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  1. I still have my sony deck. Really good editing features. Easy to copy from CD.
  2. I have a BK XLS200. Very good with the 9.1 and my passive speakers.
  3. Bought a second hand pair to make my own opinion. Quite an upbeat sound but non fatiguing to me. They do go very loud. I'd describe them as good fun, probably not the last word in music reproduction but I don't know what is. I wouldn't sell them and also run a non active system.
  4. Thanks for the pointer, I'll have a go. All the best. Tom.
  5. Morning all, any help appreciated. Can anyone suggest the way to use the neo ace as a preamp and streamer into active speakers? Essentially bypass the power amp in the neo.
  6. I bought a learning remote for about £30. The marantz channels do seem to work.
  7. I've lost the remote to my adm9.1rs. Anyone know of a way around THIS? Thanks.
  8. Simon, I have tried to message you but not sure the message has sent properly. Regards. Tom.
  9. Brand new unused crossovers. 2 way. Postage by agreement or collect from OX9.
  10. I have 2 pairs of wilmslow kit speakers and have previously commented on the WAM forum. The range of drive units they.can supply is excellent. I'm not technical and can't comment on the crossovers but the speakers sound OK to me and very good in some aspects. The downside is the cost of cabinets which can quickly escalate and their cabinet designs are in my opinion pretty visually uninspiring when compared to off the shelf alternatives- look at what Q acoustics achieve for example. Your chosen speaker may be very good and unique but probably no cheaper (and easily more expensive) than decent off the shelf speakers. And their website really doesn't offer enough product visual stimulation given the cost.
  11. In my experience it's the cost of the cabinets that blows the budget on DIY builds.
  12. I've just taken delivery of a pair of Arcaydis EB2S speakers, looking forward to setting them up over the weekend.
  13. The newly released GR version is £1300. That should help bring the price of the previous versions out of cuckoo land.