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  1. Agree - I'm no Linn hater either and very much enjoyed their kit when I had it. My perspective on it just changed that's all but I agree with you - good memories.
  2. Interesting. I previously owned an Akurate DSM with Katalyst and have to say that sounded pretty decent though not decent enough to justify its price tag. What got me was when I listened to Exakt - on 4 separate occasions and I HATED it. I found it cold, clinical and uninvolving and most of the people I know with that system spent more time fiddling about with it and looking at optimising it than enjoying the music. Each to their own of course but I didn't get the hype at all. I am a plug in and listen kinda person - no interest in all that stuff and I have heard systems at a fraction of the price sounding better to me. That wouldn't prevent me buying one of their simpler offerings (like an MDSM as I mentioned earlier in the thread) but I would need to satisfy myself that I wasn't buying another hype box. All my opinions, I respect that their are many Linn customers out there who have an entirely different view.
  3. The NAD does look very interesting and the draw of using the BluOs app is really appealing. It's actually around £400 cheaper than I could get a Majik DSM for so the thread is very appropriate.
  4. Thanks that's helpful and some I hadn't thought of. I actually looked at the Lyngdorf but noticed that it (and maybe the others) don't have Tidal/Qobuz integrated so that's a deal breaker for me as I am after complete simplicity with decent performance. Apologies, I should have mentioned that but wanted to avoid derailing the thread completely so I concentrated on a 'Here's the Linn - what's better?' kind of scenario. Any others from anyone? The NAD looks appealing.
  5. Interesting thread. As a long time Linn owner I moved away from them a few years ago as I simply got tired of the nonsense (IMO) they peddle around upgrades/Exakt etc and how their new DAC is so superior etc. I found the tendency was for people to focus solely on the technology/gimmicks* (delete as appropriate) rather than simply plugging in and listening and that switches me right off. I have recently been looking for a one box solution (streamer/amp) for a second property and was sorely tempted to push the button on a used Majik DSM. I didn't but that doesn't mean I won't so this thread is opportune. The MDSM is an attractive, if expensive, proposition and with the exception of a Uniti Atom I am struggling to find anything broadly comparable. When I say struggling that's borne out of ignorance rather than fact. So continuing the thread theme - if it ain't Linn - what else is out there to compare with it?
  6. Need to move this week - reduced to £300 + postage.
  7. Reduced to £850 + postage
  8. Reduced to £330 + postage
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