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  1. Hmm, tempting. I always quite likely the at95e. Has anyone tried one of these?
  2. Looking for a moving magnet cartridge suitable for use on a SME 3009. Budget up to about £150. Thanks Phil
  3. I'll take these please... 10) 3x New issue Tungsol 12AX7 Single digit hours £18 for all 3 posted Thanks
  4. Morning all. I'm looking for a new arm for an SME 3009 for my Thorens TD160. I'd also consider other suitable arms for this table. Thanks, Phil
  5. All I can tell you is that they are new caps. I listened to it against a stock version and it sounded much the same. The stock version is perhaps slighlty more rolled off on the treble. They were replaced by Alan (Firebottle) who posts a lot over on AoS.
  6. I have only recently bought this alongside another 306. This one has had the speaker binding posts replaced and new caps fitted. It has also had the feed forward bridge balance adjusted. I have chosen to keep the stock version as it is a little better cosmetically. There are a few marks on this commensurate with age (some scratches on top and a couple to the heat sink) but it is generally in pretty good order. I'm looking to get back what I paid for it which is £190 posted.
  7. I have had this great little amp for about 4 years and it has never missed a beat. I' only selling now as I have gone for some active speakers and a pre/power amp combination so no longer have any need for an integrated amp. The amp itself is in great condition, but the remote has a couple of scratches and tiny bite marks where my teething child got hold of it. I'm looking for around £300.
  8. Looking for one of these pre amps. Not bothered if it is the S or + Thanks Phil