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  1. MickyP


    Re above, I gave up on the science years ago. Try the cable on a money back; if you like it great. If not, also great, because you've proved you were right all along. And then get your money back. :-)
  2. MickyP


    Audio Quest do a bi-wire single wire cable, so it may not be too expensive. Look up Rocket 11 bi-wire speaker cable on Future Shop. Oh, I think Q Acoustics ran an interesting article too on bi-wiring. Good luck and let us know your findings!
  3. MickyP


    Def worth trying bi-wiring and if you hear no differences, you tried it. Do have a read of the pdf on Audio Quest's website.
  4. My ha'penneth. Removing a Russ Andrews Classic PowerKord from my system (on the amp) improved the sound, as did removing MCRU mains jobbies from my panel speakers. I would suggest trying a good quality non 'audiophile' mains cable first. You may be surprised!
  5. MickyP

    Foam tiles

    Take two - larger curtains blocking boxy bits, back wall 'pics' stuffed with foam and some magic on the inside of the alcove. Settee covering bottom boxy bit too. Very much improved!
  6. MickyP

    Foam tiles

    Ta, will have another fiddle. :-) Have you carpet or laminate?
  7. MickyP

    Foam tiles

    Hiya I had them nearly a metre and wider but they sounded very brittle. I guess me dusting off an old rug and reducing the laminate would be a good starting point. I just wondered, per original post, whether some acoustic tiling behind the speakers would do much.
  8. MickyP

    Foam tiles

    Pics below. I know the floor's a bit lively, but the side reflection points are windows and I can pull the curtains. Wondering if the RSJ extension beam is bouncing stuff around. Any thoughts? I can throw a mat down and try that and/or hang some on the back wall and judge what it does to the sound. Or carpet the whole room! Mike
  9. MickyP

    Foam tiles

    Would a pic canvas do the same or similar? I could easily strategically add a couple of large pics on the back wall behind the speakers.
  10. MickyP

    Foam tiles

    Hiya Re the 'random distribution' bit, obvs this has to be wife friendly. She'd much rather have the whole wall the same - would that just sterilise the sound? I take it you mean a couple of, maybe, 5 x 3 panels at a key position on the wall behind speakers. I have seen some hexagonal form tiles. I might be able to sell those to the missus. :-)
  11. MickyP

    Foam tiles

    Anyone tried these to calm a lively sounding room? Eg these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143383226557 Wouldn't cost the earth. I have a laminate floor but the room's rugged up.
  12. I thought the treble sounded cleaner connected, less splashy. Try both and diagonal. What's to lose?
  13. My ha'pennith. Recently moved and repositioned speakers (Martin Logans) until blue in the face and they still sounded flat. Removed Russ Andrews PowerMax Plus mains leads from amp and another to distribution block and replaced with oe stuff (type supplied by manufacturers with kit) and voila!, back to usual transparency. This cable worked well at old address. So... mains cables do make a difference to sound quality, for whatever reason, and it's not always for the best!
  14. Mebs clean your connections every so often and experiment massively with speaker position, furnishings (within reason) etc.
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