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  1. Since I am a variable, I changed my mind at the last minute and purchased a second devialet 200 for a dual mono 400. I am very pleased at these moments.
  2. Just a quick update I've had some puritan audio classic on loan and it didn't work out. Then bought some audioquest nrg-z3 which are much better and complement my amps better. Thanks all for help. Mods can close this topic. Thank you.
  3. Hi. Thanks for your offer but I have one similar and it is not as good as the others I've mentioned. Ideally would like to get another BLACK RHODIUM POLAR WARRIOR DCT as on my other post .
  4. Hi. Thanks for your suggestion. Actually I am also considering buying two of these Puritan classic power cables as the reviews are good and the price is great also.
  5. Hello. Thanks for your offer ,ill take it into consideration. I'll wait for some more offers if any.
  6. Have already started another topic for black rhodium polar power cable . Generally I need 2 exactly the same power cables of high quality and thought I'm gonna try also this way and see what people have available.. Audioquest NR-z3 would be perfect although not compulsory. Thanks
  7. Looking for one of these someone must have one spare somewhere.
  8. Just a quick update. I have decided to send my d200 for an upgrade to d220 pro ci at Devialet France. Thanks to all for help.
  9. Hi. Yes i have. It's not very good value considering the average going rate for 220 pro ci on eBay is around 3500£ also some still have remaining warranty left. Thanks anyway.
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