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  1. I'll repeat what I said a few posts back, this thread wasn't designed to divide, mock or judge anyone. I'm not interested in labelling anyone as idiotic. I'm only curious if David's comments (who knows a thing or two about mains products BUT is also a salesman) holds water. I genuinely and firmly believe that's the most important factor of all. I hear what you're saying and it makes sense. I'll contact Sugden and ask them about it.
  2. Zen Monkey


    BBC Four devoted several hours of programming to reggae last night. Worth watching on iPlayer if you missed it.
  3. Maybe I shouldn't have used the phrase fuseless as I'm not talking about removing or bypassing fuses. In my own system, I have a power cord fitted with a 13A fused UK plug powering an IsoTek EVO3 Titan mains conditioner fitted with schuko sockets, the auxiliary output on the Titan feeds a mains generator fitted with schuko sockets and the auxiliary output on the generator feeds a mains block fitted with schuko sockets. In other words the entire system is fused at the wall socket.
  4. I use European schuko plugs (which are fuseless) throughout my system and believe they sound better than UK plug. It takes so long to power down a system, swap the power cord then power the system up again however that my opinion is based purely on memory which isn't very reliable. I have no experience using expensive aftermarket fuses which is why David's comment got me thinking. I personally would not buy an SR fuse as I find them too expensive. I also remember a few years ago asking Patrick Miller (the head of Sugden) his thoughts on aftermarket fuses and he advised avoiding them because they sometimes have greater impedance than the £2 stock fuses they fit in the factory and on a few occasions Sugden products that had been returned for repair wouldn't even power on because the owners had replaced the stock fuses with expensive SR or Furutech fuses which weren't allowing enough current through. Anyway, I'm not criticising the decision of those who use them. I know many audiophiles swear they bring huge improvements. These kinda thread topics have a tendency to divide and break down into mockery but that isn't the purpose of this thread. I'm just curious to know if good fuses can sound better than no fuses.
  5. My thinking is no, expensive fuses don't sound better than no fuses (in other words using fuseless schuko or NEMA AC plugs) but I pose the question because David at MCRU told me that Synergistic Research Orange 13A fuses sound better than no fuse at all. I don't understand how that can be true. Not that that means anything. I've been into hi-fi long enough to realise not everything that improves sound quality makes sense but do expensive fuses really sound better than no fuses? Has anyone put it to the test?
  6. £200 price reduction, better photos uploaded, and a mystical poem by the great 13th century Sufi poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi: Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make sense any more. - Rumi
  7. The original version of The Trapeze Swinger is fab but this cover's better still:
  8. Zen Monkey


    I love Hugh Mundell's music and often lament his murder when he was still so young. He was a special talent.
  9. I had these underneath my ProAc 1SCs for many years. They never sounded better. Incredible stands.
  10. I'm never seen these before but they're really stylish and unusual looking. Good luck with the sale.
  11. To be clear, all my kit is UK/European spec (so 230 volts) and the generator I'm considering is also UK/European spec (so again 230 volt) but just happens to be fitted with NEMA outlet sockets. Risk of electric shock through handling isn't an issue as I wouldn't be plugging/unplugging anything from the generator without first powering it down. It is off-putting to hear NEMA is a wobbly connection. One of my favourite things about European schuko plugs is how secure a connection they provide as the plugs themselves (not only the pins) are sunk into a deep recess when fitted to a schuko socket.
  12. I'm curious to learn how American (NEMA) AC power connectors perform relative to UK and European (schuko) AC power connectors. I have handled various NEMA connectors and am struck by how flimsy the pins, even those on Furutech's top of the range connectors, feel compared to those on UK and schuko connectors. I've never plugged them in however so don't know how they perform. Do they provide a secure fit? Do they sound good? I currently use schuko connectors throughout my system which I really like but am contemplating a PS Audio mains generator fitted with NEMA outlets simply because their small size means you get double the number of outlets (8 instead of 4) compared to UK and Schuko outlets on the same model generator.
  13. Bi wiring does produce a different sound (compared to single wiring) and isn't as pointless as some suggest. Whether it produces a nicer, better or more authentic sound is a matter of perception. I personally would single wire and fit jumpers made from the same cable as the main speaker cables, installed in the diagonal position (see pic below) for improved treble/bass balance.
  14. Some Chinese audio equipment is held in high regard, Jay's Audio CD transports for example: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/cd-player-reviews/jays-audio-cdt-2mk2-and-dac-2-sig-part1/ https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/what-a-week-jays-cd-transport-review-and-room-rearrangement.796111/
  15. I don't know why (what you say could well be the main reason - I don't know ) but I've come to learn a good pre amp sounds better than no pre amp. At first I thought maybe it was just because MFA Baby Ref V2 is so good, but have since used a Sugden Sapphire DAP-800 pre amp and PS Audio BHK Signature pre amp and both sounded better than connecting the CD player (now DAC) directly to the power amp.
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