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  1. Travel can be an issue can't it....being up here in the hi-fi wilderness often puts great stuff out of reach, so I know how you feel. Maybe a Wam Taxi could be in the offing?
  2. Not too far from you Rob, decent price too: 3.2 in London
  3. @FourlegsThank you for sharing your experience- the one question is, if you can't use cheap generics from places like Amazon, where do you source them from? I has a quick look at RS but didn't see anything.
  4. Second that- great speakers. Kef really knew what they were doing back then (as now).
  5. Indeed Mirek, 6.7 ohms is right in the ballpark for a good working pair. Hopefully now you can get back to enjoying those remarkable 105s!
  6. Andrew, They are getting rarer and I would say £100 for two would be fair, you see them being sold for more. Just one opinion? Any more than £150 is taking the p**s imo.
  7. Mirek, Andrew/Bencat is a top bloke and he will be able to sort out one for you. I will still have a look to see where mine is, but if Andrew has one ready to go for you then- get those 105s going asap!
  8. I think you are looking for more like a value of 6.xΩ to 7.xΩ with these?
  9. Might be able to help. A bit busy just now but will pm you later.
  10. Hi All, As title suggests, looking for some sexy link cables you may not be using anymore. Shorter lengths preferable (10-20cm). Would like something that looks nice- especially keen on black/red combinations. Pictures welcome, thread or pm/dm. Thanks!
  11. True and it looks excellent too....if only we could all get some! I am also looking at a new music room being built, and thought I'd share as I'm sure others would be interested. I think we'd all rather not!
  12. I saw that yesterday and thought: "I'd love those", then thought- no pictures for such a photogenic speaker? Bit odd. Yes, ad is gone, well done!
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