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  1. Google say no ... OFF:Set to off when using headphones. No sound is generated from any speakers. A Selects the A system speaker terminals. b Selects the B system speaker terminals. AB Simultaneously activates both A and B system speakers. When both speaker terminals are si- multaneously used, select speakers with imped- ance of 8 ohms or more because both output terminals are connected in parallel.
  2. I was told biwiring my tannoys give huge benefit and I did hear the difference quite clearly but on other speakers I didn’t hear a difference. That said I know have a luxman amp which has 2 sets of speaker outputs A/B but not sure if same rail and whether that would be better in terms of running 2 sets of cables rather than split bidirectional from 1 terminal.... but I’m too busy enjoying the music although might google it
  3. I had a Linn Klimax renew DS and sold it once I heard the blue sound node 2i with an upgraded power supply again as above into a chord qutest .... didn’t really save on the swap but use qutest with my new project rs2 disc transport and a sacd player. don’t feel like I am missing anything and operation easy both apple or android
  4. I sold my linn klimax renew once I bought an upgraded bluesound node 2i with lps (into chord qutest) and discovered it was equal if not better on tidal than the Linn.... But kept a sneaky dsm for TV duties with my art audio speakers... I also like the firmware updates
  5. I ripped some 2000+ cds to flac and put them on a Nas when I first got a Linn streamer... Most going to charity 😇 Just got project cd box Rs2 t transport into chord qutest and I am wowed... Cds don't sound like CD anymore and easily beat streaming... I have no idea why. I like to blame magic... So I am going to charity shops and snapping them up up again at 1-2 quid apiece
  6. That is a Steal if I didn't already have the 550ax2 and was trying not to spend
  7. Sorted now thanks... Wired up tangent ampster 2... Initial reports are that it is pretty amazing. Very nice quality sound and is a million times better than price suggest... Daughter as happy as Larry... Or a plum or a pig in!!
  8. yes she has used my upgraded PS Bluesound in the main system so she can navigate fine - and she is young and gets it straight away ... i like the bluesound streaming more than my linn but just wasnt sure on the amp part. So good to hear
  9. sorry bad terminology on my part - I have dsf files on a flash USB i play through the CDS 50
  10. Arcam Cds 50 (think about 650 new) plays CD SACD and you can also stream dsf files from USB on back... Also acts as a streamer although I have a seperate one. I used to go balanced into my Amplifier but I now route through a chord Qutest Dac which is much better as you would expect
  11. She is on my family membership so paid... And the speakers are going there as I have my tannoys in main lounge and art audio in the kitchen lounge and they are sat in a corner unused.....
  12. For my daughter in her new rental flat.... I am giving her my fostex full range mini horns and need an amp to stream Spotify and maybe a drive and power them. Pretty sensitive speakers about 95db if I remember so don't need power. Budget up to 400 tops to just get her started and away from tiny Bluetooth speaker....
  13. I thought they would have done something more radical this year for 50th anniversary redesign - but played ultrasafe even by rolex standards
  14. Yep they go up in value when you buy well. My green sub hulk doubled in value when I walked out the store... That's a bit crazy but only becoming more collectable.
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