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  2. Hey Everyone I have just upgraded my speakers and downsized to a set of bookshelf speakers so these are now surplus to requirements. I have had them from new and they have been well looked after and are a matching pair with matching serial numbers. No marks or dings in and around the speaker cabinets, only a tiny bit of wear to the veneer at the top leading edge of the speakers, see photo, but its only very slight and you have to look closely to see this. Comes with speaker plinths which can be removed if needed and of course speaker spikes. There is a tiny little bit of sun bleaching to the veneer where the speaker grills have been but you do have to look closely to see this too. The jumper plate at the rear is still there on both speakers, the only thing missing at the rear is the foam bung that goes in the hole, these got lost in a recent house move. I also have the original instruction manual too. There are no damage to the drivers or tweeters, the speaker grills are nice and tidy, one does need a little bit of glue to glue it back as you can see from the photo but there are no nicks, cuts or holes in the fabric. I have not filled these with any speaker filling material but they can be if you wish. I have the original speaker boxes which does make it easier to ship if required, of course picking up directly from me would be best but I don't mind shipping but buyer must arrange a courier themselves. I am looking for £175. My location is Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Here are some photos [ATTACH]15911[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15912[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15913[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15914[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15915[/ATTACH]
  3. Cheers guys. I'm not sure where they'll be going yet as I haven't sold them yet, just trying to get a price. The weight doesn't seem an issue with parcelmonkey but the length seems to be. When you've used parcelmonkey have you just put in weight? Thanks for suggestion on wam taxi, I'll bare that in mind.
  4. Hey Everyone Anyone know of a courier I could use to send boxed large floor standing speakers, approx 22kg each?
  5. LIST UPDATED 09/06/2016 Hey Everyone Just having a sort out of my CD collection and selling a few I don't listen to no more. The condition of them is Mint or Near Mint unless otherwise stated. Price is £2 each and please add £1.30 for P&P per CD. Can offer postage discount for multiple CD's of course. 808 State - 90 Artificial Funk - Sleep Less Live More City Rockers - Futurism (Pink Version) (Various Artists) 2 x CD - Plastic Sleeve it came with has yellowed slightly with age but not too bad. City Rockers - Singles 1-23 (Various Artists) 2 x CD Ed Case - Ed's Guest List Euphoria - Limited Edition (Various Artists) 3 x CD Mixed by Matt Darey and Adam White - £3.00 - Complete with cardboard sleeve Evanescence - Fallen Giant Robot - Crushing You With Style (Digipack Sleeve) (Promo Copy stamped on the rear) Does have a sticker on the sleeve from where I bought it from originally, don't want to remove it just incase ruins the sleeve Goldie - Timeless Hot Chip - The Warning (Digipack Sleeve) Does have a sticker on the sleeve from where I bought it from originally, don't want to remove it just incase ruins the sleeve, some minor scratches on the CD but does not affect play. Junkie XL - Big Sounds of the Drags (has a broken plastic CD holder inside the hard case) Junkie XL - Today (Jewel case has a little sticker residue on) Comes complete with cardboard sleeve Kenna - Make Sure They See My Face (Promo Copy Promo Sicker on rear) (CD has one small scratch but doesn't affect play) Kosheen - Kokopelli (again two tiny little scratches on CD, does'nt affect play) Mauro Picotto - The Lizard Man (Various Artists) Miss Kittin - I COM Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro (Promo Copy with Promo Sticker on Rear) (tiny little scratches on CD doesn't affect play) Space Cowboy - Across the Sky The BPA - I Think We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (Various Artists) Timo Maas - Loud TokTok Vs Soffy O - TokTok Vs Soffy O Utah Saints - Two Zoot Woman - Zoot Woman K-Klass - Universal - (Sold to Jag) Kosheen - Resist - (Sold to Jag) Kyoto Jazz Massive - Spirit of the Sun (digi sleave) - (Sold to Jag) Lamb - Lamb - (Sold to Jag) Lamb - What Sound - (Sold to Jag) Layo and Bushwacka - Nighworks (digi sleave) - (Sold to Jag) Marc et Claude - You Own The Sound - (Sold to Jag) Miss Kittin - Radio Caroline - (Sold to Jag) Miss Kittin and the Hacker - The First Album - (Sold to Jag) Propellerheads - Extended Play EP - (Sold to Jag) Saint Etienne - Sound of Water - (Sold to Jag)
  6. Cheers guys for your help, I am gonna go down the Ikea route, like you say looks good and very inexpensive. Gonna go for the Besta range I think, the combos are endless on what you can do with this system.
  7. Hey guys I'm on the look out for new hifi cabinet, ideally with doors on but want one that's quite long, I'm struggling to find one, are the ikea cabinets any good?
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