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  1. I think if I played Billie Eilish, even it had been mixed by Steve Hoffman and mastered as a Mobile Fidelity One Step, it would still make my system sound broken.
  2. Nice one. Good to hear a young person making guitar-based music rather than that rap drivel most of them seem to be into these days.
  3. Is this happening with both jack sockets? (The Mojo has two headphone sockets). If so could it be your headphone cable that's the problem?
  4. Could you get someone to look at it and tell you what the fault is? Then if it's not repairable at least you will know whether heat has caused it. On the subject of Suggies, I had to move mine to the top shelf because it was making the shelf above it very warm indeed.
  5. I think the reviewer is a frustrated poet. Either that or he works for Chord
  6. Thanks for all the advice. I ended up going for this stuff: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/CAEXCAT5E.html It's solid core not stranded but hopefully I will be able to work with it. Slightly more expensive than the Kenable one so might be better quality. Now I just have to install it 😯
  7. I thought of just using a terminated cable. I suppose using a box is just aesthetics really. I agree the cable seems cheap, I just struggled to find an external cable in shorter lengths. Most of it seems to come in 300m reels.
  8. Thanks for the advice chaps. Looks like I will go for 5e then. I couldn't find any external cable on the RS website but I found this stuff. https://www.kenable.co.uk/en/networking/cables-patch-and-reels/network-cables-reels/8535-external-cat5e-outdoor-use-copper-ethernet-network-cable-reel-utp-50m-black-008535-5055383485352.html Also these sockets: https://www.kenable.co.uk/en/networking/face-plates/1074-rj45-face-plate-wall-sockets-cat5e-single-1-port-with-keystones-jacks-001074-5055383410743.html So hopefully these are what I need?
  9. I hope I have posted this in the right place. I am looking to install an Ethernet cable in the loft to use for a streamer. The router is two floors below on the other side of the house. My plan is to take the cable behind a dry wall in the loft and then take it outside the front of the house and down the outside wall and then through the wall into the room where the router is. Probably about 20 metres at the most. The quandary I'm in is which spec of ethernet cable to use. As I understand it Cat 7 is shielded and best for quality but some say it is overkill. I am
  10. Selling my Snell JIIs complete with matching Audionote stands. Fine working condition with drivers and surrounds fully intact. Not the prettiest cosmetically anymore but look OK with grills on. Please see photos. Prefer to sell with stands and don't want to post so I am prepared to deliver these within a two hour drive of Manchester at no extra cost. Looking for £650 including stands. Stands will also come with spikes. Payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer. Also selling matching Audionote Oto listed separately.
  11. Immaculate condition, purchased new from Audionote dealer in 2017. Complete with Box and manual. I don't want to post this so with lockdown now easing off I am prepared to deliver this within a two hour drive of Manchester at no extra cost. Looking for £1,300 firm. These are now over £2,400 new so this is a bargain for a unit in relatively new condition. Payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer please. Pm me with any questions.
  12. I think they will become more of a niche product over time. A lot of people still buy them after all.
  13. I sometimes play MQA files from Tidal via USB Audio Player using a Dragonfly DAC. I don't think it's anything special to be honest.
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