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  1. Flash, you may be fast as your name suggests, but someone has beaten you to it. Provisionally sold subject to payment. Will update in due course.
  2. Some reviews I forgot to post:
  3. I thought much the same- if the biggest have found no legal ramifications arising from sending things... It is positive that the Wigwam team care about their users and their health and safety. I do however feel that if they wanted to reprimand me, a pm would have been a nicer/more appropriate way to do it. Anyway, perhaps those same mods could tidy up this messy thread for a beautiful amp .
  4. I have not been aware of any lockdown in selling anything here- I've seen plenty of new things for sale recently. My apologies if I have done something wrong. On no account would I invite anyone to collect, or encourage any form of personal close contact at this time. It is strictly courier delivery only. If you want to remove the advert please do so. If you don't want people to accidentally flout your Lockdown rules as I appear to have done, then lock the classifieds altogether. Simple and effective and saves any error.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm putting my Calyx CTI up for sale. Calyx are a South Korean manufacturer probably most well known for their dacs. Their sleek, powerful integrated dual mono amp has flown under the radar in the UK. I have never seen one for sale in the UK- I had to get mine from Germany. It's a beautiful piece of design with a solid aluminium case in half rack size (but full depth). This amp is driven by 2 B&O IcePower modules offering 200w per channel into 4 ohms and 120 into 8. Has the control to deal with most speakers, even the awkward ones. The front screen shows clearly which input is being used on its display which you can see easily from across a large room. Three line ins and one USB dac in (working up to 24 bit/96Khz). Build quality is excellent- taking off the top panel you can see how thick the aluminium body is.... Very neat work inside too. I have really enjoyed this amp, so easy and flexible to use with a ton of power. The built-in dac is surprisingly decent too! I'm on a vintage Japanese kick at the moment so fancy trying something in that direction. I have the original box and manual, no remote with this one. Some more pictures below: Just for scale, you understand.... :p A few tiny marks which I will upload photos of shortly but really it's in great condition. Two of them can be seen in picture 5 (at the rear top edge of the unit). The other is on the top panel near the front. £695 delivered in the UK, by insured courier. PM or post on here, thanks.
  6. As you well know, the answer is never too many. GLWTS
  7. I think all this stuff is difficult when problems arise- but once you overcome them, you'll be laughing at the end of the day! Still can't wait to hear this...
  8. Hi Andrew, Thought I'd check up on your project. Sorry to hear you've had such problems! Keep going mate, you will crack all the issues eventually. I thought I'd mention that I had no issues with the 103s you got from me, they were always 100% fully functional. If it is indeed one from that pair that is giving issues I'd love to know what you discover as to why. I'm hoping to get to Kegworth for the first time ever and I look forward to hearing this rig in action!
  9. These guys are also very helpful where TDL stuff is concerned: AOS Germany They were the main distributor in Europe for TDL back in the day- Axel (who runs the show) is very helpful with recommendations for maintenance and upgrades of the old TDL stuff. He knows what works and what doesn't, and knows how to upgrade the crossovers properly. He gave me plenty of advice freely about my TDL Monitors regarding recapping and I did purchase replacement tweeters from him. Service was good and delivered from Germany without issue.
  10. They always get a Good write-up, but such a rarity in the UK, its hard to know what they are like. Deep internet digging required...
  11. I will try and have a listen. Prog is welcome in my home- there never was a more unjustly-vilified genre...
  12. VanDerGraaf

    Is HiFI Dead?

    The idea of starting a "Music Club" for people is a great one and I'd love to do it. With a 3 month old baby at the moment it perhaps isn't quite the right time.
  13. VanDerGraaf

    Is HiFI Dead?

    I think this is exactly it. It amazes me that with everything else we have seen huge leaps in quality, but music reproduction is in a regressive phase and has been for a while. Similarly amazed when I see kids listening to utterly shit sound from their phone speakers. When I was that age I would have mocked that level of reproduction (and would not have accepted it either). I suppose one could counter that by saying that portable headphone reproduction is better than before, but the idea of at home enjoyment of music seems to have withered. People have made accurate assessments already about the cultural devaluation of music being a factor. Also- music takes time. Time must be taken for good quality music to be fully appreciated, tastes to be developed and insight into it to be nurtured. Our modern world is not conducive to this. That's why we have endless addictive ear candy/ADHD/producer-driven pop. something that takes 10 seconds for the addictive bit to appear. Aural instant wish fulfillment. The earlier comment about the teenager with "But I have got 70,000 songs on my device- you don't" says it all. I think people are far more visually-attuned now. Visuals are easy. That's why "box-set binging" is seen as almost virtuous today, it amazes me that it is common currency. When the last time you heard anyone outside of these type of circles telling you they listened to music for 10 hours?