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  1. I’m really surprised this one is still here; especially for this price - that’s what I paid for mine in 2016 and it was excellent price back then (and a bargain too), even before the price increase from SME. You can’t buy a new one anymore - that, unfortunately, isn’t an option. (On another note - just sell it, so I can list mine - upgraded to V)
  2. Brilliant cables, I have 2 pairs. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Provisionally sold - awaiting response; will mark as such once completed
  4. and bump, it sold on eBay but buyer didn't pay, so back on sale
  5. An update after the Upgrade from Pawel has been in place for 3 days and node playing internet radio 24/3. It was time to play something I have access to both on vinyl and in digital. As expected, considering what I have as a vinyl setup, vinyl sounds the best and the upgrade sounds (as a streamer), to my ears, better than stock 2i. And this is still without aftermarket PSU. I am now convinced that aftermarket PSUs will sound even better and are worth the money. Saying that, I think I overspent on digital with the purchase of Hegel HD30 and might go for something cheaper from Denafrips considering that I use digital only for situations when there are guests around or comparing cables. For me, and to my ears, my vinyl setup is miles better (and it should be for that money). Too long, didn’t read (I know it should be as the first thing in this post - but at least you’ve read it by the time you read this) - Pawel’s upgrade is worth it even if you use Node 2i as a streamer.
  6. can we get back on track with discussions related Node 2i please?
  7. Just a small update, finally managed to force myself to install Pawel’s upgrade. So far it’s working, flat isn’t on fire and the cat doesn’t care the same way as before. First impressions (used purely as a streamer): seems to be more defined across the range and notably in the lower frequencies. Also soundstage appears to be more focused. Hard to tell what is influencing these as in addition to the upgrade I also connected new WireWorld Mini Electra so it could be both these additions together.
  8. Bump and will consider reasonable offers. My upgrade to amp that has only XLR inputs triggered this sale and my search for phono preamp that would satisfy that requirement. I’ve used it with Nagaoka MP-200, Nagaoka MP-500 and Van den Hul Frog - as you know, each one is different and Clones just passed on the character of each cartridge and scaled with it. I now own Whest Audio PS.30RDT that used to retail for around £3000. I’d say that, obviously, the new unit in general is better but it’s not (never is) a clear cut. And it’s that matter of “clear cut” that made me to research how I could “warm up” a bit this new unit and as a result, RDT is now with Whest for upgrade to 40RDT version to bring some attributes of Clones to my current preamp. These Clones Audio units are small gems (across the range) and perform in different category than the price would suggest. You have separate power supply and separate preamp and units to limit interference. It’s great sounding unit that will surprise you. It’s quiet with well balanced reproduction and allows you to tailor the settings for your cartridge and preference.
  9. Bump and I will consider reasonable offers. I don’t really have to sell this amp but I believe it’s shame that it doesn’t have a new home and sits there in the box unused. It’s been reviewed quite a lot at the old price as one of the best amps in a sub $5000 category. Gato then did something crazy and decided to sell direct and reduced prices - my price does reflect this change, otherwise I’d be selling it for much more. If you’re looking for a beautifully looking and sounding all in one package, I really believe there’s nothing else on the market that can compete in the new pricing bracket - not even mentioning old pricing - or the price of this unit. It replaced well regarded Bel Canto DAC3 and S300i (combined price of around £4,000) and Gato beat it on all fronts. I originally planned to upgrade it to NPM version (~650€) but Bluesound Node, in my opinion, is much better product to serve streaming duties than NPM and at lower cost. I’ve used it with SoundCare feet that elevated the performance a bit (3, rather than 4 feet) and can include them in the sale.
  10. Unfortunately I don’t have experience with Boenicke (always wanted to listen to a pair) but they’ve been driving my Davone Audio Ray (original Ray) that are rated as 8Ohm (dipping to 4) at 88dB with ease and plenty of headroom.
  11. Hi, I’m the seller - It doesn’t have missing foot, just a rubber bit on the bottom. Some owners use felt pads which I can install if you want, others use something else (as I did - 3 feet under the amp’s base rather than original 4 feet that are just standard metal feet with some rubber pad under)
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