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  1. Yeah it makes sense, I'm just saying that the new one SINCE the 2i (now just called the 'Node' again to be confusing) it has quad-core so double the processing power of the 2i. Not sure if this impacts the indexing, but I would guess it would help. WOuldnt know without testing it though!
  2. Also I'd be keen to understand on what basis it craps out at that number - the new Node's got a better quad-core processor, so this might help push up that number if the issue is running out of juice to manage such a big index...
  3. Ha ha, massive to me isn't quite that big, I think I'm at around 35,000 tracks, mainly in FLAC quality or better. 200K tracks would surely only be for an obsessive collector who wanted to own 'all' the music - live versions, demos etc. Of my 35K tracks there's a lot of lesser-known specialist stuff, and certainly, I would think, practically everything you'd find on 'Best of' lists, IE best 100 Hiphop albums etc. It will keep going up slowly but I doubt I'd ever tip 100K...size of collection is all relative though I guess! I store this on a Synology 2x2TB NAS drive (Seagate Iron Wolf drives) that I also use to back up all my phones, computers etc. The Node's pointed to one folder on there 'music'. It's accessed over wifi (cant get ethernet from the node easily) which is is apparently a touch slower than wired, but only takes a couple of seconds to load up an album. It's a good system.
  4. All valid points. I suppose most people are happy with a little speaker that you can hear the music on and it sounds OK. Still pretty darned good compared to what kind of Hi-Fi you could get for a couple of days' salary back in 1952, I suppose!
  5. Thanks Bencat - it's true to say that they don't do standard amps or speakers, but the same could be said of Sonos, who are everywhere. And dealer-wise, you can buy BS in Richer Sounds, who are massive, surely?
  6. I recently posted on here about how I could set up a local music streamer to play my massive digital library, and folks recommended the Node 2i, which I bought and LOVE (many features I dont use since all my music needs are local, also they brought out the new one about a month after I bought the 2i, but what the hey). Since then I've been investigating the brand, and I've heard their soundbar - which to my ears, was awesome - and the little Pulse Flex 2i speakers, which pack a punch for their size, though I guess are pretty expensive. Generally speaking though, these guys seem to be doing some really good stuff, and I wonder, why is it that nobody has it? I've yet to meet someone else who owns a Bluesound product, and most people haven't heard of them, is it just because they're a relatively new brand name? My parents for example went to a retailer recently for a good soundbar, and were sold the Sonos Arc, but I've heard this and the BS one, and the BS one sounds better, for the same price. So what gives? Not really a question that's going anywhere in particular, just curious...
  7. Fck yeah! Will also look at Nvidia Shield. Ive looked at these before as a gaming emulation device, I know it's got some processing heft. I'm still wary as I imagine it might take a while to boot and ios integration might not be the best (have iphone and ipad) - but will look into it, thanks @paulkebab
  8. Wow, thanks all for the input. I've messed a lot with Raspberry Pis and such for various projects, but yeah it's a time-suck and IMO prone to constant niggly issues to improve, new SW releases and so on - when it comes to my (relative to most of my possessions) high-end and luxury Hi-Fi, I'd rather keep it clean with a nice finished product. It seems the Bluesound may be the one (Or the Aries mini, though they seem hard to get now). SACD I'm happy to forego, it's nice but really I only have a couple of dozen albums anyway. I guess when we talk about 'streaming' or 'network' players, it's like using the term 'cloud' in computing - it can mean one of a number of things. I thought my needs were mega simple with the music files right there plugged into the device, but Simon G is right that in order to use a phone or a tablet as a controller, I spose the 2 will need to be on a network together. Using it as a drive to access from other parts of the house is something else, but I'm pretty sure my tech in all the other rooms is dumb when it comes to network...one day maybe (still, having said this, the Q-Acoustic BT system in my 1yr old's room is probably better than most of my friends' main stereos..) I might get this one for a song https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bluesound-Node-2i-Wireless-Multi-Room-Hi-Res-Music-Streamer-Nearly-New/373516216783?hash=item56f74d29cf:g:sdkAAOSw02ZgX0Tv Though white is pretty uncool, looks a bit like a broadband router or something. I guess looks aren't the priority here. EDIT - is this a good solution for my TV input too - IE, can it be changed to Optical input (does anyone know) without accessing the app? Doesnt look like it has any controls on it really. I'd hope to disconnect my DACMagic as I dont really want loads of different boxes, wires, power etc, but the DACmagic has a button that lets you just swap the input - can the BS do this? Don't wanna be unable to watch TV if the app's not connecting or ipad's dead for example, see. Thanks again all!
  9. Hi all, I have a decent setup with a TT, amp, and little DAC that also takes input from the TV, and digital stuff from my laptop or phone, via USB. I don't like using bluetooth as my setup's a couple of grands worth and you can hear the difference compared to plugging in. The thing is, plugging your laptop or phone in doesn't seem like an elegant solution for your digital files, having a wire trailing across the room, not being able to take the device away and so on. So I was looking at something like the CA CXN V2, which has a nice phone app and can play files from an SD card too. But to make the most of this you really have to be into your online music services. I tried out Tidal and it's decent, never really got into Spotify... So the CA box (and everything I see on the market) is more than I need, what with its network-readiness. I don't love Spotify or Tidal or subscription services really - call me old fashioned but I really like having my music on a device and not worrying about if I'll want to subscribe to a certain service for the rest of my life in order to access it. I'd like to have a player that just allows me to conveniently access local files only - I don't have an issue removing a pen drive or SD to update it with my new music every month or so. What I DO like however with the CA device is that it has a nice display and a decent app to look through your music. Without an app, I guess it would be tricky to scan through thousands of albums (I'm imagining pressing down on a remote 25 times to access my extensive ZZ Top collection). So I guess my requirements are: - Plays FLAC, MP3, ideally SACD, from a USB drive or SD (or internal) - Good quality sound output - an app or a convenient way of navigating your content - If it includes a decent DAC, I guess it's a bonus (currently have the CA DACMagic 100) - If it looks cool, so much the better - Ideally a few hundred £, certainly no more than the CXN (£800). I feel like there may be something out there that's right for me but way old, and I might be looking at second hand. Does it exist? Please help! OR, am I missing something, and I need to stop being such a granddad and a tightwad and step into the 21st century with streaming? Or just get a player that does both and not use the network capability, maybe. For reference, my setup is TT/Laptop/TV/Phone Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100 Roksan K3 Dali Oberon 7s. Cheers all for looking!
  10. Actually Lurch, if the offer still stands I'd love to take you up on a lend for a couple of weeks? Can't really feel satisfied with the current setup and curiosity is getting the better of me...I wonder if my cart (not the needle but the cart itself) might actually be slightly damaged. If you're happy to, send me PP or bank details and let me know how much (I think it would be £4.20 recorded but let me know what you'd want to use and cost) and will send you the postage costs. If the cart's no longer available no worries. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Lurch, its a really generous offer, but I wont for now (might come back to it later if the offer still stands) - I am a little curious but have never done a cart swap before - I'm sure it isnt that hard but TBH if it does sound better, I'll just be tempted to spend money I dont have currently (out of work, 1yr old baby, just spent £1800 on Hifi kit, boohoohoo I know)! But yeah if my situation changes over the next couple of months Ill hit you up if that's ok?
  12. Yeah I only changed the stylus as the red 2M cart will apparently take the blue needle. It made a small improvement, nothing revolutionary. I didnt change the VTA/height, but it looks totally flat to the platter (I did also buy a cork mat in error but this made the arm lean up as the platter was too high - I then read that if you have the perspex platter which I do, you dont need a mat. So I ditched it). If it looks bang on flat, I'm guessing no need to adjust? Re your post @plasticpenguin, I think you're probably on the money. I've literally just bought the amp and speakers, and a new stylus, so won't be changing anything out for a while, but maybe a cart upgrade down the line will help. I think my setup probably is on the smooth side, and I perhaps should also accept that the clinical precision of digital is generally just a bit clearer than vinyl's more rounded warmth. My vinyl doesn't sound bad by any means, it's just if you play the same track on both formats and flip between, the difference in clarity (notwithstanding the volume jump) is pretty noticeable, esp on sharp percussion sounds, hi-hats etc. I think maybe my expectations for a budget-ish vinyl setup were too high to begin with, but with this said I'll still continue to enjoy buying and playing vinyl, because vinyl is nice!
  13. I did adjust the Azimuth so it looks (to my naked eye) perfectly flat - no real change. maybe time to accept the difference in sound or upgrade...I know there are lots of small tweaks to try - its an evolving process...
  14. I'm balancing the cartridge (recommended 1.6-2.0G) at 1.85 as I heard it sounds better a little heavier, but I could try adjusting this too I guess. I've tried the anti-skating weight in the 3 different positions with no real difference. It isn't one LP though it's actually all of them where the high frequencies in particular seem poorly defined. Seems the Azimuth may be to blame so I need to investigate how to adjust this on my TT. It may be though that to my ears, vinyl, despite its trademark warm sound (which is no doubt nice and easy on the ear) lacks a bit of crispness compared to digital in general...will report back once I've had a play with the Azimuth.
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