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  1. Hi, just woundering if anyone has purchased an upgrade kit form GR research for their speakers? How was it? Is it worth it and how easy is it to do? Obviously this will depend on what speaker upgrade. https://youtu.be/HsmDPRMWz30 Does anyone know if we have a UK version of GR research who could offer the same service- better crossover kits for named speakers? Cheers Neil
  2. Hi got a Gato 250s NPM on trial. No instructions though but I have found them online.

    I’m a bit confused I have the standard Bluetooth working but if it’s left not playing I have to push the connection button for it to reconnect is that the norm.

    Does the blue tooth upscale everything or do I need to connect it through the internet aerial as well to get the upscaled music. I’m sorry if it sounds basic lm running a Naim 110 and a Naim nag 12s both about 25 plus years old .All this new tech is exactly that new too me. Thanks 

  3. General advice on power supply options on upgrading for my moon mind 180? Worth the money or a waste? https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/simaudio-music-streamer-linear-psu-2/#reviews https://www.sbooster.com/botw-pp-eco-12-13v/180-mind-streamer
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/pssMu5pEms34xpnQA
  5. Still coming up with blank searches.. What's the codes on the records? Isn't that a catalogue search number? Example: his master's voice B.9683 Freddy Martin 'cumana'
  6. Hi, sorry for asking a basic question. Got lots of old 78's that I need to find out if they have any value? Google search doesn't match most times comes up with unrelated record. Is there any quick way of searching a code or number on the record?
  7. Where can I find out the value of my inheritanced collection of 78's records? Around 200 of them.
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