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  1. Here's another decent deal for people who are after some music by Olivier Messiaen...
  2. Blimey...I've got these on CD from years ago, but buying them as a download will save me from the tedium of ripping them all. Thanks for pointing this out!
  3. dommydops

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    Thank you! Haha - I've been very tempted by turntables on many occasions, perhaps one day (if I can soften my wife's heart on the matter...)
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    Cheers chaps: can there ever be too many Doms?!
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    Hello, Joined in the last day or two, so I thought I'd introduce myself. Been into hifi to some extent since I was about 18 - so 23 years or so...; hifi tends to be of more concern to me when I'm listening to plenty of classical music. Bought a separates system in a deal from Superfi back in the day, which I loved. Decided to overhaul my system about 7 years ago: I was underwhelmed by all of the new stuff that I could afford, but blown away by the Quad 57s that I auditioned over at Classique Sounds near Leicester, so I ended up with a rewired Leak Stereo 20, ESL 57s, a passive preamp inside a Leak Varislope case, and a Consonance CD120 NOS cd player. Got some entry level Stax 'earspeakers' since then - I'm very keen on electrostatics - and swapped the pseudo-Leak preamp for a Prometheus TVC passive. I'm currently in the business of switching over to a computer audio system, however, having got a Innuos Zen very recently, which I'm using with an even more recently acquired Chord 2Qute; the system is sounding great to my ears, considerably better than it did before, and good enough to sweeten the pill of having to rip something like 2K cds. (I'm currently working my way through Bach's complete works...) Cheers, Dominic