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  1. Afternoon all, it’s been a while since my last post, but seeing as I (without exception) buy all my hifi equipment through The Wam , I think that is excusable. I’m looking for a pair of reasonable priced Rega floorstanders, not particularly bothered about the colour etc, but they must be postable, as I live in Scotland and I no longer commute over the border , as was previously the case. I’ve seen a few pairs for sale on Gumtree, but these are typically in the south and south west , which isn’t any use to me. I’m looking to pair them up with my much loved Rega Brio 3 , and from reading the for
  2. I've replaced all the belts and have used manufacturer supplied lubricant. As for sound, when it was working I was quite happy with it . I think I'll stump up the cash and go for the upgrade. I put a brand new rb202 arm on it a couple of months ago, so with the new motor I've replaced all the big stuff and would like to get a few years out of it. I'm not big on box swapping to be fair and I am pretty brand loyal . Plus I'd only get about £150 for it , having spent all the cash.
  3. Evening all, having had a bit of a run on charity shop vinyl buying yesterday i came home to find my Rega Planar 3, bought at least 2nd hand off the wam some time back, running at 30rpm or less - not good. As usual cash strapped, so I am weighing up 2 options. Should I buy a second handheld motor which may be 30 years old for £30 , or should I buy the new 24v model which is being sold as an upgrade? I have heard that the 24v model can be noisy, and that has been an issue with the current motor, which i think has probably had a wonky bearing for some time, hence the noise and speed issues.
  4. in terms of lubrication, what should I use? I've tried contacting local Rega dealers on this one,but no one has replied as yet.
  5. It's an older model, although I have replaced the bands in the last year.
  6. So I've had my Planar 3 for about a year now, and I've just upgraded to a RB202 arm which is very nice. Trouble is , I am still getting a low grade rumble from the motor ( a sort of wop, wop, wop noise), which is a nuisance. I had wondered if the pulley on the motor was coming into contact with the glass platter. i have tried to push the pulley down onto the motor spindle, but i don't think that there is any further travel there. I also wondered if lubricating the bearing would help. I have read similar older posts on other forums, but so far no solutions to the problem. It is relatively
  7. I'm looking for a Rega tonearm for my Planar 3. Ideally looking for something fairly newish, to replace my knackered RB200 which has given up the ghost, and I can't be arsed refurbishing it. Anyone got anything which fits the bill for a reasonable skull ?
  8. Having purchased a Rega Planar 3 with a R200 tonearm some months ago I have noticed a hum from the Rega Brio 3 amp (with built in phono stage) which increases with volume. I have replaced the cartridge ( because the one supplied was of indeterminate age and use) with a audio technical AT95E which if anything has increased the hum. I have identified that the tonearm has earthing problems ( i.e. I hold it , creating a path to earth and the hum disappears) which I have not been able to correct by earthing off the earthing point on the back of the amp box. Essentially I am considering 2 options
  9. Interesting thread; is there a recent what hifi (or similar article) which does a review on interconnects to this value ? I have always been of the opinion that a change of interconnects ( certainly in my price bracket) makes an improvement/ at least a change in the overall sound delivered. Saying that my recent purchases were Oscar's Audio £9.99 pre burned in off eBay and very good they are too. A friend of a friend did a demo many years back showing the difference in sound between amp and cd player from £10 up to £150 interconnects with there being marginal difference towards the top end ( i
  10. My take on it is simple; the music industry can kiss my arse if they think I am going to buy yet another format to play music. I will be the old man in the shop looking for a replacement trumpet for my gramophone. I bought into CD in 1990 and that was enough; records have been around for 100 years or so; when I bought the CD player my assumption was that these will be around for the rest of my life. I can't get into streamed music and this idea of virtual music; what next - virtual beer ?
  11. So the cheapo tuner has arrived and after a thorough decontamination and the arrival of an internal aerial and pre enjoyed phono interconnect , it really flys. The trick I have found is to manually tune each of the stations, rather than use the autotune which seems to overtune and result in distortion; might sound odd, but this actually works and I have perfect reception even though i appear to be in a poor reception area - hurrah !
  12. As a point of principle yes; I got rid of all my vinyl 20 years ago when we were told that vinyl was dead and cd was better, and now I have better equipment I am now buying up vinyl , but not replacing the cds, which can co-exist quite happily. I have a smart friend who tells me that the technology used to record modern cds means that they are intended this format whereas classic albums ( pre 1990 for talking sake) were intended to be released on analogue and therefore sound better better on vinyl . (Throws in the grenade and retires to a safe distance)
  13. The Christians 'Colours' bought for £1 in pristine condition from the bargain bin at Europa Records in Stirling - 20,000 lps, minus the dozen I bought.
  14. Well I'll answer my own post; if anyone is interested I can recommend cdandlp.com. Good quality vinyl delivered in around a week from the continent. 2 lps plus p&p came to around £14 and they weren't duffers. Would use again.
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