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  1. Hi G.J, Yes, you could model those speakers without any problems. You can't specify that the mid is pointing upward but you can correct both the phase and response of the driver because of this. (the exakt filters don't care which way the drivers are pointing but you'll need a measurement microphone to get the best results - unless you are simply recreating the original crossover points and slopes in exakt and allowing the software to automatically correct the variations in phase produced naturally by the driver). In short, I can't see any reason why you couldn't create custom exakt filters for those.
  2. I can't wait to see this one finished Dik but it looks like a tough kit. I'm inspired by what you're doing.
  3. If you are going to quote people, at least use the words they actually used rather than re-quote someone else's interpretation of what someone else said. I presume that was aimed at the person who was upset by the comment... if so, why would you have a dig at someone who has just experienced the death of someone close to them?
  4. I'm genuinely sorry to hear about your loss britishcomposers. Grief sucks.
  5. I think you are right there... the angle of the side lasers look fixed in the black box thing but the first reflection point will be relative to the room width & length, the speaker position and angle along with the position of the listener. Stefan (orangeart) posted a great suggestion for identifying first reflection points using a mirror. Simply sit in the listening position and get someone to hold a mirror flat against the wall, then guide them to move the mirror around until you can see the speaker drivers in the mirror from the listening position. That exact point will be the first reflection point of your set-up. You can do the same thing on the floor, ceiling might be tricky but possible with some step-ladders.... You could do it on your own with a tall mirror but it may involve a lot of getting up and down to check and adjust the mirror position.
  6. I'd send another email to the guys at ANK just asking if they received your last email and whether they had chance to reply. They are usually spot on with their email communication but sometimes things can get missed or forgotten. Based on my experience, I very much doubt they would ignore your message on purpose so a gentle reminder may do the trick.
  7. Agreed, plus the Lav will never pass an MOT with those tyres and its handling may be compromised.
  8. I was more thinking about complaining while being nice and polite which is what I think you've done. I didn't mean give it to them with both barrels. That's not my style unless I forget to count to 10.
  9. It's not very British but I'd complain anyway. https://www.heller.fr/en/nous-contacter They may send you a replacement tyre as there has to be some sort of mistake. Edit: Sorry Dik, I posted my reply before yours appeared on my screen. I hope they come through.
  10. No problem, drop me a message around the end of the month if you'd still like me to pop over and measure them. I've had a look at the tweeter model, from what I can see, they were only used in the Focus 220 and Focus 140 so replacements are not that easy to come by. There are some out there though, as an example I spotted a NOS pair in HK for $180 USD. If you hear from Dynaudio, ask them for the tweeter thiele small parameters and any other info they have to help compare against factory spec. These images below looks like the T-380 and were listed on ebay and described as being for the Focus 220.
  11. Is there any part number on the rear of the tweeter that you could look up? Some detective work may tell you if they have ferrofluid in them or wait to hear from dynaudio. It sounds like the most likely cause to me. It would be a subtle and gradual change over time which matches what you've said. It's possible to clean and replace the ferrofluid in most tweeters which would be cheaper than sourcing replacements - if that's what it turns out to be. I do go to Manchester and every now and then and could measure them for you (taking an impedance measurements to check against the original spec) or even check them with a calibrated mic and REW, to see how the tweeters measure against the rest of the system but I'm not planning to go before April and I expect you'll have found a solution by then.
  12. The previous house owner had used something similar (not exactly the same) but it had been there a while and had failed. The room started to smell and things started to go mouldy as the condensation was reaching the plasterboard. If I could go back in time, I would pay for it to be done professionally but that doesn't sound like an option for the OP who is happy to run the dehumdifier to keep the moisture under control. Thanks for sharing the tips though.
  13. That was never an issue though. Once the poly was up, the RH went down to about 40% at 18C.
  14. I agree that stripping the walls and tanking is easy to do for a DIY'er but turning a tanked space in to a usuable listening room is another level. I bonded poly to the walls with no air gap, then skimmed it with some stuff designed to prime the boards then two coats of plaster. It's worked-out in the end, but was a rough ride.
  15. Interesting... how do you propose he deals with the condensation after tanking? I've just done this myself, stripped my basement back to stone, tanked it and then I had to insulate the whole feckless thing to stop pools of water building up from the condenstation which has nowhere to go. I wouldn't tank it unless you plan to insulate and finish it properly, otherwise it may (as it did in my case) make the room completely unusuable until it's finished.
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