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  1. I bi-wired my speakers using Chord Signature speaker cable for many years as I liked the increased airiness it created. I don't do it anymore as I now prefer a more natural and authentic sound (which I feel single wiring provides) but I definitely understand why so many bi-wire as the extra space it provides can be really enjoyable, particularly on dense, heavy or congested songs.
  2. Has anyone here used PS Audio's latest generation of Power Plant mains regenerators? I'm looking to swap my IsoTek Genesis One mains regenerator (which I really like, but only has enough juice to power my SACD transport and DAC) for a PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P12 mains regenerator which can power my entire hi-fi system and possibly the home cinema system too. Can anyone share their first hand impressions? Cheers.
  3. The Oyaide power strip arrived today and you weren't kidding about the fixtures because, good lord, they're a snug fit. They actually feel superior to those on my Furutech e-TP309E which is surprising given the difference in price. Very happy with it indeed.
  4. I considered the Furutech Wall Box but after shipping, import duty and other charges, the 4-way Oyaide, though also expensive, offered much better value for money.
  5. I've a brand new Wattgate brand US plug going spare. £15 delivered. Message me for photos/more details.
  6. I realised they have a minimum order value of 160 euro at checkout but as there's nowt else I need/want right now, I purchased the Oyaide 4-way schuko distributor instead. I may order the Audiophonics brand distributor at a later date when I need more bits and have a genuine order of at least 160 euro because I'd like to hear it in action and it looks easy to upgrade with superior wiring/sockets.
  7. Thanks for recommending Audiophonics, Frizbriz. I was contemplating an Oyaide MTS-4e 4-way schuko distributor as I'm not sure I'll find a good quality 2-way for under £500, but Audiophonics have this 4-way schuko distributor with decent spec. It's not as good as the Oyaide of course but it costs around 8 times less so worth a punt.
  8. All of my mains cables have shucko plugs but I want, temporarily, to plug them into my high quality 2-way UK distributor. The aim ultimately is to find a high quality 2-way schuko distributor and not use adaptors at all but I figure that might take some time because, as you say, audiophile quality 2-way distributors are rather uncommon (it took me over a year to source the high quality 2-way UK distributor) but in the meantime I want to use adaptors as a stopgap, furthermore adaptors are useful things to have around when most of my gear has schuko plugs and sockets. Cheers for recommendi
  9. Can anyone recommend a good quality UK mains plug to schuko socket adaptor? I'm looking to source a high quality 2-way schuko mains bar (I welcome recommendations on that too) in order that I can plug a SACD transport and DAC into an IsoTek Genesis One mains generator, but in the meantime I have a decent 2-way UK mains bar I can use but first need the adaptors as all my mains cables feature schuko plugs. Cheers.
  10. Yeah, the Future is, supposedly, the speaker Stewart Tyler always wanted to make but I assumed (incorrectly it seems) the advancements in speaker technology over the last 20 years, particularly with regards to the materials they now use, meant the new models would sound better.
  11. For a long time I've contemplated swapping my ageing ProAc Future Point Fives for a newer model but when I contacted ProAc enquiring about their D48R and flagship stand mount K1, rather than trying to make a sale, they instead recommended I stick with the Point Fives. I like that kinda honesty.
  12. So the DirectStream's replacement is rumoured to be incredibly expensive? That's interesting. I assumed it would be priced similarly to the newly released PS Audio SACD transport which costs £6.5K. Definitely agree regarding the DirectStream being as good as any other DAC. Before buying mine, I had the privilege of testing it against the more expensive Chord DAVE and, though I wouldn't claim that the DirectStream is better than the DAVE (both do things which the other cannot and present music in their own distinct way), I found the sound of the DirectStream more engaging.
  13. Yes, PS Audio have all but confirmed that Sunlight is the DirectStream DAC's swansong before the unit is replaced with a new model later this year. Pre-owned DirectStream DAC prices are likely to tumble when that happens so anyone looking to get their hands on one of the best DACs in the world at a (relatively) reasonable price would do well to wait until then.
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