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  1. Actually Lurch, if the offer still stands I'd love to take you up on a lend for a couple of weeks? Can't really feel satisfied with the current setup and curiosity is getting the better of me...I wonder if my cart (not the needle but the cart itself) might actually be slightly damaged. If you're happy to, send me PP or bank details and let me know how much (I think it would be £4.20 recorded but let me know what you'd want to use and cost) and will send you the postage costs. If the cart's no longer available no worries. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Lurch, its a really generous offer, but I wont for now (might come back to it later if the offer still stands) - I am a little curious but have never done a cart swap before - I'm sure it isnt that hard but TBH if it does sound better, I'll just be tempted to spend money I dont have currently (out of work, 1yr old baby, just spent £1800 on Hifi kit, boohoohoo I know)! But yeah if my situation changes over the next couple of months Ill hit you up if that's ok?
  3. Yeah I only changed the stylus as the red 2M cart will apparently take the blue needle. It made a small improvement, nothing revolutionary. I didnt change the VTA/height, but it looks totally flat to the platter (I did also buy a cork mat in error but this made the arm lean up as the platter was too high - I then read that if you have the perspex platter which I do, you dont need a mat. So I ditched it). If it looks bang on flat, I'm guessing no need to adjust? Re your post @plasticpenguin, I think you're probably on the money. I've literally just bought the amp and speakers, and a new stylus, so won't be changing anything out for a while, but maybe a cart upgrade down the line will help. I think my setup probably is on the smooth side, and I perhaps should also accept that the clinical precision of digital is generally just a bit clearer than vinyl's more rounded warmth. My vinyl doesn't sound bad by any means, it's just if you play the same track on both formats and flip between, the difference in clarity (notwithstanding the volume jump) is pretty noticeable, esp on sharp percussion sounds, hi-hats etc. I think maybe my expectations for a budget-ish vinyl setup were too high to begin with, but with this said I'll still continue to enjoy buying and playing vinyl, because vinyl is nice!
  4. I did adjust the Azimuth so it looks (to my naked eye) perfectly flat - no real change. maybe time to accept the difference in sound or upgrade...I know there are lots of small tweaks to try - its an evolving process...
  5. I'm balancing the cartridge (recommended 1.6-2.0G) at 1.85 as I heard it sounds better a little heavier, but I could try adjusting this too I guess. I've tried the anti-skating weight in the 3 different positions with no real difference. It isn't one LP though it's actually all of them where the high frequencies in particular seem poorly defined. Seems the Azimuth may be to blame so I need to investigate how to adjust this on my TT. It may be though that to my ears, vinyl, despite its trademark warm sound (which is no doubt nice and easy on the ear) lacks a bit of crispness compared to digital in general...will report back once I've had a play with the Azimuth.
  6. Thanks all! Will check if there's a little screw on the arm and mess with the Azimuth. It looks like its pretty square on the protractor but the Azimuth (hadnt even realised this was a thing) is definitely off a few degrees at least. Hopefully this will give me the sparkle I dearly desire! If not, might upgrade to Minidisc.
  7. Hi all, Maybe someone could help me with a query re my vinyl setup. I bought a 1Xpression turntable a few years back with Ortofon red cartridge, and I was never blown away with the sound. I recently upgraded the rest of the setup to Roksan K3 and Dali Oberon 7s plus a sub, and thought I'd change the 2M red stylus to blue (I never knew how much wear the previous one had since I bought the TT 2nd hand, and had heard this might make a decent improvement to the sound. I've worn it in for a few hrs, and still, not that impressed. I'd say the rest of my setup now outranks the TT, but it, and the blue stylus get good reports, so I wondered if it was about setup. The K3 preamp is meant to be decent. I made sure it's flat, set the weight, and got one of those protractor things to ensure the cart was square (actually when the arm is at the middle of the platter it's out by maybe 5%, but I think this is probably about as good as you're gonna get?) The anti-skate is on in the middle ring. I DID notice that if I put my eyeline to needle-level, the cartridge seems to lean out slightly (see pic). Is this normal, or is something bent, or needing adjusting? I compared a FLAC of 'Into the Mystic' with my brand new vinyl, and the digital was way better separated and much more clarity on the cymbals and highs. Is it maybe just that this is the nature of vinyl ('warmer', = less crisp) - or maybe my TT just lags behind the rest of the setup a bit in terms of quality now? Thanks all for looking.
  8. I've not taken pictures yet but have this amp for sale, GWO* (ish - see below). I'm looking for £120 with collection from Amersham or plus shipping (maybe £20-25) wanted to see if there's any interest. Couple of points: 1) I've used this amp a fair amount without issue, however recently a loud crackling was coming from the right channel. I took it to Deco Audio in Aylesbury, who said they were unable to replicate the fault, however since the anode caps are discoloured and in poor condition, that these should probably be replaced (and maybe also the HT cable), as this would have been causing the issue I heard. I was quoted 1 or 2 hours labour plus the parts (maybe £30 for the parts). 2) I replaced the original Chinese valves for (apparently superior) Russian ones, couldnt tell you how many hours use they had, but my use of this amp has been sporadic and there's probably a decent amount of life in them. 3) I no longer have the cage for the top, or the original box/docs. The only reason I'm selling it is that without the cage it's too dangerous to have around my inquisitive 1yr old daughter. It's actually a really nice sounding amp, would suit someone who could fix it themselves or would be willing to pay £100ish to fix it up. Or, you could take your chances with it, but the issue may come back at any time. Anyone interested? I will collect back from DecoAudio and post some pics soon. I also have Q Acoustic Concept 20s for sale with their stands for £220. The speakers are in good condition (no grills) but there's a small issue with one of the stands (it works perfectly but has had some threaded screws glued in place, so you just have to be a bit careful when moving it around). Would sell both together for £300. Can provide more info/pics if there's interest here too. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your input everyone. I have implemented the new-world setup phase 1 for anyone who's interested - cost a bit, but here's my setup and thinking: - Bought an old chest 85cm high, bought 2nd hand Roksan K3 and 2nd hand Oberon 7s (~£750 each) - All the wiring's hidden under the chest. The grilles on the speakers have plastic reinforcement so can't be pushed through. The sprog can for now, reach the front of the amp but that's it, so it'd take some unusual circumstance (gets a pint of water from somewhere and lofts it over the whole lot) to do some damage. She could MAYBE knock the turntable slightly, but not much, and she can;t reach the cartridge. - The speakers are pretty sturdy, but, as suggested, when she picks up some extra velocity, I will mount some 4cm thick chopping boards (already found some in a not-dissimilar dark walnut hue) under the speakers to add stability. I did overlook the big 4' air ports at the back that she likes sticking her arms in - I'm buying some metal car speaker grilles that I'll gaffer tape over the backs to stop her inserting the various trinkets into the body of the speaker - for phase 2 (when she becomes larger and more powerful), I'll put the 'business end' up on a higher shelf - over on the left, where you see the vinyl now. I reckon then she'll be approaching 3 before she can start messing with the TT. Then I'll maybe have to move it up another shelf. So AFAICT, the only danger really will be of her mangling/drawing on the speakers, and I'm not too fussed there. So I reckon I've got a pretty good solution! System is now: PC with Musicbee / Bluetooth from a range of sources TV Optical input Project 1Xpression with Ortofon Blue CA Dacmagic 100 Dali Oberon 7s BK XLS200 (not sure if its ideally positioned but it cant really go anywhere else and it sounds good to my ears). NB - probs need to stop her going round the back of that too. By the standards on here it's probably no giant killer, but I'm pretty happy with it, sounds f**Kin sweet! Now I'm thinking though - is the Dacmagic up to the standard of the rest of the kit? There's always something to upgrade, right? Maybe TT after that...the Marantz TT-15S1 looks pretty nice...
  10. @Lurch, that's so funny! Daddy's music. If she's still into it she could come and be a security guard for me here, cant afford to pay her much mind... I think my plan is now (based on @rabski's good idea) buy a couple of 1.5' granite worktop offcuts and screw them into the bases of some floorstanders, then put some padding on the edges of the granite to protect against her falling and smacking her head on it. I'm thinking used Dali Oberon 7s (can get a pair for £700ish), but can anyone tell me: 1) Based on my pic, is it too much speaker for the room? 5s are an option too but I cant find any used so theyd cost about the same as the 7s anyway... 2) Does anyone have oberons, and could tell me how the aluminium base attatches to the speaker? If it scres in the bottom like spikes I'm cool, but I cant find any pics to confirm this... As always, thanks all for your input.
  11. Thanks all, again, for your input. I'm a bit of a fair-weather wammer (only really post on here when I'm thinking of buying something) but it's heartening that the community on here is so helpful. I appreciate it! Safety is first, for sure. With that said, valves on display are out, and probably the (far less cool looking) Roksan K3 I can pick up 2nd hand for £750 is in. I reckon I can get a pair of Oberon 7s for £750, or the Q Acoustic 3050i for about £350. Not sure if I'd see a huge jump in performance on the Oberons, but my thinking is... 3050s have outriggers, which should make them pretty stable. Additionally, with these if the shape of the stand doesnt make it too stable, as Rabski suggests I reckon I could fashion a plywood square a couple of inches wider on each side, and drill it about half an inch into the base of the speaker, at each corner. I might need to check with QA that there's no innards right at the bottom of the speaker (I'd imagine it's just a concrete slab down there, but not sure...). The Oberon 7s also have a base that looks pretty sturdy - and I thought being a bigger, heavier speaker than the 5, it should be harder to topple anyway. Baby's only 22lbs now, by the time she's sprinting and heavier (like Jonah Lomu) I'm hoping she'll be more responsive to instructions. Only thing with the Oberons is I'm not sure if I could remove the existing base to make something sturdier if needed. Also drilling the holes will knack the 2nd hand value a bit, which maybe also makes the QAs a better bet. Only other thing is I could have these probably a max of 8, maybe 9 in from the back wall. Not sure if even with the bungs, this will cause issues with speakers of this size. Funny, 'proper' hifi combined with little kids was something I'd not considered before, but I guess it affects a hell of a lot of people. Business idea - someone should make a series of different sized 'floormount stands' - I'm thinking like a pyramid shape with a square hole a few inches deep for the speaker, and adjustable rubber grips. I'd bet a range of about 10 sizes would fit the majority of speakers that werent weirdly shaped. @Nopiano, that amp looks awesome, looks like I'm not getting the Lintons now mind.
  12. Thanks both for this. @bencat Actually my amp isn't in this picture (it's currently being repaired as I blew something up). Your suggestion of a box would do the trick - thing is, if I have cool looking hifi I'd want it on display rather than hidden! Re the speakers, @Lurch I think your advice is (sadly) good, but let me explain my thinking. The concept 20s on stands are really unsteady, but the Linton Heritages look way more sturdy (Stands are roughly the same size as the speakers with a wide footprint, plus you can store around 40 LPs in each - so they're sturdy. I think the cabs are about 18KG each, so they're heavy enough - question is more how securely they fit onto the base. They LOOK much sturdier than the typical stand/speaker arrangement to me, but I guess I would need to see them, or get advice from someone who has a set. I'd keep the grilles on and tape/hide the cable at the back...Im buying a cabinet for under the TV which the new speakers could sit flush against, and I could keep my prison bars - surely then its just attacking the grilles at the front (through the bars) I need to worry about... Assuming they're no good though - I wanted to use this as an excuse to upgrade, I couldnt get excited about 3050s - much as I like Q acoustics' stuff, its basically the same speaker as I already have! The broader question I suppose is having expensive gear around a toddler. I feel like It'll be a ages until she's 'safe' (4 years until she's 5?) and that long with 'ok' kit seems like a life sentence...with that said, maybe I just need to wise up and be realistic about having kids! Cheap, wipe-clean gear maybe the way to go. Next you'll be telling me the McLaren F1 I've been looking at 'isn't a great family car'... Any other opinions? Thanks both
  13. Hi Wammers, Appreciate there's nothing in it for anyone here but me...but if anyone is willing to throw their opinion in, I'd be appreciative anyway. Currently have a cheap (but good) Chinese Valve amp I don't have the grille for, and Q Acoustic Concept 20s with the stands. I also have a 1yr old, who wants to grab the glowing valves and put them in her mouth, probably, and also crash into my speakers, which are on 3 prongs and wouldnt respond well to the impact. I have it all behind a kind of safety cage ATM, but she'll soon have worked out how to climb over it. Basically the valves have to go, for now - so it seems like a good time to upgrade the system. I have about £2K to spend on a new amp and speakers. My sources are say 40% vinyl (currently Pro-ject 1Xpression though this will get an upgrade soon too), 40% TV (movies plus some youtube, chromecast etc) and 20% bluetooth from phone and laptop. I listen to everything really, style-wise. I have a few additional little boxes (DAC, BT receiver, MM preamp) I'd ideally like to l to ditch to get one box doing it all. The Heaven 11 Billie amp looks LOVELY...but it still has valves. I thought about seeing if I can mount it high up or's just too much hassle - damn. I could get a Roksan K3, used for £700-800. Doesnt look THAT cool but apparently it kicks ass...then I'd just need to retain my DAC, to take the TV input. Quad Vena ii looks alright too - actually LOOKS cooler than the Roksan I'd say, and has MM preamp, BT and digital in, but I'm struggling to find used ones (I guess they're pretty new) so it'd be £750 for one with a nice finish new - potentially same price for a lot less amp than the above? Cyrus One HD is an option. Any thoughts on the best option here (or others around £1K), sound and features wise? Then for speakers - I'm really liking the look of the Wharfdale Linton Heritage speakers. Our room isn't huge though, I'd have to have them probably max 10 inches from the back wall. Here's the current listening space (the arrangement cant really change much and please ignore the mess of stereo you see here, this is all currently in flux). But speakers will be near the walls, where the current ones are (not the ones on the table) and like 7ft apart, we'll be probably 8-9ft from the speakers. The railing will go. Are they a bad option for this room - and if so, what are my alternatives? Around £1000, sound great, look cool, solid enough to be (relatively) safe with a toddler around.... Many thanks for your input on this and listening to my waffle. Oh, also I have a BK XLS200 sub - had thought I'd sell this but I could also keep it. Thanks again!
  14. One other question on biwiring - the speakers arrived and they dont have a bridge between the connections. Would it be ok to use speaker cable for this (black>black and red>red), rammed there in the hole?
  15. Ok, this helps, thanks for the answers guys! The speaker cable attaches to the stylus at one end, and in the mains power at the other. Got it. Just being silly. Thanks.