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  1. These are great cables and a genuine bargain at this price.
  2. Here's an alternative to the Syncro. It's a pre-owned DC blocker from MCRU. I'm not the seller, and I have no idea how it compares to the Syncro but it's a lot cheaper and might be of interest to some: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MCRU-Ultimate-In-Line-DC-Blocker-Uprated-Furutech-FI-28-IEC/383770577971?hash=item595a824c33:g:fsIAAOSwlBVfjI83 Here's the official info on the product: https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/the-mcru-dc-blocker/
  3. I love a good Bollywood song, especially when the videos are lavish. Stuff like this just gets me smiling:
  4. I can't answer the question with any certainty. My father was musician so it could be hereditary. Growing up, there was always really good music playing in the house (especially at bed time) so maybe it's due to the environment I grew up in. But then my brother isn't really into music much at all so maybe it's neither of those. Who knows. Whatever the reason might be, I can't deny that music is very important to me and my stickiest attachment by far. In my twenties, I spent long periods of time travelling and living away from home, sometimes going up to a year without watching TV or reading a book or playing videogames and I didn't miss them at all, yet, despite having my favourite tunes on my walkman and using it every day, I really missed hearing music played loud through a proper stereo system. Music moves me in ways that other forms of art/entertainment don't. Not even poetry.
  5. I'm completely new to streaming. How good, compared to CD quality, will Tidal sound streamed from a laptop via Chromecast Audio and a digital optical cable to a high quality DAC?
  6. The IsoTek Synco made a positive effect on my system too. I audition a lot of audio upgrade equipment, most don't do enough for the price to gain a full-time place in my system, but the IsoTek Syncro did. Indeed I was so impressed, I upgraded to the Syncro Special Edition. I use the Syncro to feed my IsoTek Evo3 Titan which in turn powers my hi-fi power amp, home cinema receiver, subwoofer, FM tuner, TV and PlayStation 4 console. With the Syncro in place all of those components perform better. With regards to the power amp, it sounds cleaner, sweeter, less harsh, a little bit more natural with increased presence - but the biggest improvement is to the bass which sounds considerably deeper, snappier and more solid. A friend of mine was so impressed with what the Syncro brought to my system that he went and purchased two, one for each of his monoblocks. The Syncro SE includes 2 metres of silver plated OCC (ohno continuous cast) copper conductors with square shaped strands to maximise conductivity, the cylinder housing the electronics is high grade aluminium (to better shield against RFI), all internal wiring is also silver plated OCC copper, and the plugs are Furutech. Those are high quality and expensive materials. The OCC copper (regarded as the finest copper in the world), in particular, I believe, is manufactured in only one factory in the world, has an incredibly long waiting list and is subsequently very expensive. Could IsoTek sell the Syncro for a lot less and still make a tidy profit? Almost certainly. Everything in high-end audio is overpriced. But some devices make improvements that cannot be duplicated with cheaper/inferior devices or DIY builds.
  7. The Ayon CD-10 ii Signature retail price has now risen to £5500. Consequently my asking price has risen to £4125. That' still represents a 25% discount on the rrp and remains cheaper than Emporiumhifi's ex-demo unit (which also increased in price following Ayon's price hike). Here's a poem to sweeten an otherwise unsavoury post: Wherever I am, the world comes after me. It offers me its business. It does not believe that I do not want it. Now I understand why the old poets of China went so far and high into the mountains, then crept into the pale mist. - Mary Oliver
  8. Cardas Golden Reference Speaker Cable / Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects Cardas' Golden Reference range of cables is one of the most critically acclaimed in high end hi-fi, providing genuine high end performance at a price that is (relatively!) affordable. Cables sound exceedingly musical, full, rich and warm (the cables actually sound neutral, but as the word 'neutral' these days is widely used to describe a thin, washed out sound, I will tentatively use the word 'warm'). Speaker Cables: Length: 2.5 metre (10 ft) pair Configuration: 2 x banana to 2 x banana (factory terminated by Cardas with rhodium over silver plated pure copper locking banana plugs) Includes certificate of authenticity Very good condition. Interconnects: Length: 0.5 metre pair Factory terminated by Cardas with XLR plugs Very good condition (just a little fading to the print) Reviews: http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/revequip/cardas_golden_reference_cables.htm https://6moons.com/audioreviews/cardas/cardas.html http://www.audioreview.com/product/cables/speaker-cables/cardas-audio/golden-reference.html Sale details: £975 & £25 delivery for the speaker cables. £275 & £10 delivery for the interconnects. Discount if purchased together. Speaker cables weigh over 3 kg - hence delivery costs. Collection welcome (from Llanberis area in north Wales) or will send fully insured by next day delivery. Thanks.
  9. If you don't mind graphite: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sugden-Masterclass-IA-4-Class-A-integrated-amplifier-Worldwide-shipping/264837690889?hash=item3da98e7609:g:XIMAAOSw3u9fAjq5 Real good price. Sold by a dealer (not private seller) too which is reassuring.
  10. The Baby Ref V2 is a huge improvement over the original. Having had a Classic and Classic V2, when I upgraded my Baby Ref to a Baby Ref V2, I thought I knew what magnitude of improvement to expect but, boy, was I mistaken. The extra low level detail, smoothness and, I think most importantly, the fuller sound or extra warmth of the V2 is something to behold. It almost makes the original Baby Ref sound lean in comparison. Good luck with the sale but at £4k I imagine this will sell sharpish. Pre-owned Baby Ref V2s are quite uncommon and for good reason.
  11. Siltech Classic Anniversary 550L G7 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable Handmade in the Netherlands, Siltech produce some of the finest audio cables in the world. They're not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but they are undeniably good. Rather than wax lyrical about them however (which always smells a little off coming from the person hoping to sell them) I have included links where others have done so instead. Length: 2 metre pair Configuration: factory terminated with Siltech SB007 rhodium-plated banana plugs in a 2-4 configuration (2 bananas at amp end, 4 bananas at speaker end) Condition: Excellent condition and perfect working order. Boxed in original packing with certificate of authenticity. Reviews: https://6moons.com/audioreviews/siltech/1.html http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0718/Siltech_Classic_Anniversary_Cables_Review.htm https://www.siltechcables.com/reviews/the-inner-ear-1/ Important: Please contact me for photos of the serial numbers for these cables. Siltech cables are highly counterfeited. ALWAYS contact Siltech to have them authenticate serial numbers before buying pre owned Siltech cables. Sale Details: Collection from north Wales welcome or can send with UPS by next day delivery for £20. Asking price is £1250. Thanks.