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  1. Cardas Clear Beyond Power Cord This was Cardas' flagship power cord for a long time until they recently released their $2500 Cardas Clear Beyond XL power cord. It is a very flexible cable given its large diameter and equally at home powering front end equipment as hungry power amplifiers. I have three of these cables in total. Two are 1.5 metres long. One is 2 metres long. All are factory terminated with rhodium plated Furutech UK mains and rhodium plated Cardas 15A IEC connectors. Currently retail at £1199 (1.5 metre length) and £1399 (2 metre length) in the UK. Reviews: https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/cardas-clear-power-cords/ http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/cardas-audio-clear-beyond-ac-cord Condition: Very good condition and perfect working order. All cables have been treated regularly with Caig Gold contact cleaner. Sale Details: Collection welcome or can send fully insured via next day delivery. Looking for £499 for the 1.5 metre cable (each) and £575 for the 2 metre cable. Cheers.
  2. A couple of videos about CD transports by PS Audio's Paul McGowan:
  3. Teaching me to suck eggs? Nah, I know next to nothing about transports so all info is welcome. I had hoped a grand would secure a high end pre-owned transport but was narrowly outbid on this Cyrus CD XT Signature Transport on eBay. Am now contemplating Jay's CDT2-MK2 Transport but it's £2k and that wouldn't leave any change from the sale of my Sugden Masterclass PDT-4F. Might sound a little better though. I dunno.
  4. I wonder if Jonathan ever produced a TX102 Mk3. Seems strange to skip from 2 to 4.
  5. I tested a PS3 console via optical as a transport too. Sounded okay but a little wooly and not as good as my Sugden CDP.
  6. I would expand on why I don't like the Cyrus sound but fear it will only dig a deeper hole and lead to a conversation I'd rather not have. All I will say is many years ago I bought a Cyrus system completely blind (based entirely on the accolades and praise from magazines like What Hi-fi and Hi-Fi Choice if I remember correctly) and I didn't like it. But I'm not silly enough to believe everything I like is great and everything I dislike is rubbish. I can like rubbish and dislike great. Know what I mean? Personal taste is a funny thing.
  7. I'm not looking to improve the sound, only to free some funds. If I buy a decent pre-owned transport for a grand and sell the Sugden CDP for two grand and end up with a similar sound using the transport and Sugden pre-amp DAC, I'll be happy. Second hand. My Ayon CD10 ii Signature is a combined CD, DAC and pre-amp but it sounds much better going through my MFA Baby Ref V2 pre amp compared to being plugged directly into my power amp. It makes no sense but the difference is huge. The sound is so much freer and more relaxed routed through the pre amp. I don't understand hi-fi sometimes. Yeah, I tested it using my Ayon CD-10 ii Signature as a transport. It sounded lovely, better than the Sugden CDP in some ways. I wasn't criticising Cyrus, I just don't like their sound.
  8. My new Sugden Sapphire analogue pre amp has an inbuilt DAC to allow playback from digital sources. The DAC inside the pre amp is exactly the same DAC found inside Sugden's Masterclass PDT-4F CD player which I own. With that in mind, I'm hoping that a decent transport hooked up to the DAC will produce a sound similar to the Sugden Masterclass CD player - which I can then sell. I know very little about transports so would like some recommendations. I want something quite decent and am prepared to spend about a grand or so on a pre-owned unit. I've been looking at the Cyrus CD XT transport which seems well reviewed but do transports colour the sound in any way? I ask because I'm not at all a fan of the Cyrus sound (sorry Cyrus fans). Thanks.
  9. Bump. Posts that just say bump are disappointing. Here's a photo of the famous Valley of Flowers in the Indian Himalayas: Lovely.
  10. Bump. Bumps are boring. Poems ain't. Here's one from a mountain dwelling, reclusive, Japanese Zen monk: The flower invites the butterfly with no-mind; The butterfly visits the flower with no-mind. The flower opens, the butterfly comes; The butterfly comes, the flower opens. I don't know others, Others don't know me. By not-knowing we follow nature's course. - Ryokan (1758 -1831)
  11. Siltech LS-120 Speaker Cable Jumpers These jumpers were a special order built to my specification by an online hi-fi store in Holland. They are constructed from 15cm lengths of Siltech LS-120 speaker cable featuring Siltech's 3rd generation (G3) pure silver & gold alloy conductors. The cable ends are professionally crimped using WBT gold plated crimp sleeves and terminated with WBT-0610Cu 4mm bananas and WBT-0661Cu 6mm spades - these are WBT's latest generation, low mass, gold-plated pure copper banana and spade connectors. These are thick cables but very flexible. Sufficed to say, given the quality of the parts and the crimped connections (which provide low impedance compared to soldered connections), they sound fantastic. Set of 4 Length: 20 cm tip to tip (15 cm cable length) Configuration: 4mm banana to 6mm spade Condition: Fantastic condition and perfect working order. All plugs have been treated with Caig Gold contact cleaner. Sale Details: Looking for £250. Pricey, I know, but they cost me a lot more. The WBT plugs and sleeves alone were over £200. The cables have no print, but should you buy them and suspect they are fake (or even if you just don't like them) they can be returned for a full refund minus postage costs. Can't say fairer than that. You will like them though. Collection from north Wales welcome (after lockdown is lifted only) or can send by next day Special Delivery for £10. Thanks. Please note: These jumpers were sold a few days ago but that sale was cancelled in the nick of time upon the realisation that they would not fit the buyer's speakers. These jumper cables feature 6mm spades. Please ensure they are suitable beforehand.
  12. The cause of conflict is fixed ideas. We all do it to some degree. We think a person shouldn't spend £1000 on a cable, or shouldn't set up their hi-fi that way, or shouldn't dress a certain way, shouldn't drive in that manner, shouldn't live according to those principles, shouldn't believe in that God, shouldn't believe any God, and so on.
  13. Here's a good explanation: I love Paul McGowan's youtube channel. His knowledge is broad and deep and he's genuinely passionate about helping fellow audiophiles achieve good sound quality. He doesn't plug his own company's kit too much either which is refreshing. I've learned much watching his videos.