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  1. Am exploring options for childcare please can you pencil me in? Is anyone driving from London?
  2. Ah that must be why when I change album on my old streamer it seems to take an hour to do it.
  3. Also I'll help look after your room so you can look round the show a bit more. I'll just want a lesson in the detailed history of each Sony component you bring in case asked
  4. Isn't the basic Croft Micro line circuit a cathode follower? Not saying that's good or bad, but it has a good rep
  5. Max please try and do one more show. I think you're in S London/Croydon? I could come over and help you load and at other end, I'll take a non exhibiting room. Assuming the new dates work for both of us of course.
  6. If you don't mind holding it a while for me it's perfect for my second system. I'd just need to pop by on the way back from Brighton next time we visit.
  7. I've ended up there too, but the journey to find a SS amp I could live with in the long term was not easy.
  8. His BO is legendary?? Kick a man while he's down why don't you.
  9. I had a cheap one for sale a while ago, like £20, I'll see if I can find the name but that also had compatibility issues
  10. I've seen some mentions of incompatibility between certain Android phones and the Dragonfly so I'd check it works with your model of phone if you do go with one of them.
  11. Do transformers made in China buzz worse than British ones?
  12. I saw that but what if the owner turns up and says he wants his stuff back??
  13. Old thread I know but I've bought a pair of M1060s, is this cable still available and will it fit them?
  14. There was a price when I bought it [emoji2]
  15. That's great well done getting it to work!! So does it create generic adjustment files that can be used in different software to correct music as it plays? If so it's very useful I'm sure, albeit possibly limited to Windows/computer playback rather than streamers, unless they can take the file too
  16. "Special" eh? Hopefully we'll find out who at the next show [emoji16]
  17. That amp would sound sublime through a pair of 1000kg horns that were basically the house.
  18. Alternatively, I was talking to a rather below the radar dealer the other day who told me that have a modified Cary Audio Cad-75ia coming up for sale. Apparently the mods include taking 2xKT120s per side and switch to SS rectification. I don't know any more than that at the moment but I think it will be well within budget. The mods were done by Theo someone or other who's apparently pretty capable. I could find out more if interested.
  19. Actually moved it on as I detected a little solid state grain compared to my current amp, which to be fair retailed at over twice the price of the A308. Just thought it funny no reviews mentioned it but I am more sensitive to it than most.
  20. What about a recording of the 1812 with electronic cannons?
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