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  1. Are you keeping the Harbeth P3ESR you list? Is this a Leak valve amp you want to sell? Not for me, I have a Stereo 20.
  2. Mark Audio Alpair range, especially 10M. Better to my ears than Jordan J92.
  3. https://www.zetazero.eu/. Zeta Zero are probably the ugliest and most pretentious speakers ever made.....
  4. Reading this thread I realise I'm in a time warp. I had to look up MQA for instance. The only streaming I do is from YouTube or sometimes Spotify. I have a large collection of CDs ripped to an external HD which I access in iTunes. So I pay no monthly fee whatever. And I'm happy with the sound quality, since all my ripped CDs are kept in lossless AIFF. YouTube sound doesn't bother me - it sounds pretty good and as good as I need it to for casual listening. I also use Garageband a lot for making recordings and playing them back. So how many years out of date am I, and does it matter?
  5. Yes, that's how I see it. Recycling is the key to protecting the environment. There's an increasing number of initiatives to set up repair facilities rather than manufacturing ones. OK - tough for UK audio companies, but they could start by cutting in half the charges they make for repair of their units. Protecting the environment will require some brutal changes and we need to start seeing things very differently. Recycling is one big part of this - its a sea change. https://www.recycleyourelectricals.org.uk/electrical-recycling-near-me/ " Before you part with your electricals … Consider whether you could repair your phone, laptop or kitchen appliance. There’s thriving demand for refurbished devices – and lots of broken electricals only require simple repairs to get them back up and running again. Before splashing out on replacements, find out if fixing your item makes sense."
  6. Indeed - where possible I buy from the Ukraine. It's all Russian stuff but at least it's in the Ukraine now.
  7. I'm very into combatting climate change, and have become vegetarian as a result. The science is clear with climate change - it's happening and we need to take measures. I think this is the most important and significant moral choice. The way I see it, it's better to use already manufactured goods than goods which are currently being manufactured by polluters like China. Being a big valve user, I'm particularly happy to be recycling valve equipment dating back several years. So my choice is for recycling first and foremost wherever possible. Buy as much as possible used. An example would be using Russian ex-military valves and components. At the time, Russia was probably doing unspeakable things, but these components are just sitting around doing nothing, so the only pollutant is transport, which is pretty unavoidable whatever we use.
  8. It's true that large power transformers and also chokes can produce a field around them so moving other more sensitive parts of the circuitry out of this field can be beneficial. But we are only talking something like 6 to 9 inches here, maybe a foot at most, not "as far away as possible". The other question is how you divide the cables between the preamp and the speakers. If you have a low output impedance in the preamp you may find it sounds better with longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables, if you move the amp closer to the speakers.
  9. The slim speaker in the Spendor line is the A2 with a 150mm mid-bass instead of the 180mm in the A4, A7 and D7. Has anyone heard these? A 150mm mid-bass may favour the mids and go some way towards the Harbeth there? A pair for £1199 on ebay......
  10. Haha..... yes, once you go above 2-ways the picture does change. The easy answer is, as you say, that there are good and bad examples of both. But a sealed box remains an ideal for some. For the BBC I imagine they wanted the speakers to be used in confined spaces including up against walls, though a front port would have been possible with a different design. So presumably a sealed box was thought to have virtues. For ATC a sealed box was a design decision, and they are pretty good at designing speakers. So the question is a valid one. Here's an interesting site to read up on this: https://audiojudgement.com/sealed-enclosure-closed-box/
  11. We have some excellent threads going on 2-way speakers, and part of the discussion is around sealed versus ported boxes. The discussion ranges from the BBC LS3/5a which is a very small sealed box to the ATC SCM11 which is 20 litres in external dimensions. If we consider "bookshelf" 2-ways to have a mid-bass from 135mm to 150mm could the discussion include floorstanders with similar units? Some have stated that they will not use ported boxes for sonic reasons. Others are more open to persuasion. There is a huge knowledge of 2-way speakers here, so what are you guys finding on this issue?
  12. Just to clarify - what "interconnects" are we talking about here, speaker cables, RCA interconnects or both?
  13. Hmmm.... from your choice of music and desire for musicality I would have gone straight for panel speakers. But from the above I'm not sure where you would situate them. Nevertheless, I suggest looking at Quad 57s, and used Martin Logans, Magneplaners and even better a pair of Apogee Caliper signatures if you are lucky enough to find them. Apogee spare parts can be sources from Australia. There is also Newform in Canada for ribbons but that would be more complicated.
  14. Well, actually yes. I don't have any fancy cables at all and not going to buy any. However, I do need to make some good DIY interconnects with RCA plugs. Not fussed about the plugs, but I would like some recommendations for good cable to make up the interconnects with. So off you go, lads......
  15. I just measured my listening room and it's 14'9" by 11'1" (4.5 x 3.38 m2). This looks like a pretty ideal room size for these kinds of bookshelf speakers. I haven't looked into room nodes. Can anyone comment on room sizes and speaker interaction?
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