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  1. Iso Regen now sold , the Amazing ultracap lps 1.2 still available .
  2. Hi Tim just listed a very nice uptone audio ultracap 1,2 in the classifieds
  3. For sale Uptone Audio Ultracap 1.2 LPS power supply complete with the Ghent Audio upgraded dc cable , can be switched between 5v 7v 9v 12v so very versatile , vgc boxed with full instructions , £SOLD no offers . Uptone Audio have sold out you can still buy them from uk from vortexbox for £475 inc vat plus £50 for the upgraded dc cable £525 so save £225 on new , i also have the iso regen usb regenerator forsale that is also vgc boxed with instructions but comes with a euro walmart ps , sold no offers , collection or delivered pl32 Camelford north Cornwall . iso regen now sold thanks for all interest , the Amazing ultracap 1.2 is still available .
  4. Heard this at Grahams and believe me it performs better in every way to the original that i auditioned at length at a (Audio) dealers lol . lovely amp indeed .
  5. Thanks Daniel for a great straight forward sale of the Hegel HD30 its all up and running .
  6. some nice cremonas though
  7. Rip Graham <3 <3 <3 You where a Gent .
  9. I will collect them for Lawrence on sun eve if that can be arranged
  10. ime moving to par in 5 wks time will have to meet up .
  11. Thanks to John and all involved for a great day , enjoyed the great company as always .