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  1. Hi all. After asking for suggestions on a shallow turntable for my office system I think I have now settled on a Technics SL-7. Does anyone have one, in good working condition, for sale? Thanks, Phil
  2. Ah, a fellow Reigatian! If you fancy hearing what active speakers can do you are welcome to have a listen to my Buchardt A500 once lockdown is over.
  3. I think this is the nicest looking turntable I have seen - so glad it has finally sold so I can put it out of my mind!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a small DAC with toslink input to run a Chromecast into a second system. Ideally it would be cheap and have automatic power on when a signal is fed through it (if such a function exists).
  5. Any streamer with Chromecast will work with the BBC sounds app, I think. Certainly works well in both my systems.
  6. Looking for a pair of Rogers Studio 3. I would also consider something of a very similar size (space is very limited as it is for an office system), that likes to be close to a wall and has a similar impedance (not dropping much below 8ohms). Cheers, Phil
  7. Looks very nice. If I were only using it with a 303 I might go for it, but it will need to match with an FM3 and an AM3 so I'd prefer the original fascia.
  8. Looking for a Quad 33 in good cosmetic condition, ideally relatively recently serviced.
  9. Hmm, sadly I'm down in East Surrey so probably too far for personal delivery.
  10. I have emailed him without response, so j guess he is still busy. If I don't hear back I'll try giving him a call.
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