's a little over 5m maybe 5.2m. It was fitted under the floor by the previous owner and seems to have got some mysterious white marks on much of it, I tried and it comes off with a good bit of rubbing but if you're not fussy then why bother? I want £40 plus postage for it please.
  16. I've been after a Bose wave for a while for the bedroom/office, the Dab version though (I think they make one) if anyone else has one lying around?
  17. If you see one with the name "Alpha Audio" above the display it's one of mine [emoji16]
  18. The other issue with PayPal is that they now keep the fees if you refund the buyer. I've had a couple of cases recently where the buyer changed their mind or "bought in error" so I refunded them. It cost me money. This is the same even if you think they are fraudsters.
  19. I agree but I'm going to try and sell some lower value things on there and see how it goes. Unfortunately I think the days of selling £1000 speakers for £1 are over.
  20. Oh dear know the feeling though. I'm not sure they'll do them anymore. You have to register with their new fee and payments scheme which bypasses the mandatory PayPal method, but gives them 12%+ of the fees. I got an offer last week, 80% off fees. I think this works out ok if you were going to sell via PayPal but it's put the kybosh on selling collection only for just £1.
  21. One brand I've owned and which seemed to focus on the midrange more than most these days is Usher.
  22. Lawrence001


    Which headphones do you like Eddie? I have a feeling your taste differs from mine, although I did come round to your way of thinking on the HD700s.Worth mentioning that I only use headphones late in the evening in bed to wind down for the night and get to sleep to. So involving/exciting is on the list of no-no's for me. Rich, relaxing, bathing in sound etc is what I look for. Plus very comfortable, so no movement on the head, including when your head sinks into a feather pillow, but equally not too much pressure. Also pads that surround the ear, and don't press my big lobes down or inward. T
  23. Lawrence001


    There's the 2000, 5000, 7000 and later 5200 and 9200 with the big round cups (originally a Foster/Fostex design). I've had the 2000 and 5000 which are nice, but I've currently got the AH-D600 which I think have the same or very similar drivers in a not as nice package, at a much lower cost. I've done some light reversible mods on them to tame the somewhat overpowering bass and they are very good now, and quite balanced. They kind of remind me of the Beyer 880 in tonal balance but I think they are more accurate. They are a nice sounding alternative to my HD650s if I fancy a change. I sol
  24. Hope you don't have to top up the postage from the 1-2kg pre paid label [emoji23]
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