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  1. All great artists provoke a reaction in everyone!
  2. I have to be "in the zone" to listen to Hammill- but he can really take you places. "Over" is my "knockout" Hammill masterpiece. Can't listen to that too often though!
  3. Everybody raves about Minstrels- must be something in it! I had Rega Elas which I know shared some similarities with the Royd Apex- a great little speaker which conveyed music so well. Has them as a 2nd system pair on and off for 3 years and miss them! I'd imagine these Priors would sort out the bass issue with those 8" drivers....
  4. What do they do that makes you love them? I imagine these should have pretty decent low end to go with the usual Royd traits...
  5. I have been looking at/for full-range quality speakers (used) recently and although I know the /2 series were meant to be a big improvement, I can't imagine the original line would have disappointed. Been rigorously checking Ebay too- bad timing!
  6. Nooo..would have bought that on the spot!
  7. I just checked and it was Audio Emotion who were selling one, but it was an AES version.
  8. I think there was one for sale on HiFi For Sale earlier this year...
  9. Yeah, vintage stuff has shot up- 3 or 4 years ago, you could pick up a pair of, say, KEF Concertos for less than £100 . That seems to have tripled. Ditto for the original Reference 105. Often available around £350-400 in 2017 . 2 pairs recently sold on Ebay for getting on for £1100-1200! Can it last though, or are we seeing a permanent shift with vintage stuff? No, but I suppose you are going to tell me that it costs about £20 to build. Do tell us more!
  10. Yeah agreed, everything I have read of them seems to indicate a better leading edge to all notes, top to bottom. Makes me think that they might be a very successful add-on with older speakers to give them a more current (up to date) response.
  11. Thanks, I knew about Sigma Drive (and the Aurex/Toshiba equivalent Clean Drive) but not DLD. I think your M1 must be unwell!
  12. Remember a few years back when these cost much less? You could buy them secondhand for half that....not any more though! Actually, a pair were advertised recently sub £500 and I was shocked...and thus not fast enough to get them.
  13. Oh and I just realised- you are new, welcome to the forum!
  14. I take it DLD is a sort of next-gen Sigma Drive? Would love to check that out, still waiting on my KA-1000 amp to be finished off so I'll eventually be able to experience the massive damping factor that these Kenwoods have in common. I do think that's a very good price.
  15. I had an Aurex SB-77 amp for a was really good and I regret getting rid of it. Beautiful crystalline high end. These systems look great I must say. Andrew I wish you hadn't offered your services, tempted now haha!