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  1. I've just had a closer look. £550 per unused socket....
  2. What about our good old Lowther drivers and speaker designs. They have relatively easy to build designs that fit many room sizes.
  3. Add the power supply and usb regeneration unit and you have a fantastic sounding network player.
  4. I can chip in with my personal experiences. I have used a Gold Note DS1000 MK2 DAC / Streamer for the last few years and really appreciate it's warm and smooth sound. A friend had a SOtM sMS-200 Ultra Neo SE network player streamer for sale so I asked to try it. I wired it in to my standard switch and used a standard usb cable to connect it to the Gold Note DAC. I switched between the two. The Sotm was a leap ahead of the Gold Note's own network player input. The conclusion that I took from this is it's better to separate the two processes. Keep the network player and DAC separate so you can maximize the value and quality of each.
  5. Try Audio T in Reading. This is my old shop, we had one while I was working there.
  6. Could potentially sellers please contact me by PM with pictures, location and price. Many thanks.
  7. 5881 or 6l6 are the same. Will work great. I have a set of lightly used Sovtek 6l6wxt for £45 posted.
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