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  1. Fck yeah! Will also look at Nvidia Shield. Ive looked at these before as a gaming emulation device, I know it's got some processing heft. I'm still wary as I imagine it might take a while to boot and ios integration might not be the best (have iphone and ipad) - but will look into it, thanks @paulkebab
  2. Wow, thanks all for the input. I've messed a lot with Raspberry Pis and such for various projects, but yeah it's a time-suck and IMO prone to constant niggly issues to improve, new SW releases and so on - when it comes to my (relative to most of my possessions) high-end and luxury Hi-Fi, I'd rather keep it clean with a nice finished product. It seems the Bluesound may be the one (Or the Aries mini, though they seem hard to get now). SACD I'm happy to forego, it's nice but really I only have a couple of dozen albums anyway. I guess when we talk about 'streaming' or 'network' players, it
  3. Hi all, I have a decent setup with a TT, amp, and little DAC that also takes input from the TV, and digital stuff from my laptop or phone, via USB. I don't like using bluetooth as my setup's a couple of grands worth and you can hear the difference compared to plugging in. The thing is, plugging your laptop or phone in doesn't seem like an elegant solution for your digital files, having a wire trailing across the room, not being able to take the device away and so on. So I was looking at something like the CA CXN V2, which has a nice phone app and can play files from an SD card too.
  4. Actually Lurch, if the offer still stands I'd love to take you up on a lend for a couple of weeks? Can't really feel satisfied with the current setup and curiosity is getting the better of me...I wonder if my cart (not the needle but the cart itself) might actually be slightly damaged. If you're happy to, send me PP or bank details and let me know how much (I think it would be £4.20 recorded but let me know what you'd want to use and cost) and will send you the postage costs. If the cart's no longer available no worries. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Lurch, its a really generous offer, but I wont for now (might come back to it later if the offer still stands) - I am a little curious but have never done a cart swap before - I'm sure it isnt that hard but TBH if it does sound better, I'll just be tempted to spend money I dont have currently (out of work, 1yr old baby, just spent £1800 on Hifi kit, boohoohoo I know)! But yeah if my situation changes over the next couple of months Ill hit you up if that's ok?
  6. Yeah I only changed the stylus as the red 2M cart will apparently take the blue needle. It made a small improvement, nothing revolutionary. I didnt change the VTA/height, but it looks totally flat to the platter (I did also buy a cork mat in error but this made the arm lean up as the platter was too high - I then read that if you have the perspex platter which I do, you dont need a mat. So I ditched it). If it looks bang on flat, I'm guessing no need to adjust? Re your post @plasticpenguin, I think you're probably on the money. I've literally just bought the amp and speakers, and a n
  7. I did adjust the Azimuth so it looks (to my naked eye) perfectly flat - no real change. maybe time to accept the difference in sound or upgrade...I know there are lots of small tweaks to try - its an evolving process...
  8. I'm balancing the cartridge (recommended 1.6-2.0G) at 1.85 as I heard it sounds better a little heavier, but I could try adjusting this too I guess. I've tried the anti-skating weight in the 3 different positions with no real difference. It isn't one LP though it's actually all of them where the high frequencies in particular seem poorly defined. Seems the Azimuth may be to blame so I need to investigate how to adjust this on my TT. It may be though that to my ears, vinyl, despite its trademark warm sound (which is no doubt nice and easy on the ear) lacks a bit of crispness compared to
  9. Thanks all! Will check if there's a little screw on the arm and mess with the Azimuth. It looks like its pretty square on the protractor but the Azimuth (hadnt even realised this was a thing) is definitely off a few degrees at least. Hopefully this will give me the sparkle I dearly desire! If not, might upgrade to Minidisc.
  10. Hi all, Maybe someone could help me with a query re my vinyl setup. I bought a 1Xpression turntable a few years back with Ortofon red cartridge, and I was never blown away with the sound. I recently upgraded the rest of the setup to Roksan K3 and Dali Oberon 7s plus a sub, and thought I'd change the 2M red stylus to blue (I never knew how much wear the previous one had since I bought the TT 2nd hand, and had heard this might make a decent improvement to the sound. I've worn it in for a few hrs, and still, not that impressed. I'd say the rest of my setup now outranks the TT, but it
  11. I've not taken pictures yet but have this amp for sale, GWO* (ish - see below). I'm looking for £120 with collection from Amersham or plus shipping (maybe £20-25) wanted to see if there's any interest. Couple of points: 1) I've used this amp a fair amount without issue, however recently a loud crackling was coming from the right channel. I took it to Deco Audio in Aylesbury, who said they were unable to replicate the fault, however since the anode caps are discoloured and in poor condition, that these should probably be replaced (and maybe also the HT cable), as this would have been ca
  12. Thanks for your input everyone. I have implemented the new-world setup phase 1 for anyone who's interested - cost a bit, but here's my setup and thinking: - Bought an old chest 85cm high, bought 2nd hand Roksan K3 and 2nd hand Oberon 7s (~£750 each) - All the wiring's hidden under the chest. The grilles on the speakers have plastic reinforcement so can't be pushed through. The sprog can for now, reach the front of the amp but that's it, so it'd take some unusual circumstance (gets a pint of water from somewhere and lofts it over the whole lot) to do some damage. She could MAYBE kn
  13. @Lurch, that's so funny! Daddy's music. If she's still into it she could come and be a security guard for me here, cant afford to pay her much mind... I think my plan is now (based on @rabski's good idea) buy a couple of 1.5' granite worktop offcuts and screw them into the bases of some floorstanders, then put some padding on the edges of the granite to protect against her falling and smacking her head on it. I'm thinking used Dali Oberon 7s (can get a pair for £700ish), but can anyone tell me: 1) Based on my pic, is it too much speaker for the room? 5s are an option too but
  14. Thanks all, again, for your input. I'm a bit of a fair-weather wammer (only really post on here when I'm thinking of buying something) but it's heartening that the community on here is so helpful. I appreciate it! Safety is first, for sure. With that said, valves on display are out, and probably the (far less cool looking) Roksan K3 I can pick up 2nd hand for £750 is in. I reckon I can get a pair of Oberon 7s for £750, or the Q Acoustic 3050i for about £350. Not sure if I'd see a huge jump in performance on the Oberons, but my thinking is... 3050s have outriggers, which should m
  15. Thanks both for this. @bencat Actually my amp isn't in this picture (it's currently being repaired as I blew something up). Your suggestion of a box would do the trick - thing is, if I have cool looking hifi I'd want it on display rather than hidden! Re the speakers, @Lurch I think your advice is (sadly) good, but let me explain my thinking. The concept 20s on stands are really unsteady, but the Linton Heritages look way more sturdy (Stands are roughly the same size as the speakers with a wide footprint, plus you can store around 40 LPs in each - so they're sturdy. I think the cabs are
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