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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I think hear are the ones that @damian.duffy mentioned above.
  2. Thanks for the offer, but I will keep looking for a pair in a wood finish for a while
  3. I'm on the look out for a pair of these, ideally in the oak or cherry finish
  4. I can confirm there is a hiss when no music is playing, but i cant hear it from my listening position a couple of metres away, but it may be problematic for those who plan to use them nearfield or are more sensitive to hiss than i am. It certainly isnt an issue when music is playing and the auto shutoof when there is no signal menas that when not in use there is no hiss for more than a few minutes. Having emailed Mads Buchardt i am assured that the issue will be fixed, along with an issue with the HDMI arc which occasionally doesn't recognise the signal. I have quoted his email below which also gives some information about a forthcoming Buchardt hub/streamer... The ARC is bugged and the team is currently working on an update that would fix these issues. Should be coming very soon automatically. The hizz would be removed soon, we already have a fix for it, we should soon be updating all the mastertunings with this fix as well. In q1 2021 our advanced EQ should be ready, this is a pretty big deal so i can't wait for this to launch. We already started the design on our own Buchardt preamp/hub for the speakers, the Platin hub you have now is clearly not a Buchardt product, but it gets the job done and it offers crazy good value for money, but it still feels misplaced. It would be based on our I150 chassis and have many of the same things within the preamp section. We are planning on getting a BlueOS module as the streaming solution with it. When it's released properly q2 2021 we would be offering a full cashback on the current hub if you want to upgrade.
  5. Yes please. If you send me a pm with payment details I will sort out payment today. Phil
  6. Depending on what sort it is you may find someone on here willing to take the lot. As with selling Toma dealer you will take a.bit if a bit in the full value but it will save to a huge amount of time.and hassle
  7. £300ish, but could potentially go a bit higher
  8. Looking for a vacuum record cleaning machine, as much as I'd love a loricraft or similar, finances dictate I'm looking more in the Project/Okki Nokki price range.
  9. Is there any difference between the project VCS and VCE other than the metal body and tank capacity?
  10. A little more than you were looking to pay, but I have an audiolab q-dac for £130.
  11. I've used passive pres and a quad 34 with a number of quad power amps and always found the passives to be better. I had a Khozmo until I sold all my quad amps which was a wonderful match for the 405-2. I still have a Tisbury passive knocking about if you are anywhere near East Surrey and fancy trying it.
  12. I got a phono stage off him for better than RRP and it arrived quickly. I am aware some other people have had issues with him though
  13. I can attest to these being very impressive speakers. I had initially bought a phono stage with two outputs so that i could keep a second amp and pair of speakers in case i couldn't get on with the the ADC/DAC conversion - my passive preamp and all of my Quad power amps are now sold/up for sale, so take from that what you will. I have a room with quite boomy bass and the room correction sorted it right out. I have just started trying out the different tunings which is a lot of fun too. The app needs a bit of work and some more functionality added, but having emailed Mads Buchardt I am assured that this is forthcoming.
  14. Hmm, i don't seem to be able to send a message for some reason - not sure if there is an issue with the site? Rest assured i do want the rack and can collect whenever convenient this weekend.