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  1. Thank you, replied and updated the listing too..
  2. Thank you for all your suggestions, looks like I have a lot of reading to do. Am not sure if I would benefit from having Roon (monthly cost/lifetime cost) as my collection is rather small at around 50 albums and most of my "proper" listening is done on my TT and digital is used mostly for cable comparisons and background music, but am not completely dismissing it as a possibility. But definitely need to sort out something as current setup is really really bad: streaming through smart TV (can read from NAS) -> downgrade to 16/44 -> optical to Gato, or AirPlay which sounds even worse.
  3. Thank you for response. Yes, I'm UK based and my 250S was actually part exchange of my old 250 via Elite Audio. Just dropped them a message asking about the possibility of part exchange. I will also research SOtM module (never heard about it before)
  4. Hello Gato owners, I have a question regarding NPM upgrade. I own 250S which I upgraded to from standard 250. That setup worked for me well until I moved. Previously I had my computer near the amplifier and my computer was connected to amp via USB. This isn't the case anymore and am looking for streaming solution instead as my music is stored on NAS that has also some radio stations available (Synology NAS). The options are: - send to Gato for upgrade to NPM for €695 - get Auralic Mini - get Bluesound Node Do you have any experience or opinions about these options and which one would provide the best results? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Bump + reasonable offers would be considered. If you need more photographs or any additional information, please contact me
  6. Hello music lovers, I have a pair of 2m Tellurium Q Ultra Black speaker cables for sale. They’re finished with banana plugs on both sides. As can be seen (I hope) on the photos, the bananas have some marks on them due to usage - connected to Cardas terminals on my speakers. New ones can be found on eBay in the same configuration for £1040. PLEASE NOTE: I don't have original packaging and there are no visible manufacturer's markings that can prove that this is genuine set. Stating it here as (and rightly so) I was contacted about it. If anybody is aware of how I could provide proof of their origin please let me know. I bought them used 3 years ago. Location: Brentford/London Price: £450 (including P&P) Postage: delivery or collection in person
  7. Please do let us know how you find them. I have original Ray with DIA-250S and am happy. Original Ray used single coaxial driver and pair would cost around $7500. I don’t know where the new Rays stand, or how they compare with old ones.
  8. Hello there, is this a Pro Version and how old is it? Thank you.
  9. This will also affect trade in options, i can imagine. I traded my 250 for 250S with elite audio. Now the trade in value will have to drop, can’t imagine why would anyone get “used” 250S for £2500 if they can get a new one for the same amount. Maybe Gato should provide trade in option too.
  10. Has anyone compared A/B Dia 150 to peers like Luxman and (also Danish) Gryphon?
  11. This brings so many memories from early 2000s when I used to work in a HiFi shop. We had 10 series there and used them with various speakers but one memorable moment was introduction of Nautilus 801 from B&W which we did in the local theatre - that was really really good. There's another interesting CD from Rotel, drive and DAC RDP/RDD 980; colleague had this at home and was claiming it's better than RCD 991. Don't remember the results of comparison (we've had few as I had Luxman D-700s, other colleague Accuphase DP-55 and our friend Pioneer PD-95) but always liked how it sounded at his place. There was also one smaller power amp in the 10 series and active preamplifier if I remember correctly.