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  1. Sommer Cables are fantastic, well known in the pro-audio market, and match much more expensive/well-known brands- if these were longer I'd have them. Have a bump on me Mark!
  2. Might get one for my dac- psu is external so it probably weighs a kilo or two at most.
  3. I used circular cork pads from IKEA under the heads of my KEF 105. All sounds just a little clearer and tighter.
  4. Have to say I love this thread. How's it going with the Hawker Hunter gunsight stabiliser?
  5. A change in my setup means that these amazing little amps have to go. These belonged to Joolz (rip), before me. Amazing things- performance and rhythmic drive is outstanding. Photos are all in the previous sale thread- they look exactly the same today. Am selling for exactly what I paid, £625 including Royal Mail Special Delivery (fully insured).
  6. What sad news. Peace be upon his soul and spirit, and he will live on in the memories of those who knew him. Echoing @DomT, did he have any favourites? On Friday, I'd like to play something in his memory, on the Temple Monos he sold to me last summer.
  7. Nice collection, shame you didn't have Dio Master of The Moon. OT can you check your inbox isn't full? Pmd you about your aurex pre at the start of the month.
  8. Travel can be an issue can't it....being up here in the hi-fi wilderness often puts great stuff out of reach, so I know how you feel. Maybe a Wam Taxi could be in the offing?
  9. Not too far from you Rob, decent price too: 3.2 in London
  10. @FourlegsThank you for sharing your experience- the one question is, if you can't use cheap generics from places like Amazon, where do you source them from? I has a quick look at RS but didn't see anything.
  11. Second that- great speakers. Kef really knew what they were doing back then (as now).
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