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  1. As per title anyone got any of these ? there's also a version 111 hi power
  2. ime sure there was a wanted add in one of the forums last week ?
  3. Marantz SA KI RUBY FOR SALE from Manchester England @ Adpost.com Classifieds > UK > #19578 Marantz SA KI RUBY FOR SALE from Manchester England ,free,uk,british,classified ad,classified ads,secondhand,second hand found this on web looks bit cheap and no date stamp i can see so be care full
  4. Who did you use just done a p2g quoted £75 ouch
  5. HiFi Forsale | Buy this used Eminent Technology LFT-8b speaker on HiFi Forsale (hifi-forsale.co.uk) these look interesting John .
  6. colchester to west sussex for a hifi stand in 3 original boxes 20 kg each box , 1 metre x 1.5 metre x 10 cm boxes . Chris .
  7. Sounded so so good at yours john Koetsu just sound right .
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