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  1. I have the 550ax2 which I love so this AB amp with a good first Watts in A would be lovely. Phono input is amazing too.
  2. Selling my Tron Seven... Valve... In classifieds still but no remote just Excellent sound.
  3. OMG this thread.... I wish people would take their endless jabber and arguments with are Off the F Topic.... to another thread... If they just stuck to bluesound node 2i and various tweaks and their impressions the world would be more pleasant. Start your own threads and rant on in them. 95 pages and only about 4 have anything relevant to OP
  4. I can safely say that my node 2i with pimped PS upgrade into chord qutest easily bests the Linn Klimax renew I had going straight into LUXMAN xlr.... Granted the SH price I got for Linn nearly covered the cost of all replacement.... Linn had one box ease and tied in with linn sneaky in TV room so there was linked ability that was amazing 9 odd years back.
  5. I can still get FIP world station but seems the main station has gone.... I know the BBC is having issues with US produced bands and clearances in TV production and fees are being renogiated!!!!
  6. My computer is in the office the other end of the home from the TV so difficult to guage immediate results tweaking in KONFIG but has anyone got the delay setting needed to match Linn with TV lips... I am using TV for centre fill with about 70%of volume from the stereo. TV optical out into sneaky DSM Thanks
  7. I have lost FIP radio but can still access through the own app but tunein and my office denon says not available in your country which makes me worry that it is another horrible brexit thing
  8. - Would also consider p/x for disc transport with cash if needed.... Sad to say that since getting the Chord Qutest I am loving CDs again as well as Tidal streaming. - Would also consider some sensitive speakers like Klipsch Heresy (but bigger as bedroom) that are decent at lower levels. (15w valve)
  9. I had falcon ls3/5a amazing SoundStage but depends on music you listen to I found the lack of bass an issue... I know big Speakers not wanted but my tannoy ardens I listen late to at About 60db whereas my little art audio sound quieter at 70db..... A tangent - I fitted iso acoustic feet to my ardens and the improvement all around and also at low listening levels was amazing
  10. Thanks I know that feeling or should I say pain. At the moment in bedroom fed from small yamaha music cast or playing fiio FLAC files... Neither really do it justice.... Even had me wondering if I could squeeze some audio note or tannoys in there.... Then I remember I am supposed to be simplifying. Could be tempted by high end disc transport p ex and cash????
  11. Aaah that's very small... So another 400 for decent drive. Does drive rip sacd too??