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  1. Wonderful thanks mf1000,the mids and highs are like a Veil has been lifted,i can hear the words to songs that have always been muddied,the mid bass has a snap to it, that wasn't apparent before and lower bass has heft but finesse as well. I managed to get about 20 hours use before my system was decommissioned,and is being serviced and my speakers and sub are being refinished at the same time,so no music until at least Christmas for me. So a lot more musical goodness awaits me, eventually
  2. The katalyst upgrade is listed as £4200 at klimax level,although as others have said,a recent fire at the dac chip factory in Japan has put a halt to all katalyst upgrades. I also saw a ksd/3 recently on sale for £5650 the cheapest I've seen that's genuine
  3. If you have an original klimax ds,it can be upgraded to latest katalyst spec with return to linn,maybe cheaper than selling
  4. Sounds like a network issue,rather than your SDSM,but I'm no expert,have you contacted your local dealer or linn helpline ?
  5. 2011 remastered CD's of DSOTM WYWH and animals,these sound the best to my ears
  6. as per the title,if anyone has a supra sword xlr 3 metre pair ( may consider longer ) for sale,cash waiting,must be in good condition and functional
  7. That's who I got the Mullards from,they got to me in perfect condition,and within 24 hours of placing the order,can't ask for more really.
  8. Just thought I'd update my post,so at the recommendation of mf1000 ( thanks Keith ) I ended up getting two EH ECC81 gold pins and two Mullard valves. Well I've just replaced the stock valves,and am listening as I'm writing this,ive got to say already I'm shocked at the difference,bass has more impact and definition,mids and highs seem sweeter and more organic than before,and only been on for 10 minutes,so more to come once burnt in 50-100 hours,im guessing. I think it's probably the best £160 I've ever spent on an upgrade,and also shows how poor ( by comparison ) the originals are,although I'm guessing they're past their best now. Thanks to everybodys contribution and suggestions,much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation Stupra. Simon,i will contact you via phone tomorrow to discuss
  10. As per the title,i have a pair of k320a's in maple,and need to change the colour to gloss black,can anyone recommend a professional to do this for me,im in Essex UK ?
  11. I forgot to mention,the only reason I was considering a kds/3 is one has come below £6k,which is about affordable for me,a adsm/1 would be got Down the line,as I can't afford both at once. I think the kds/3 would be lovely,but probably won't be affordable for me,i was just throwing it out there to see what the possibilities are. I guess the dream would be to get a kdsm/2 ( system hub) and have everything connected through that alone,as I'm sure that the katalyst dsm would be a big upgrade in what I have had,yes I'm sure the kds/3 is better than kdsm/2,but the latter would be a great upgrade for me on the streaming front,and allow cinema duties as well,as well as S.O on the inputs,which is very desirable for me
  12. Thanks for your detailed explanation of digital volume vs analogue,very interesting,so a kds/3 should have better low volume retrieval than my kk. How I was thinking of running a Adsm,was to have Tv,xbox,dvr and DVD going into adsm/1,the preout into my kk. I have just sold my kds/1 renew,and am looking to upgrade the streamimg side as well as have toslink input for my tv,and hdmi2 for my disc spinner and xbox and pvr. I did think that a adsm/2 with katalyst would fulfill my needs for streaming which is my second source,the first being a lector digidrive/digicode CD transport/dac combo,and that I remember people on the old Linn forum saying that akurate Kat was better than my renew,with lots saying it was better than a kds/1 or 2,that would be a good upgrade for me,thoughts please