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  1. I won’t do. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thank you for trying. Honestly. I think i l’m going to buy a New crossover . For the speaker i broke and give it a go. I’Ve found a friend who has a solder iron and a multimeter. Thank you again
  3. I can solder. But i own neither. I definitely wont be throwing them. They will come back to life. Thanks for advice.
  4. Ive taken the Back panel off where the banana plugs are. Ive taken the speaker out and i cant open the case. I cant see ive taken all the spade connector off and reconnected them.
  5. Wow. Thank you. I cant explain how lost i feel without them. Under normal circumstances id wait until i could replace/repair them.
  6. If im Honest i can’t afford anything like at the moment. Im a painter and decorator. And i hadn't been going long enough to declare tax so. Sounds like a sob story this. I hope no one thinks I'm taking the piss.
  7. Ive had it apart as much as i know how to put it back together. Couldn't find anything loose. The tweeter is still getting a bit of signal. The speakers where the only part of my set up i wasn't wanting to change for a while 😭😭😭😭. 😂
  8. My daughter knocked it off the stand and now there is ably a whisper coming through the tweeter. Ive checked all the wires and connectors And i cant find the issue.
  9. Thanks Mondie. Those kefs’s where so clear. My first proper step away from rubbish hifi equipment.
  10. seen the size of your hands belloire. Must be a sturdy bit of kit.
  11. Good morning to you. Those look nice mate thank you. Ive never listened to a set of these.
  12. Right not sure if this is asking a bit much of the wam. I recently broke my kef iq3s. Im lost. Ive been told to shield for 12 weeks. Due to my asthma and I’m not sure i will survive without any music. Im not asking for free ones. Maybe just cheap ones thanks guys and girls. If this post is inappropriate please just let me know amd i will take it down.
  13. Just poking around to see if anyone has a system that needs listening to around Darlington. I’m near Darlington. Also the offer stands to come over and listen to mine. 😁